62 You Want Your Enemy to Be the Leader?!

The sound of thunder only lasted for a moment.
It sounded abrupt, but it was natural.

However, one could only vaguely feel the terrifying power of the thunder if he saw the three corpses at the valley exit.

Even a cultivator who ranked 1 in the Foundation Establishment stage would immediately die.

It was the power of the lifeless thunderstorm technique!

After that, Fang Jinyu began to regulate his breathing.

Fang Jinyu’s great divine powers allowed him to destroy his adversary instantly, but they also used up a lot of his inner energy.
If he hadn’t broken through rank 6 in the Foundation Establishment stage, he wouldn’t have been able to use the lifeless thunderstorm technique.

“I still need to develop a general fighting style that doesn’t use up a lot of inner energy.”

Fang Jinyu thought to himself.

After 30 minutes, Fang Jinyu regained his inner energy and started to check on his gains.

Soon, he finished checking.

It was because Fang Jinyu couldn’t find any useful spirit tools among the corpses.
The only thing that caught his eye was the cultivator who ranked 6 in the Foundation Establishment stage’s middle-grade spirit tool.

Lu Shaojun did have a middle-grade spirit tool with him, and it was even a defensive spirit tool.
Made Fang Jinyu can’t help but be amazed that Lu Shaojun was indeed the son of a rich family since he had such amazing equipment when he was just a Qi Condensation stage cultivator.
However, it was unfortunate that when Fang Jinyu used the lifeless thunderstorm technique, the defensive middle-grade spirit tool broke.

The destructive power of a high-tier great divine power was even above that of a middle-grade spirit tool.
Not to mention that Lu Shaojun couldn’t fully activate the defensive spirit tool.

Otherwise, Fang Jinyu could repair the defensive spirit tool and use it again.

“They had hidden the good spirit tools somewhere, right?” Fang Jinyu sighed to himself and thought, “Since this world doesn’t have a spatial artifact like a storage bag, nor does it have a storage ring that can store a small world but looks cheap.
Therefore, a cultivator won’t carry most of their wealth with them.”

They usually would hide all their most precious items in a secret place.

Somewhere they kept a secret from their family.

As a result, occasionally, cultivators and mortals would unintentionally find priceless treasures left behind by their ancestors.
It wasn’t that their ancestors intended to leave it for their offspring.
They simply wanted to hide it for themselves, but they were dead.

Fang Jinyu was surprised and said, “But come to think of it, how did Lu Shaojun manage to invite three Foundation Establishment stage cultivators?” Although the three Foundation Establishment stage cultivators couldn’t even last a single round against him, they were Foundation Establishment stage cultivators, not cabbages that could be found anywhere.

There must be some inside stories!

Thus, Fang Jinyu returned to Monastic Immortal City after disguising himself.

Fang Jinyu became more handsome after he obtained a few gains in his appearance.
Hence, he made himself look more ordinary.

Fang Jinyu additionally created a furnace of elixirs to pass for a Core Formation stage cultivator.

All the cultivators in the Monastic Immortal City were startled by the appearance of an unfamiliar Core Formation stage cultivator in the city.
It was especially Lu Shaojun’s father, who was even more bewildered.

It was because although the Monastic Immortal City seemed to have complicated connections and endless disputes, nobody knew the rogue cultivators, small cultivation families, and small sects had allied long ago.
The chaos was only a facade!

Moreover, Lu Shaojun’s father was the leader of the alliance!

Back then, Lu Shaojun’s father, a Holy Alchemist, had also paid a great price to become the leader.

Lu Shaojun’s father had promised to give each of the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators in the alliance one Core Spirit Elixir every three years!

Although it was only the most basic version of the Core Spirit Elixir, it was still a rare treasure for the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators of the Monastic Immortal City.
Even if they couldn’t use it, they could still exchange it for something they needed.

