69 I’m Han Feiyu, Give Me My Spirit Stones!

A mysterious ship-like thing was moving across the void in the center of the white and purple clouds.

Suddenly, a few black dots appeared in front of the object.

They were the migratory birds on their way back.

Then, a magical scene appeared.
The strange ship-like object instantly turned invisible, and when it reappeared, it was already behind the flock of migratory birds.

As for the migratory birds, they had not noticed anything from the beginning to the end.

It was the stargazing flying ship.

The stargazing flying ship continued its journey.
After half a day, it slowly descended.

Below the ship was a city that was far larger than the mortal world’s county.

From time to time, someone would step on a spirit tool and slowly fly over the city.

At the city gate, a plaque was hung high with three large words on it—Monastic Immortal City.

As soon as Fang Jinyu came out of the stargazing flying ship, he left the Monastic Immortal City.

After a while, Fang Jinyu returned to the city.

However, Fang Jinyu had already changed his appearance and clothes.
He exuded the aura of a Core Formation stage cultivator.

Naturally, it was because Fang Jinyu had taken the weakened version of the Six Alloy Elixir.

“Greetings, Master!”

Soon, someone came up to Fang Jinyu.

Fang Jinyu took a look but didn’t recognize who it was.
However, he had a slight impression of the man’s face.
He was a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator from the Monastic Immortal Alliance.

Fang Jinyu said, “Uh-huh.” Afterward, he saw the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator’s excited expression and couldn’t help but ask, “Is there anything happened recently?”

The Foundation Establishment stage cultivator immediately said, “Master, everything is fine in the immortal city.
Although you didn’t take any action that day, Senior Li of the Jiuhu Sect praised your preaching.
Therefore, no one dares to come to Monastic Immortal City to cause trouble.”

Fang Jinyu thought for a moment after he heard the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator’s words.
Although he had no impression of the “Senior Li” he mentioned, he did know of the Jiuhu Sect.
Although the Jiuhu Sect was not part of the six great sects, its power was only slightly inferior to the six great sects since it had an early-stage Nascent Soul Grandmaster.

Therefore, the Jiuhu Sect was in charge of the mediation work in the immortal cities nearby.

After all, conflicts were inevitable between different immortal cities.

Therefore, if nothing unexpected happened, “Senior Li” was sent by the Jiuhu Sect to manage mediation work in the area around Monastic Immortal City.

Fang Jinyu asked directly, “Then why are you so excited?”

The Foundation Establishment stage cultivator said with an excited tone, “It’s because I’ve benefited a lot from your preaching three years ago.
I’ve successfully broken through rank 3 in the Foundation Establishment stage from rank 1!”

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but look at the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator again.
He didn’t expect him to be so perceptive.

Although Fang Jinyu had deliberately explained the cultivation method in detail that day, how much the audiences could understand and learn depended on themselves.

It was the same as listening to mathematics lectures in schools.

“Then you’re quite smart.
Keep it up.” Fang Jinyu encouraged the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator with the attitude of a senior and then had him call Lu Yunting over.

The Foundation Establishment stage cultivator immediately responded and was about to go do his work.
However, he stopped after walking two steps and showed a hesitating expression.

Fang Jinyu asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Master, Vice Master Lu’s son went missing three years ago… Therefore, he…” The Foundation Establishment stage cultivator lowered his pitch as he spoke.

However, Fang Jinyu understood his words.
The Foundation Establishment stage cultivator wanted to say that since Lu Yunting’s son had mysteriously disappeared and he couldn’t find the culprit, he had been moody for the past three years.
Lu Yunting even suspected that “Han Feiyu” killed his son.

After all, “Han Feiyu” coincidentally appeared in the Monastic Immortal City.

However, Fang Jinyu wasn’t worried about the matter.
Three years ago, he might have been a little worried.
Now, not only had he broken through rank 7 in the Foundation Establishment stage, but he had also greatly improved his great divine powers.
Even if Lu Yunting had a spiritual fire, Fang Jinyu was confident that he could kill him within 10 minutes!

