73 I Want to Put on a Plain and Unassuming Front Too

As soon as Fang Jinyu stepped out of his immortal estate, he heard the heavy sound of a bell.

“Ding! Ding!”

The voice seemed to come from beyond the sky, but it also sounded in Fang Jinyu’s heart.

It was the Tianling Sect’s Heaven-Earth Bell.

It was a magic treasure.

It was powerful, and it was said that the reason the Tianling Sect was able to become one of the six great sects in the Nine Desolations was that they relied on the Heaven-Earth Bell to suppress their luck.

“All disciples of the Tianling Sect who joined the sect before 30 years old must participate in the competition of the 72 peaks three days later.
Those with outstanding results will be able to meet the Grandmaster to receive guidance and precious treasures as a reward.”

When Fang Jinyu heard the sect leader’s order, he was slightly taken aback.

Fang Jinyu had some impressions of the competition.

“It turns out that I’ve been cultivating for so many years…” It was the reason why Fang Jinyu was shocked.
He had been putting a lot of effort into his cultivation to defy the heavens and alter the course of his destiny ever since he had received the “guidance” of the miraculous book.
However, he had never thought about how old he was.

It was only when the bell tolled that Fang Jinyu realized that he was already 30 years old, including the age of the former Fang Jinyu.

Fang Jinyu didn’t include his age before his transmigration, the lifespan he had lost by consuming the Mortal-Transmutation Elixir, and the dozen years of lifespan he had lost by using the stone orb magic treasure to open up his mystery realm.

Otherwise, Fang Jinyu could be considered an old man.

“Speaking of which, what’s the reward for this competition?” Fang Jinyu thought for a moment, but couldn’t recall anything.
The only reason he had an impression of the competition was that Su Yier had put on a plain and unassuming front, but in reality, she amazed everyone.

At that time, Fang Jinyu didn’t remember who Su Yier’s opponent was, but he did know that she had some old animosity with her opponent.

Naturally, Su Yier’s opponent wouldn’t let go of such an opportunity, so she took the initiative to challenge Su Yier.
In the end, Su Yier only glanced at her and said indifferently, “Senior Sister, I’m already a Core Formation stage cultivator.
You can leave now!”

Su Yier stopped suppressing her Core Formation aura when she finished her words.
Her opponent was in a daze after being overwhelmed with shock.
She kept muttering about her misfortune, such as “It’s impossible!” Afterward, her master brought her away because her actions were too embarrassing.

Not long after, it was said that she was so shocked that she even fell into Qi deviation and lost all her cultivation base.
She then died from falling off the cliff.

It was considered a direct exit.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but think, “I wonder if Su Yier is still a Core Formation stage cultivator?” Afterward, he began to prepare for the competition.

Fang Jinyu was tempted by the Grandmaster’s advice, which the sect leader had mentioned, even though he had forgotten the specifics of the rewards.

After all, Fang Jinyu hadn’t had a master to guide him since he started cultivating.
He had been fumbling along the way.

If it weren’t for Fang Jinyu’s talent and gains from the system, he would still be an early-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator.

Meanwhile, a Messenger Talisman flew over.

Fang Jinyu waved his hand, and the talisman landed in his hand.
He looked at it and realized Xin Qianqian was looking for him.
She said that she had something important to tell him.

Fang Jinyu silently kept the talisman.
However, he turned around and returned to his immortal estate.
It was because he believed that Xin Qianqian didn’t really have any important matters…

Even though Fang Jinyu refined two spirit tools, he still needed to use inner energy to care for them.

Due to his spiritual roots, Fang Jinyu’s inner energy could be divided into wind-attribute and lightning-attribute.
It was naturally extremely compatible with two spirit tools.

“It will be great if the reward for the competition had a high-grade single-lightning attribute spell…” Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but think that if he successfully converted into a lightning-attribute Tianling spiritual root, he would have to change his cultivation technique again.

Cultivators needed to develop methods that complemented the attributes of their spiritual roots.

It was also the reason that Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but exclaim in awe at Xin Qianqian’s cultivation method.
Her technique was versatile!

No matter what kind of spiritual roots attribute cultivators had, they could cultivate it!

Three days later, Fang Jinyu, who was well-prepared, made his way to Mount Shidao.

Private competitions and sect competitions were all held at Mount Shidao.
However, the former was common, while the latter was not.

However, Core Formation stage cultivators would arrange for their disciples to compete with each other regularly.
Sometimes, a few Core Formation stage cultivators who were close to each other would gather together and discuss letting their disciples have a competition.

Fang Jinyu was similar to a rogue cultivator in some ways, aside from being able to take advantage of the Tianling Sect’s generous benefits.

By the time Fang Jinyu arrived, many of the sect’s disciples were already at Mount Shidao.

Some of the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators didn’t want to pack in like sardines at the bottom, just like the Qi Condensation stage cultivators, so they just hovered in the air on their spirit tools.
Moreover, a few Core Formation stage cultivators had also arrived early.

The reason the Core Formation stage cultivators attended the competition wasn’t that there was anything that attracted them.
However, it was their routine activities to give the disciples the illusion that as long as their performance was outstanding enough, they could draw the great Core Formation stage cultivator’s attention and be accepted as their disciples.

Of course, it wasn’t as if the great Core Formation stage cultivator wouldn’t accept any disciples.

However, those who could be accepted as the Core Formation stage cultivator’s disciples had long been in contact with each other in private.
They attended the competition and were nothing more than trying to gain some fame.
At the same time, they could make the competition more interesting.
It was killing two birds with one stone.

Fang Jinyu suddenly felt someone looking at him.
He looked over and saw a young girl with bright eyes.

Fang Jinyu smiled at her.

However, the young girl came to his side angrily and asked, “Senior brother, why didn’t you come and find me?”

“I need to conserve my energy.” Fang Jinyu’s words were a double-edged sword.

Xin Qianqian immediately shot Fang Jinyu a look and thought, “I can tell it!”

Just as Xin Qianqian was about to say something, a jade token suddenly flew up, and a voice said, “The first match, Fang Jinyu of Mount Xiaohe versus Su Yier of Mount Tianling.”

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but be a little surprised.
He thought, “I didn’t expect to be the first to go onto the battlefield.
It seems like my fate as cannon fodder didn’t change at all.
It’s indeed true that I won’t have the chance to appear last with suspense.”

Thus, Fang Jinyu flew up on his spirit tool.

However, Fang Jinyu was a little surprised and thought, “Isn’t Su Yier from Mount Lingjian? Why did she go to Mount Tianling? Although she and Ling Xiaojiu quarreled and broke up from time to time, they will get back together soon after!”

When Fang Jinyu was mulling it over, he saw Su Yier come up as well.

When Fang Jinyu saw Su Yier’s cultivation base, he felt strange.
However, he couldn’t help but show a sincere smile and say, “Junior Sister Su.”

Su Yier was only ranked 6 in the Foundation Establishment stage.

Although Su Yier had only broken through the Foundation Establishment stage in three to four years and her cultivation base was improving at a shocking speed, the book stated that it had only taken her five years to break through the Core Formation stage from the moment she entered the sect!

However, Su Yier’s cultivation speed was greatly reduced!

“Hello, Senior Brother Fang.” Su Yier had already forgotten who Fang Jinyu was.
Although they had met twice, and the first time they even had some disagreements, she had long forgotten about the ordinary-looking Fang Jinyu since she often met handsome guys.

Su Yier had no impression of a passerby with the surname Fang.

Fang Jinyu nodded and said, “Junior Sister Su, I’m already a late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator.
You can leave now!”

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