66 You Act Differently When Things Are Over

When Fang Jinyu returned to the Tianling Sect, he was immediately invited by a Messenger Talisman to Mount Goddess’ “Blossom Yard.”

“Junior sister, are we now in a relationship?”

Fang Jinyu poured himself a cup of tea to soothe his throat.

“Of course!” Xin Qianqian’s eyes were charming.
She caressed her freshly washed hair, which hadn’t dried yet.
With a burst of fragrance, she was as lively as a fairy.
She came to Fang Jinyu, reached out her small hand to gently touch his nose, and asked, “What else do you want?”

“I feel like we’re too calm.”

Fang Jinyu finally expressed his feelings.

The two of them didn’t seem to be cultivation partners.
Instead, they felt like a couple who had been married for many years and finally became brothers.

“Isn’t it normal? You and I are both cultivators, and aren’t we both hoping to become Core Formation stage cultivators? True love isn’t just about being together all the time.
We should endure the challenges of separation and maintain a deep and genuine love for each other.” As Xin Qianqian spoke, she hugged Fang Jinyu.
“Senior brother, I’m going to start my closed-door seclusion again.
After all, I can’t fall behind you too much.
You’re already a late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator!”

As soon as Xin Qianqian finished her words, she pushed Fang Jinyu and chased him out.

A moment later, Fang Jinyu saw the formations, and restrictive enchantments were restored, which left him stunned for a moment.
He then sighed, “Sigh, you act differently when things are over.”

Fang Jinyu thought, “You didn’t act in this way before!”

Afterward, Fang Jinyu returned to his immortal estate on Mount Xiaohe.

Everything went smoothly this time.
Fang Jinyu retrieved the purple-volt spiritual fire, which was ranked seventh on the Nine Desolations spiritual fire ranking.
However, he was unable to refine such a high-ranking spiritual fire in such a short time.

It was because the spiritual fire indeed had a problem.

If Fang Jinyu were to rashly refine it, he might be contaminated and end up as an apocalypse demon.

Thankfully, the Tianling Sect had the remedy to revive the spiritual fire’s piety and the technique to expel the influence of filth.
Fang Jinyu had read about such information before.

After all, even if Fang Jinyu wasn’t an alchemist, he would consider preparing a spiritual fire for himself when he broke through the late-stage Foundation Establishment.

It was because if one wanted to break through the Core Formation stage, one must temper a spiritual fire.

Therefore, a great sect like the Tianling Sect had a complete set of secret manuals and information related to refining spiritual fire.
After all, apart from those who knew that their lifespans were coming to an end or those who couldn’t break through, no one would give up on refining the spiritual fire.

Some of the disciples of the great families had already made preparations.

Qin Haoyue’s superior-grade spirit tool that could release spiritual fire was one such example.

It was because a cultivator must refine a spirit tool before using it.
After that, their inner energy would continuously come into contact with the spirit tool, which was equivalent to indirectly refining the spiritual fire.
Thus, when Qin Haoyue broke through the late-stage Foundation Establishment, he only needed to extract the spiritual fire from his spirit tool and fuse it into his body.

He didn’t even need to experience the pain and torture that normal cultivators have to when refining the spiritual fire!

After all, fusing spiritual fire into one’s body was a torturing experience.
Even if one was a body-tempering person would be in excruciating pain during the refining process.

Qin Haoyue’s situation was a method that only the great families’ descendants could use.

Fang Jinyu began to collect the spiritual items he needed.

Fang Jinyu could be said to be filthy rich while he had 2000000 spirit stones on him.
Other than Core Formation stage cultivators, no other Foundation Establishment stage cultivators could beat him in terms of wealth.

However, most of the 2000000 spirit stones weren’t spirit stones.

After all, Fang Jinyu’s portable storage space couldn’t store 2000000 spirit stones.

Fang Jinyu took out a few common and less sensitive spiritual items and offered them to the Tianling Sect.
After exchanging them for enough merit points, he exchanged for all the spiritual items he needed.

After that, Fang Jinyu went to the peak of Mount Lingyao named “Li” and rented an alchemy room.

