63 Another Cliché, Benefits From Picking up Scraps

Fang Jinyu agreed.

It was because when Fang Jinyu tried to hint to Lu Yunting that he wanted to cultivate his alchemy skills and some Foundation Establishment stage elixirs, Lu Yunting not only gave him all the Qi Condensation stage and the Foundation Establishment stage elixir prescriptions that he had kept for many years, but he also gave him a summary of his experience in alchemy over the years.

Lu Yunting smiled brightly and said, “Daoist brother, I won’t let you regret making this decision! I’ll have them prepare to take 40% of this year’s earnings.” After all, he thought he had created an illusion to scare people and kept his position.
It was killing two birds with one stone.

Lu Yunting felt it wasn’t a big deal to give out the prescriptions and a portion of his elixir refining experience.

They were undoubtedly priceless things in the eyes of Foundation Establishment stage cultivators.
However, they were toys for practice in the eyes of Core Formation stage cultivators.

Furthermore, many great Core Formation stage cultivators would be drawn to refining elixirs because of their long lifespans.

Therefore, Fang Jinyu’s request seemed extremely reasonable under Lu Yunting’s preconceived notion.

As a result, Fang Jinyu amassed an enormous quantity of prescriptions and spirit stones.

The annual income of the Monastic Immortal Alliance was 5000000 spirit stones.

Forty percent would be 2000000 spirit stones.

Although Fang Jinyu was going to take away so many spirit stones, nobody objected to it.
It was because they would receive more than they had in the past, even if they split the remaining spirit stones.

In exchange, Fang Jinyu had to appear in public once.

Fang Jinyu did as he was told.

It was because Fang Jinyu realized it would be extremely difficult for him to kill Lu Yunting without anyone noticing.
Moreover, there was a high chance that he would not be able to kill Lu Yunting.

As a late-stage Foundation Establishment stage Holy Alchemist, Lu Yunting had mastered a type of spiritual fire!

Fang Jinyu could only temporarily suppress the idea of fighting a cultivator who was above his stage.

After Fang Jinyu appeared, he began to preach.

It was because Fang Jinyu couldn’t display the skills of a Core Formation stage cultivator.

However, due to his consistent gains while cultivating in the Qi Condensation stage and the Foundation Establishment stage, Fang Jinyu’s comprehension had already advanced to a level that few could match.

Everyone, regardless of whether they were a part of the Monastic Immortal Alliance, could attend the preaching.
Therefore, it was very grand.
The Foundation Establishment stage cultivators sat in front, and the Qi Condensation stage cultivators sat at the back.
Even many mortals came to join in the fun.

After all, immortals and mortals lived together in Immortal Cities.

Fang Jinyu explained in great detail the various aspects of cultivation in the Qi Condensation stage, and then explained the key points of early-stage Foundation Establishment cultivation, which benefited most of the cultivators in the Monastic Immortal City.

The only ones who had no gains were the late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivators.
They could understand the intricacies of Fang Jinyu’s explanation, but it was no longer useful to them.

It was because Fang Jinyu didn’t mention a single word about the crucial point of breaking through to the Foundation Establishment stage without the Foundation Establishment Elixir.

“Thank you so much, Senior Han!”

The cultivators of Monastic Immortal City who had attended the preaching were all excited and thanked Fang Jinyu.

Han Feiyu was the name Fang Jinyu used to disguise himself.

Then, Fang Jinyu fled away.

Of course, Fang Jinyu told the outside world that he had gone to explore a desolate forbidden land.

Some small desolate forbidden lands were the main places for Core Formation stage cultivators to explore.
Although his life would be in danger, as long as he was careful, the chances of him leaving the desolate forbidden land alive were still quite high.

Hence, no one doubted Fang Jinyu’s words.

It was the same even for Lu Yunting, who had given Fang Jinyu a pile of prescriptions.
In fact, Fang Jinyu was the happiest person to hear the news.

After all, Lu Yunting always felt stressed when “Han Feiyu” was around in the Monastic Immortal City.

Lu Yunting was ecstatic this time because the Monastic Immortal Alliance had succeeded in transforming the darkness into light.
In addition to the flattery of others, the smile on his face lasted for half a month.
Only then did he remember that he hadn’t seen his son for almost half a month.

“Where did my son go?”

Meanwhile, Fang Jinyu had returned to the Tianling Sect.

First, Fang Jinyu left the Monastic Immortal City.
He then disguised himself as a Qi Condensation stage cultivator before returning.
Then, he bought the cheapest “ticket” for the stargazing flying ship out of his pocket.

However, the speed of Fang Jinyu’s return couldn’t be compared to when he left.

It only took two hours to travel from the Tianling Sect to the Monastic Immortal City by a superior-tier stargazing flying ship.

On the other hand, the low-tier stargazing flying ship took three days to travel from the Monastic Immortal City to the Tianling Sect!

However, since one ticket cost 50000 spirit stones while the other only cost 1000 spirit stones, it was inevitable that the difference in speed would be great.

The “ticket” price of the stargazing flying ship didn’t take the distance into account.
It was the same price no matter how long the journey was!

