64 Two and a Half Years

Fang Jinyu thought, “Have you thought of the possibility that you are the lucky one?”

Fang Jinyu gazed at Du Maner deeply, but he didn’t say anything.

In the mortal world, if one looked beautiful or handsome, their life would be as smooth as they could cheat on everything.
However, although cultivators would look at a person differently because of their appearance, many cultivators would think that beautiful or handsome cultivators only had little life experience and would be easy to deceive, and thus chose to scam them.

For example, the Qi Condensation stage disciple wanted to sell the “blind box” to Du Maner.

Surprisingly, the aging of Du Maner’s appearance, brought on by the reduction in her lifespan from consuming the Mortal-Transmutation Elixir, was disappearing as she strengthened her cultivation base.

Du Maner must have encountered a chance or acquired a unique high-tier technique, according to Fang Jinyu.

Thus, Du Maner looked like she was in her early twenties and still had a pure appearance.

However, it had nothing to do with Fang Jinyu.

Fang Jinyu continued the previous topic of their conversation.

Fang Jinyu then knew the identities of the people who had frequently come to find him!

They were all from the Qin family.

To be more precise, they were people from a certain part of the Qin family.
They came to find Fang Jinyu to ask him to refine a furnace of elixirs for Qin Haoyue.

Qin Haoyue had recovered.

However, the person who attacked Qin Haoyue was too ruthless, which caused him to be unable to cultivate anymore.

In this case, Su Yier had shown the power of being the protagonist.
She had found an ancient prescription and the core spirit herbs that were needed to refine the elixirs.

As long as someone could refine it, not only would Qin Haoyue be able to cultivate again, but he would also be able to recover most of his cultivation base!

Fang Jinyu was surprised and asked, “Why did they ask me to do it?” Meanwhile, he thought, “I know I’m good at refining elixirs, and I only need to familiarize myself with some Core Formation stage elixir prescriptions to refine Core Formation stage elixirs after obtaining Lu Yunting’s alchemical insights.
At that time, I can become a Holy Alchemist.”

“However, I’ve just shown some common alchemy skills in the public… I didn’t amaze anyone with my alchemy before…”

“The only time I exposed my alchemy skills was on Mount Lingjian.”

“I’ve taken the opportunity to slightly revenge them and boost my reputation.
However, people from the aristocratic cultivation families would know Lu Yunting wasn’t sincerely praising me when they asked him about the situation.”

“Even if they didn’t ask, they could deduce the situation from the fact that I informed against Lu Shaojun and Chen Baxing.”

“Although aristocratic cultivation families do have idiots, most of them are quite smart!”

Du Maner said, “It’s because other members of the Qin family tried to stop people from treating Qin Haoyue, and the sect’s other alchemists have all refused to refine a furnace of elixirs for him.”

Fang Jinyu immediately understood the situation.

Although Qin Haoyue was the son of the Qin family’s current leader, he couldn’t directly inherit the position.
If he didn’t encounter any accidents, he would have a high chance to become the next Qin family’s leader with the advantage of his father’s position.
However, since he was hurt, there was naturally no need to mention anything.

How could the other competitors of the Qin family tolerate and allow Qin Haoyue to recover?

“Then I’ll start my closed-door cultivation for a year.”

Fang Jinyu ran off as well.

Fang Jinyu thought, “Although I won’t hit someone when they are down, expecting me to return good for evil… Huh, isn’t that a fantasy?”

However, Fang Jinyu asked Du Maner to send a middle-grade spirit tool to Xin Qianqian to congratulate her on finally breaking through the Foundation Establishment stage before he started his closed-door cultivation.

After all, cultivators who broke through the Foundation Establishment stage were equivalent to people making a social status change in the mortal world!

It was also the fundamental reason why the Foundation Establishment Elixirs were monopolized and expensive when compared to other Foundation Establishment stage elixirs.

At Mount Xiaohe.

New array formations had already been added to Fang Jinyu’s immortal estate.
He got it from the Monastic Immortal City, a high-grade array formation spirit tool.
The spirit tool was mainly used for defense.
Even a few cultivators who ranked 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage couldn’t open it for a while as long as it was activated.