In addition, Lu Shaojun’s father added that as long as cultivators in the Monastic Immortal City alliance had prepared the spirit herbs, they could ask him to refine a furnace of elixirs for them, regardless of their cultivation base.

Because of this, the Monastic Immortal City alliance’s cultivators recognized him as their leader.

After all, strength was the deciding factor for cultivators!

In the Monastic Immortal City, two of the top ten rogue cultivators were ranked 8 in the Foundation Establishment stage.
Their cultivation base was even a little higher than the Holy Alchemist!

In addition, the two small sects in the Monastic Immortal City each had three cultivators who ranked 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage!

Because of this, even though Lu Shaojun’s father was a Holy Alchemist, the general public was not persuaded by the fact that he was a cultivator with a rank of 7 in the Foundation Establishment stage.
After all, the benefits of the status enhancement belonged to him.
How could rogue cultivators, disciples of small sects, and small cultivation families get any benefits?

At this moment, Fang Jinyu, who was pretending to be a Core Formation stage cultivator, had already learned about the division of power in the Monastic Immortal City, as well as the secret alliance known as the “Monastic Immortal Alliance.”

Many late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivators wanted to nominate Fang Jinyu to take over as head of the Monastic Immortal Alliance.

Although Foundation Establishment cultivators in the Monastic Immortal City were unfamiliar with the Core Formation stage cultivator and his background, it didn’t matter.
They felt it was fine as long as he was a great Core Formation stage cultivator!

As for the others, once the interests were linked, they didn’t have to be worried that the Core Formation stage cultivator, whom they were unfamiliar with, would refuse to help.

In the end, an alliance was all about using each other.

As long as it could bring them more benefits, it didn’t matter who the leader was!

There was no question that a genuine Core Formation stage cultivator would be far more advantageous than a Holy Alchemist in the Foundation Establishment stage.

At the very least, the Monastic Immortal Alliance would be able to turn darkness into light and completely control the entire Monastic Immortal City.

Unlike in the past, they had to pay tribute every year.

An Immortal City could only be called an Immortal City if there was a Core Formation stage cultivator in charge.
Only then would it be recognized by the sects of the Nine Desolations.

Meanwhile, someone came to visit.
It was the leader of the Monastic Immortal Alliance.

Which was Lu Shaojun’s father.

Lu Yunting introduced himself, “Greetings, Daoist brother.
I’m Lu Yunting.
I’m chosen as the leader of the Monastic Immortal Alliance because I’m a Holy Alchemist with outstanding alchemy skills.” He was currently the most anxious person in the entire Monastic Immortal City.
After all, no matter how many benefits he offered, they couldn’t be as great as what the Core Formation stage cultivator could offer!

Once the Monastic Immortal Alliance turned darkness into light, they would no longer need to pay tribute.
It was enough to allow the major forces of the Monastic Immortal City to accumulate enough resources within ten years.
Perhaps they would be able to have their own Core Formation stage cultivator!

Fang Jinyu smiled and said calmly, “So it’s alchemist Lu.
May I know the purpose of your visit?”

Lu Yunting said, “Then I won’t beat around the bush.
Daoist brother, let us govern the Monastic Immortal Alliance together! All you need is to show up for a moment.”

It was the only solution Lu Yunting could think of.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but show a weird expression and ask, “Together?”

However, Fang Jinyu’s expression changed, which made Lu Yunting misunderstand the situation.
Lu Yunting thought the Core Formation stage cultivator was dissatisfied and he quickly explained, “Daoist brother, If you become the leader of the Monastic Immortal Alliance as they say, then I’m afraid you won’t have much time to cultivate in the future! I think you’re also hesitating about this, which is why you didn’t agree.
However, it’s different when we govern the alliance together! You only need to show up once every three to five years.
At that time, you don’t have to do anything and just need to show some of your power as a great Core Formation stage cultivator.
Moreover, you can take 40% of the alliance’s annual income! Isn’t it a great idea?”


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