61 Thunder!

The one who spoke was a young cultivator in a light green robe.
He didn’t have a high cultivation base since he was only a Qi Condensation stage cultivator.
However, he was famous among the young cultivators in the Monastic Immortal City.

As soon as he gave the order, someone immediately took out a conch-shaped low-grade spirit tool.
After injecting some magical power into it, he spoke a few words to the spirit tool.

On the other side, in a valley, someone was also holding a conch-shaped spirit tool.

After the man heard the voice coming from the spiritual tool, he quickly turned his head and said, “Brother Lu, the guy with the surname Fang is here!”

If Fang Jinyu were to see “Brother Lu” the man was referring to, he wouldn’t be unfamiliar with him.
Instead, he could recognize him at a glance because “Brother Lu” was the mentally retarded young man, Lu Shaojun.

However, compared to the past, Lu Shaojun was even more arrogant.

Meanwhile, a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator was standing beside Lu Shaojun, flattering him.
“Don’t worry, Brother Lu.
That brat will be easily captured since Fellow Daoist Liu and I are the leading lights of the operation.
Not to mention your cousin is also assisting from the side.”

“Father, you’re right! Senior Liu is a cultivator who ranks 6 in the Foundation Establishment stage and is about to break through rank 7 in the Foundation Establishment stage! He is indeed the strongest cultivator among us rogue cultivators!” The one who said it was the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator’s son.

The father-and-son duo was good at flattering.

When Lu Shaojun heard their words, he was even more satisfied and immediately laughed loudly.
He said, “Everyone, try to keep him alive! I’ll have to settle the score with him since he offended me back then! When this matter is over, I will help you all ask for a furnace of Core Spirit Elixirs from my father! As for the Breakthrough Elixir that Daoist Brother Lu wants, I’ll give it to you as promised!”

After hearing Lu Shaojun’s last sentence, a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator who had been silent with his eyes closed as if he was cultivating, immediately opened his eyes and nodded slightly.
He said, “Thank you, Young Master Lu.”

He had been cultivating for more than 100 years and had been stuck in rank 6 in the Foundation Establishment stage for more than 10 years.
If it weren’t for the fact that he had no other choice, he wouldn’t have agreed to help Lu Shaojun.

They didn’t have to wait for long.
Soon, someone arrived in the valley with a low-grade spirit tool.

The cultivator, who had the last name Liu and was ranked 6 in the Foundation Establishment stage, exhaled a sigh of relief when he noticed the other party was using a spirit tool from the Tianling Sect.
Rogue cultivators like him were most afraid of sect disciples who cultivated high-tier techniques and held middle- or even high-grade spirit tools.
They simply existed in a different world from rogue cultivators like him.

The Foundation Establishment stage cultivator with the surname Liu thought, “A sect disciple who uses a low-grade spirit tool and is the Tianling Sect’s standard disciple must have no background.
Moreover, he cultivated standard techniques.
Hence, he might give up his combat power for his cultivation base.”

“As long as I am careful, it won’t be a problem for me to kill such a sect disciple! It’s not a big deal!”

He was ready to make a move.

He wanted to get the Breakthrough Elixir as soon as possible so that he could go back and breakthrough through his closed-door cultivation!

Although he was a rogue cultivator, he was naturally different from ordinary rogue cultivators since he was able to break through the Foundation Establishment stage.
He was well aware of the importance of improving his cultivation base, so he mainly focused on improving it!

It was Fang Jinyu who had arrived at the valley, but as soon as he entered, he realized that something was wrong.

It was because he saw Lu Shaojun.

Fang Jinyu had obtained a few gains in improving his vision before.
Hence, even though he had never cultivated any great divine powers to enhance his vision, he was still able to see clearly from miles away, even if he wasn’t eagle-eyed.

Therefore, Fang Jinyu looked around and found that there were three Foundation Establishment stage cultivators and two Qi Condensation stage cultivators.

Fang Jinyu ignored the Qi Condensation stage cultivators.

Among the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators, one was ranked 6, one was ranked 5, and one was only ranked 1.