Since Fang Jinyu’s purple mystical alchemy furnace contained spiritual fire, he couldn’t use it to refine elixirs.

“Senior Brother Fang, please be careful when refining the elixirs.
Don’t force yourself!” The Foundation Establishment stage cultivator in charge of Mount Lingyao advised Fang Jinyu with a complex expression.
This time, he had specially chosen a remote alchemy room for Fang Jinyu.

How remote was it?

Even if Fang Jinyu exploded his alchemy furnace again and even the nearby part of the peak collapsed, it wouldn’t affect anyone on the peak of Mount Lingyao named “Li.”

Fang Jinyu promised, “Don’t worry, Junior brother!” He thought, “I’m no longer a newbie, so how can I blow up my alchemy furnace?”

“Furthermore, the last time I exploded the alchemy furnace, it was not because of my mistake!”

“Instead, it’s because I’ve awakened my authentic spirit bloodline, and the lightning power in the ancient authentic spirit Kui cattle bloodline was too terrifying.”

“Senior Brother Fang, you said the same thing last time…” The Foundation Establishment stage cultivator’s expression became even more complicated.
However, Fang Jinyu was no longer the same Fang Jinyu of the past and was now a late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator! Therefore, he didn’t dare to say much and left immediately after giving the instructions.

“He looks afraid that if he is a step slower, he will be affected by the explosion of the alchemy furnace.”

Fang Jinyu grumbled to himself before entering the room to begin his alchemy.

Even though Fang Jinyu had never seen the elixirs he would refine, he finally understood how to refine them after careful consideration.

[Today is a day of hard work to study the prescription for the Fire Development Elixir.
Unfortunately, it’s a day of no harvest.]

[Refined the understanding of the Fire Development Elixir +1]

“It’s true that heaven rewards those who work hard!” After obtaining gains from the system, Fang Jinyu suddenly comprehended the difficulties of refining the elixir and began his alchemy.

Soon, Fang Jinyu had successfully refined a furnace of Fire Development Elixir.

Fang Jinyu then continued with the second batch.

It was because the more elixirs the better!

The next day, Fang Jinyu began to study the second prescription.
The Fire Development Elixir was used to restore the spirituality of spiritual fire, and the one he was studying was called the “Myriad Awakening Elixir,” which was used to dispel the contamination of spiritual fire.

[Today is a day of painstakingly studying the prescription of the Myriad Awakening Elixir, but there are also no gains.]

[Refined the essence of refining the Myriad Awakening Elixir +1]

Fang Jinyu started to refine elixirs with pleasure after once more reaping benefits from the system.

Another furnace of elixirs was formed!

However, Fang Jinyu didn’t have to refind more Myriad Awakening Elixirs.
He had to consider a stronger elixir if the Myriad Awakening Elixir couldn’t be used.

Stronger elixirs were within the scope of what a Core Formation stage cultivator could cultivate, which was beyond his current limits.

Fang Jinyu immediately started purging the filth from the spiritual fire and restoring its spirituality after refining the two necessary elixirs.

Two hours later, Fang Jinyu looked at his purple mystical alchemy furnace with a gloomy expression.

Fang Jinyu was certain that his superior-grade spiritual alchemy furnace didn’t have any problems.

The problem was still the purple-volt spiritual fire in the furnace.

Fang Jinyu had restored its spirituality, but the filth within it had also grown stronger! The lightning power, which was supposed to be pure Yang energy, was now emitting a cold and strange aura from the spiritual fire.

It was a mix of the eerie lightning and the Yin lightning!

It also indicated that the purple-volt spiritual fire had been contaminated by the apocalyptic power.

Fang Jinyu finally understood why such a high-ranked spiritual fire would be carved on a piece of animal skin paper and accidentally leak out.

“I can only use Core Formation stage elixirs…”

Fang Jinyu sighed but didn’t rush to find the prescription.
He put away the purple mystical alchemy furnace and used the low-grade spiritual alchemy furnace in the alchemy room to refine other elixirs.


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