Fang Jinyu slightly shook his head and sighed, “Fellow Daoist Lu’s encounter is indeed…” He looked as natural as if he wasn’t the person who had killed Lu Shaojun.
He even said as if he was concerning Lu Yunting, “However, Fellow Daoist Lu’s son has only gone missing.
Maybe he isn’t harmed by anyone but trapped in some secret realm.”

The Foundation Establishment stage cultivator didn’t dare to reply and hurriedly said, “Master, I’ll go and find the Vice Master now.”

Fang Jinyu nodded.

Then, as Fang Jinyu looked at the back of the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator, he gradually showed an inquisitive expression.

Meanwhile, Fang Jinyu thought, “If I’m not mistaken, this Foundation Establishment stage cultivator should be incited by Lu Yunting to test him.”

As for why the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator dared to take this risk?

It was nothing more than money.

Lu Yunting must have given the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator enough benefits to make him take the risk.
Obviously, he relied on the benefits given by Lu Yunting to break through rank 3 in the Foundation Establishment stage.

Otherwise, the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator would only know how to cultivate by listening to Fang Jinyu’s preaching.

If one wanted to quickly increase their inner energy, they still had to rely on elixirs!

Soon, Fang Jinyu saw Lu Yunting, he didn’t mention a word about his son’s disappearance.
Instead, he enthusiastically took out 2000000 spirit stones and said, “Daoist brother, this is last year’s profit sharing.
As for the profit sharing from the previous two years, since the amount is too big, we are still sorting it out.”

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but smile when he saw how cooperative Lu Yunting was.

After all, it was 6000000 spirit stones!

Fang Jinyu wasn’t going to beat around the bush.
He went straight to the point, “Fellow Daoist Lu is very thoughtful.
Speaking of which, I have another matter on which I would like to make a deal with you.”

“Daoist brother, please go ahead!”

Fang Jinyu said, “I need a few Core Formation stage prescriptions that can dispel the filth of spiritual fire.”

Lu Yunting didn’t refuse Fang Jinyu’s request, but he said, “Daoist brother, to be honest, I only got one prescription from the Tianling Sect.
However, I believe it can satisfy your needs.”

Fang Jinyu immediately knew which prescription he was mentioning.

It was the prescription for the “Great Virtue Elixir.” Due to his lack of authority, Fang Jinyu had only seen a few lines of its description.
It was said that it was the best Core Formation stage elixir for removing impurities! Whether it was the devil’s energy from the devil’s realm, the Lich’s energy from the City of Liches, or even the filth from the apocalypse, they could all be dispelled with it!

Thus, Fang Jinyu said calmly, “Fellow Daoist Lu, just give a price.”

Lu Yunting asked, “Daoist brother, can you give me some Foundation Establishment Elixirs?”

“Foundation Establishment Elixirs?” Fang Jinyu was stunned to hear his words.
He thought, “How could a Holy Alchemist lack Foundation Establishment Elixirs?”

Although everyone thought it was precious and rare, a monopoly caused its price to skyrocket.

“Daoist brother, I believe you also know that something happened to the Foundation Establishment Fruit, right? Originally, the situation wouldn’t affect me much, but two years ago, something happened that caused a large number of Foundation Establishment Fruit trees to die.
It directly stopped the Foundation Establishment Fruits from being sold to the outside world…”

At this point, Lu Yunting changed the topic of their conversation.
He said, “I have a daughter who is lucky to possess spiritual roots.
However, she only has four-element spiritual roots.
It’s not easy for her to break through the Foundation Establishment stage, so she needs more than ten Foundation Establishment Elixirs.”

Although Lu Yunting was a Holy Alchemist, the Lu family wasn’t a noble cultivation family but just a minor cultivation family.

Lu Yunting’s family would have long since fallen apart if he hadn’t demonstrated his alchemy talent a few decades ago and won the inheritance of a Holy Alchemist.

Therefore, Lu Yunting had no way of obtaining Foundation Establishment Elixirs in this situation.

It was because major sects and aristocratic cultivation families didn’t have enough for their own use.

When Fang Jinyu heard it, he couldn’t help but be taken aback.
He thought, “It isn’t mentioned in the book.”

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