70 The Sermon

The book only mentioned the sharp decline in the Foundation Establishment Fruits and the skyrocketing price of the Foundation Establishment Elixirs due to a change in spiritual energy.
The book also explained that would soon be resolved, and the price of the Foundation Establishment Elixir would return to its “normal” price.

30000 spirit stones!

Although the Foundation Establishment Elixir was still sold at an expensive price that Qi Condensation stage cultivators couldn’t afford, it wasn’t a price that everyone couldn’t afford.

However, it was clear that the current situation didn’t match the book’s plot.

The problem wasn’t resolved and even the Foundation Establishment Fruits were restricted from being sold.

Fang Jinyu could imagine that in the next ten years, there would not be a single rogue cultivator in the Nine Desolations who could break through the Foundation Establishment stage.
It was because even a Holy Alchemist like Lu Yunting could not get his hands on a Foundation Establishment Fruit to refine elixirs!

Unless Lu Yunting could be like Fang Jinyu’s “sworn brothers” and come across an old Foundation Establishment Fruit tree by chance.

However, the situation seemed a little ridiculous…

However, Fang Jinyu had no reason to reject such a deal.

It was because Fang Jinyu had previously preserved some Foundation Establishment Fruits.
Although they had lost a great deal of their spirituality, he could still refine them into Foundation Establishment Elixirs with his unique alchemy skills.

Fang Jinyu could refine 13 Foundation Establishment Elixirs with one Foundation Establishment Fruit.

Since Lu Yunting wanted 20 Foundation Establishment Elixirs, Fang Jinyu had no choice but to refine another batch of elixirs.

Fang Jinyu still refined 13 elixirs per batch.

After all, Fang Jinyu had already reached the pinnacle of refining the Foundation Establishment Elixir.
Even if the spirit herbs lacked spirituality, he could still refine them as long as they were the required spirit herbs and matched the medicinal properties.

However, Fang Jinyu didn’t give Lu Yunting extra elixirs.
He only gave him the amount he wanted.

When Fang Jinyu received the prescription, he met Lu Yunting’s daughter.
At that moment, he knew Lu Yunting’s efforts were going to be in vain.

It was because Lu Yunting’s daughter had no potential in breaking through the Foundation Establishment stage.

Lu Yunting’s daughter heavily relied on elixirs to increase her inner energy and was unable to control her rank 9 Qi Condensation stage inner energy as she wished.
She had even made numerous mistakes while circulating her inner energy.

Fang Jinyu had found many problems with just a glance.

Elixirs were omnipotent, but the Foundation Establishment Elixirs were not.
Although they could help cultivators to break through the bottlenecks in the Qi Condensation stage, the premise was that the cultivator must not have countless problems in their cultivation base.

After all, it was impossible to build a castle in the air.

However, Fang Jinyu didn’t mention a word about it.

“Daoist brother, this is the catalog.
The items written on it are the spiritual items that you exchanged for your spirit stones.
Take a look and see if anything needs to be added or reduced.”

6000000 spirit stones were undoubtedly a huge number.
Even if Fang Jinyu wanted to put it in his Hundred-Treasure Box, he would need at least 100 boxes.

Moreover, Core Formation stage cultivators didn’t need spirit stones.

To prevent complications, Fang Jinyu had asked the Monastic Immortal Alliance to exchange it for spiritual items of equivalent value, and he did the same thing this time.

Fang Jinyu looked through the catalog, and when he saw a few strike stones in the catalog, he couldn’t help but look surprised.

Fang Jinyu didn’t expect to see lightning-attribute spiritual items!

Other than that, the spirit herbs required for the prescription that Fang Jinyu had obtained from Lu Yunting were also listed in the catalog.
In fact, the core spirit herbs of the prescriptions were only two or three types of spirit herbs.

Lu Yunting said, “Daoist brother, a few families from the alliance prepared it.”

Fang Jinyu asked, “What do they want?” Not to mention the value of lightning-attribute spiritual items, just the few stalk of 500 years old core spirit herbs alone weren’t things that could be bought with spirit stones

It was because people would usually keep such valuable things for their use.
Even if they didn’t need it, they would keep it for their family and would never give it to others.