“Martial Uncle, Martial Uncle, where did you go?” When Du Maner saw Fang Jinyu, she quickly shouted and hurried over.

Fang Jinyu said, “Me? I’ve recently gone to do a small business that’s quite profitable.” He thought, “Spending 1000 spirit stones for 2000000 spirit stones in return is indeed a huge profit.
If I didn’t have a portable storage space, I couldn’t bring back all the items worth 2000000 spirit stones.”

Fang Jinyu immediately asked, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

Du Maner said, “Martial Uncle, I’m not the one who is looking for you.
It’s just that a few martial uncles came to ask me where you were.
They even went to find Junior Sister Qing Fu.
In the end, it was Martial Aunt Xin from the Mount Goddess who came forward and blocked them.”

Fang Jinyu asked, “Junior Sister Xin broken through the Foundation Establishment stage?”

Du Maner said with an envious tone, “That’s right.
Martial Aunt Xin also came to find you, but you weren’t here.”

“Don’t be envious.
You’ll soon break through the Foundation Establishment stage too.” Fang Jinyu said as he looked at her.
It had only been half a year since they last met, but Du Maner was already ranked 7 in the Qi Condensation stage.

Due to her “protagonist destiny,” Du Maner was able to advance her cultivation base so quickly, even though she had four-element spiritual roots.

Even if the other four-element spiritual roots cultivators consumed elixirs every day, they couldn’t improve their cultivation bases as fast as hers.

After all, the absorption efficiency and the bottleneck were two major obstacles.

Fang Jinyu wanted to ask who had come to find him.
He had not expected anyone to use it as an excuse to scheme against him because they were from the same sect.
After all, the sect’s rules strictly prohibited disciples from killing each other.

However, at this moment, a familiar text box appeared.

[Today is a day to build good relationships with the new protagonist.]

[Refined the new protagonist’s future opportunity +1]

A small arrow appeared.

For the first time, Fang Jinyu didn’t feel excited when he saw the small arrow.
After all, he had broken through and ranked 6 in the Foundation Establishment stage.
He only needed to take one more step to become a late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator.

Fang Jinyu said, “Martial Niece Du, let’s go together.
Can you tell me who came to find me?”

Du Maner didn’t mind.

Fang Jinyu followed the small arrow.
Soon, he saw the target of the arrow.
It was a Qi Condensation stage disciple who showed a bitter face.
He was holding something in his hand and complaining to someone.

Fang Jinyu released his divine sense and heard his complaint.
He realized this person tried in vain to take advantage of the situation but failed.

He didn’t really fail, as was to be expected.

The guy seemed to have a “newbie” look and peddled the item in his hand.
Now that he saw Du Maner in the distance, he immediately ran over and said, “Junior Sister, I have a high-grade ancient treasure here.
I’m selling it because I urgently need to buy an elixir that I’ve been interested in for a long time.
Are you willing to buy it?”

The so-called ancient treasure was something left behind by the ancestors.

After all, cultivators had a habit of hiding things.

However, some items still had restrictive enchantments when they were dug out and couldn’t be broken open by external forces since there were problems with the Hundred-Treasure Box, so they were being sold.
As for what treasure was inside, it was all up to the buyer’s luck.

It was like opening a blind box.

“Senior brother, you…” Du Maner was just about to refuse because she could tell that something was wrong with a single glance, but then she heard Fang Jinyu telling her to buy it.

At this moment, the cultivator was still trying to persuade Du Maner.

As a result, after pretending to listen to the cultivator’s words, Du Maner pretended to be convinced and reluctantly took out spirit stones to buy.

The situation made the cultivator smile.
He then found an excuse to run away after collecting the spirit stones because he was afraid that Du Maner would notice something was wrong.

Du Maner walked over and whispered to Fang Jinyu, “Martial Uncle, is there really a treasure inside?”

Fang Jinyu glanced at it and then opened the problematic treasure box.

Before Fang Jinyu had the small portable space called the “mystery realm”, the only thing he could use to store his things in was the Hundred-Treasure Box.
Since he had held it for a long time, he had accidentally triggered a few gains, which allowed him to know the structure of items like the Hundred-Treasure Box inside and out.

Instantly, a flash of spiritual light surged.

There was a superior-grade spirit tool in the Hundred-Treasure Box!

However, it was slightly damaged, so the spiritual light was a little dim, and the power it could exert was less than 10%.

“Take it!” Fang Jinyu saw that Du Maner intended to hand it over, so he shook his head.

Although it was useful to him, he wasn’t interested in it.

It was because once Fang Jinyu broke through to the late-stage Foundation Establishment stage, he would have to look for the purple-volt spiritual fire.

“Thank you! Martial Uncle!” Du Maner was overjoyed, and then she couldn’t help but say, “Martial Uncle, you’re really lucky.
Every time I go out with you, I can easily obtain treasures!”

Du Maner looked at Fang Jinyu as if he was her lucky star.

In her heart, Fang Jinyu had already become the embodiment of auspiciousness.

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