Fang Jinyu looked at the cultivator who ranked 5 in the Foundation Establishment stage and teased, “Senior Brother Lu, did you go through so much trouble to call me over just to find someone to ambush me here? It must be hard for you guys to wait for me here for a few months, huh?”

“You rank 6 in the Foundation Establishment stage?!” The cultivator who ranked 5 in the Foundation Establishment stage that Fang Jinyu was looking at, was shocked.
He said, “Didn’t you just break through the Foundation Establishment stage three years ago?”

Fang Jinyu casually replied, “I’m an alchemist.
Isn’t it normal for me to rely on elixirs to improve my cultivation base?”

“You’re also an alchemist?!” When the cultivator who ranked 6 in the Foundation Establishment stage with the surname Liu heard it, he couldn’t help but be shocked.
He immediately became hesitant.

He would dare to kill ordinary sect disciples, even if they were from the Tianling Sect.

Of course, he would do it secretly, not in public.

However, he didn’t dare attack the Tianling Sect’s alchemist because he wasn’t sure if he had a Core Formation stage master.

Meanwhile, Lu Shaojun shouted, “Senior Liu, he has seen through our plan! He will complain to the higher-ups of the Tianling Sect when he returns! At that time, unless you escape from the Nine Desolations, the other sects will definitely be willing to cooperate with the Tianling Sect to capture you! I lost my cultivation base because of his complaint!”

However, Lu Shaojun’s shout immediately made the cultivator who ranked 6 in the Foundation Establishment stage with the surname Liu’s expression darken.
It wasn’t because Lu Shaojun was right.
It was as a result of the fact that Lu Shaojun’s words amounted to an admission that they attempted to kill a sect disciple!

The cultivator who ranked 6 in the Foundation Establishment stage with the surname Liu even urged to curse Lu Shaojun at that moment.

He swore in his heart, “Darn it! If I work for this fool again after this, I will be a damn dog!”

He then made his move.

The first to strike was the best.
It was the valuable combat experience he had gained from countless fights.
The saying “striking after the opponent’s attack” could only be done when a cultivator with a higher cultivation base faced a cultivator with a lower cultivation base.

The cultivator who ranked 6 in the Foundation Establishment stage with the surname Liu had brought out his trump card.

It was a middle-grade spirit tool!

However, as Fang Jinyu raised his hand, his magic power surged, and the lightning power filled the sky.
The cultivator who ranked 6 in the Foundation Establishment stage with the surname Liu was killed by Fang Jinyu’s low-grade spirit tool at the moment his body froze.

It was the dominant aspect of having an authentic spirit bloodline.

If an ordinary cultivator at the same stage met a cultivator who had an authentic spirit bloodline, it would be like a son meeting his father.

As Fang Jinyu slowly landed, the people in the valley finally reacted and were instantly terrified.
It was because the cultivator who ranked 6 in the Foundation Establishment stage with the surname Liu was famous in the vicinity of the Monastic Immortal City.

He was known as one of the top ten rogue cultivators in the Monastic Immortal City!

Meanwhile, Fang Jinyu made another move.
Afterward, an invisible wind gathered and formed a huge shadow behind him.

The remaining people in the valley had their faces suddenly turned pale when they saw Fang Jinyu’s move.
They immediately turned around and wanted to escape.

Fang Jinyu had his eyes on Lu Shaojun.
Hence, when Lu Shaojun was about to escape, a huge shadow appeared in front of him.
With this figure in the way, he had no chance to escape.

As the two huge phantoms overlapped, everyone could hear a blood-curdling scream.
Lu Shaojun was crushed into meat paste by the two phantoms.

It was the power of the myriad transformation technique! Although the wind had no form, it could transform into the manifestation of a thousand blades!

However, although Fang Jinyu’s actions were swift and decisive, killing two Foundation Establishment stage cultivators in the blink of an eye, the other three had already taken the opportunity to escape far away.

As rogue cultivators, they were allowed to be weak, but they must not fail to escape!

“You guys wanted to escape?”

However, Fang Jinyu didn’t mind.

“Huh, do you think you can escape?”

Fang Jinyu was calm as he said indifferently, “Thunder!”


The sound of thunder reverberated through the valley.
The three people who had escaped fell to the ground, and blood flowed out of their seven orifices.


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