Since these items appeared in the catalog, it was obvious that several families from the Monastic Immortal Alliance needed his help.

Lu Yunting hurriedly said, “Daoist brother, they wish to invite you to preach again.” He had also encountered a bottleneck.
He had tried a few types of elixirs but failed.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have remained ranked 7 in the Foundation Establishment stage.

Lu Yunting naturally didn’t lack elixirs that could boost his inner energy since he was a Holy Alchemist.

“Since that’s the case, I’ll talk about how to cultivate in the middle-stage Foundation Establishment!” Fang Jinyu said casually as if he wasn’t very interested in the contents of the catalog.

Lu Yunting couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.
It was because he was interested in the contents of methods to cultivate in the late-stage Foundation Establishment.
However, he knew that it would be difficult to use a few spiritual items to move a Core Formation stage.
The reason he was willing to explain the cultivation methods in the middle-stage Foundation Establishment was his identity as the “Master” and that the spiritual items were not bad.

However, Lu Yunting immediately smiled again.

Lu Yunting thought, “Even though the Core Formation stage cultivator is only going to share about methods to cultivate in the middle-stage Foundation Establishment, I can still benefit from his preaching since I’m someone who relied on elixirs to break through till rank 7 in the Foundation Establishment stage.”

“If I can use his methods to understand my bottleneck, then it would be a huge profit!”

Various forces in the Monastic Immortal City once again supported Fang Jinyu’s preaching.
However, there were fewer audiences compared to his previous sermon.
It was because only Foundation Establishment stage cultivators could attend this time’s preaching!

Moreover, they were all Foundation Establishment stage cultivators from the Monastic Immortal Alliance!

When the great Core Formation stage cultivator, “Han Feiyu,” began to preach, even the cultivators who ranked 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage sat upright.

After the preaching ended, most of the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators greatly benefited.

Only a few cultivators who ranked 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage looked depressed.

After all, Fang Jinyu had only managed to break through the late-stage Foundation Establishment after sorting out his middle-stage Foundation Establishment cultivation and understanding everything.
His cultivation method couldn’t be compared to those who had relied on elixirs and opportunities to break through.
However, Fang Jinyu had only explained the methods to cultivate in the middle-stage Foundation Establishment.

Those who ranked 7 or 8 in the Foundation Establishment stage might have a small gain.
However, it was a different story for those who ranked 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage.

Cultivators who lacked understanding couldn’t break through rank 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage, which was also called the “state of completion.”

Therefore, the few cultivators who ranked 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage listened in vain.

Speaking of which, Fang Jinyu’s cultivation experience when he advanced from the Qi Condensation stage to the Foundation Establishment stage without the aid of the Foundation Establishment Elixir was the only thing that could enlighten the cultivators who ranked 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage.

However, as his cultivation base improved, Fang Jinyu began to understand the value of his experience.

Naturally, Fang Jinyu wouldn’t casually talk about it.

Back then, his conversation at Mount Goddess could be considered to have made Xin Qianqian’s aunt learn something for free.

Fang Jinyu was already on his way back.

Fang Jinyu did the same thing again.
First, he left the city, then returned to the Monastic Immortal City in disguise.
He disguised himself as an early-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator and boarded the stargazing flying ship back to the Tianling Sect.

On his way back, only a low-grade stargazing flying ship was available by that day, so Fang Jinyu spent a few more days before he returned to the Tianling Sect.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu immediately went to the peak of Mount Lingyao named “Li” and rented another alchemy room.

It was the same remote place as last time.

However, it was just what Fang Jinyu wanted.

It was because once Fang Jinyu successfully refined the Core Formation stage elixir, there would be some strange phenomena.
People could still see it when they were close by, even though it wasn’t a particularly remarkable occurrence.

Fang Jinyu didn’t want to reveal his strength as a Holy Alchemist too early.

It wasn’t that Fang Jinyu wanted to hide his true strength, but that Fang Jinyu had other plans.
He intended to draw attention to the situation by pointing out the lack of the Foundation Establishment Elixirs.

What Fang Jinyu was after was still luck.

Although Fang Jinyu’s luck seemed strong, it was risky.
It was also the reason why Fang Jinyu had kept the opportunity he had “stolen” from Su Yier.


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