Moreover, Fang Jinyu also changed the restrictive enchantments in his immortal estate.

In addition, Fang Jinyu had made a puppet especially to tell people about his closed-door cultivation.
As long as someone triggered the restrictive enchantments at the immortal estate entrance, the puppet would inform the other party about Fang Jinyu’s closed-door cultivation.

Of course, both the high-grade array formation spirit tool and the puppet were standard spirit tools.

Although the spirit tools were a little ordinary, they had an advantage.
As long as one had spirit stones, they could buy them no matter who they were or where they were in the Nine Desolations.

Therefore, the chances of determining that Fang Jinyu was Han Feiyu through standard spirit tools were not completely zero, but they were very low.

Fang Jinyu had officially begun his year-long, closed-door cultivation.

Fang Jinyu even made the puppet to remind him about the time and prevent himself from going too far.

It wasn’t because something big was going to happen a year later, but because a year later would be the time for the Monastic Immortal Alliance to payout gains.
Fang Jinyu was prepared to visit the Monastic Immortal Alliance again, and if he was lucky, he could claim the benefits for another four years, until the fifth year.

It was because every five years, the Core Formation stage cultivators from the various immortal cities would have a competition.

Firstly, Fang Jinyu refined a batch of Core Spirit Elixirs that were compatible with his current cultivation base to push his cultivation base to the limits of what a mid-stage Foundation Establishment could do.
He had originally planned to refine a batch of Breakthrough Elixirs to break through the next stage.
However, in the end, Fang Jinyu put away his superior-tier spiritual purple mystical alchemy furnace and began to study his techniques.

Fang Jinyu felt he had to sort out his current cultivation method.

As Fang Jinyu sorted things out, he realized there were problems while he kept relying on elixirs to improve his cultivation base.
Even though he used cheats to keep from developing too many internal issues, he still accumulated a lot of obstacles to the free flow of his inner energy.
It was also the main reason why he used so much of his inner energy when exercising his great divine powers.

Therefore, Fang Jinyu began to repair them one by one.

When Fang Jinyu’s understanding of the supreme wind-thunder scripture had reached another level and he had successfully ranked 7 in the Foundation Establishment stage, two years had already passed.

At this time, it was autumn again.

The duration of his closed-door cultivation this time was far longer than Fang Jinyu had expected.

However, Fang Jinyu was satisfied with his gains.

Fang Jinyu had attained minor and major mastery in the supreme wind-thunder scripture and the lifeless thunderstorm technique.
He also experienced an unexpected gain in his divine sense and an additional 30% increase in inner energy.

Fang Jinyu’s inner energy had an additional 50% increase!

At this moment, Fang Jinyu’s divine sense could cover the entire Mount Xiaohe, not leaving anything out.

“As expected of one of the top 100 techniques in the Nine Desolations.”

Fang Jinyu sighed in his heart, then canceled the restrictive enchantment and walked out.
The spiritual energy of the spirit stones had run out long ago, rendering the puppet immobile.

After Fang Jinyu changed the spirit stones, the puppet immediately took out a few Messenger Talismans.

Five of them were from the Qin family.

However, there was only one that asked Fang Jinyu to help refine the elixirs.
As for the other four, some of them were tactful, while others were very direct.
However, they only wanted him to know his limits and not get involved in the Qin family’s matter.

Fang Jinyu sighed, “It seems like Qin Haoyue is living a hard life now…” He then ignored them and focused on other Messenger Talismans.

One of them was from the extremely weak Junior Sister Sun.
As usual, she asked Fang Jinyu to refine her elixirs, and she would give him generous returns.

However, Fang Jinyu had never even heard of the name of the elixir she wanted.

Fang Jinyu had no idea where she found it.

There was also a Messenger Talismans, which was also the last one.
It was from Xin Qianqian.
She thanked Fang Jinyu and asked him to visit Mount Goddess’ “Blossom Yard” if he finished his closed-door cultivation.

It was Xin Qianqian’s current residence.

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