76 He Is a Scapegoat

It was the swordsmanship!

Ximen Jianyi’s swordsmanship was enough to prove that he was half a sword cultivator.

The few Core Formation stage cultivators around him nodded slightly.

One of the Core Formation stage cultivators couldn’t help but say, “Senior Brother Ling’s disciple is so perceptive.
In my opinion, he only needs to break through rank 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage and cultivate it to perfection.
Afterward, he can be considered a true sword cultivator.”

Another Core Formation stage cultivator exclaimed, “This swordsmanship is indeed worthy of the title of being unparalleled in battle strength among its peers! The only ones who can suppress it are cultivators with a lightning-attribute Tianling spiritual root who have cultivated the lightning-attribute techniques to their limits.”

It was because Ximen Jianyi’s attack was too shocking.

Ximen Jianyi had an astonishing aura.
Moreover, the ferocity of his swordsmanship was also like the shackles of misfortune.
It was as if it struck Fang Jinyu’s fate, causing his entire body to feel stiff.

Fortunately, the ancient authentic spirit Kui cattle bloodline was powerful.
When it felt the pressure, it suddenly struggled, which allowed Fang Jinyu to regain consciousness.
Afterward, he quickly tried to dodge.
However, he found that he no longer needed to do so.

It was because Ximen Jianyi’s terrifying and mind-shaking sword attack had been missed!

The monstrous sword attack directly smashed into the battle ring.

Fortunately, a Core Formation stage cultivator reinforced the battle ring.
Otherwise, the sword’s attack would break it.

The surprised Fang Jinyu was speechless.

Fang Jinyu thought, “What is Ximen Jianyi doing?”

Fang Jinyu then saw Ximen Jianyi’s stunned expression.
Ximen Jianyi even looked a little startled.

“So it’s an accident?”

Fang Jinyu thought to himself.

Ximen Jianyi attacked again.

An invisible flame leaped out.

As the wind blew, the invisible flame turned into a curtain of fire, as if it had ignited half of the sky!

Just as Ximen Jianyi was about to use the curtain of fire in the sky to kill Fang Jinyu, his expression suddenly changed.

It was because the wind around them was starting to get out of control.

Fang Jinyu was cursing Ximen Jianyi in his heart for his shameless sneak attack.
At the same time, he looked at Ximen Jianyi with a strange expression.

It was because although Ximen Jianyi’s attack was powerful, the strange thing was that he focused most of the wind power on Fang Jinyu without controlling it.

To someone like Fang Jinyu, who had a wind-attribute spiritual root, Ximen Jianyi’s action was no different from advantaging him.

Therefore, Fang Jinyu didn’t hold back in the face of such a generous gift.

Fang Jinyu used his myriad transformation technique!

Fang Jinyu instantly seized control of the wind, and a giant that looked like Fang Jinyu appeared above Mount Shidao.
It swooped down with a majestic aura, and the disciples of the Tianling Sect, regardless of whether they were in the Foundation Establishment stage or the Qi Condensation stage, who was watching the competition with great interest, quickly fled.

As Fang Jinyu’s wind power dragged it down, the curtain of fire in the sky collapsed on its own.

Ximen Jianyi suffered from the backlash and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Fang Jinyu thought Ximen Jianyi was going to say some villainous words with a face full of hatred.
However, Ximen Jianyi suddenly looked toward Ling Xiaojiu.
Although he didn’t say anything, he showed a ferocious expression.

Even an outsider like Fang Jinyu could feel the hatred.

So, what was going on?

Fang Jinyu had strangely won again.

However, Fang Jinyu soon knew what was going on with Ximen Jianyi.

It was because many disciples of the Tianling Sect were talking about Ximen Jianyi.

A Qi Condensation stage disciple said, “Sigh, Martial Uncle Ximen Jianyi is still as unlucky as before!”

A Foundation Establishment stage disciple who once battled Ximen Jianyi said, “What’s going on with Senior Brother Ximen? The last time I saw him so unlucky was that time.”

Another Foundation Establishment stage disciple said, “Junior brother, I don’t understand what you’re talking about!”

Fang Jinyu listened to the discussions of the Tianling Sect’s disciples and came up with a summary of Ximen Jianyi’s unfortunate events.

Ximen Jianyi started to be inexplicably unlucky without knowing the date.

Ximen Jianyi would still be fine when he was in the Tianling Sect.
No matter how unlucky he was, it was just a small problem.
However, as long as he left the Tianling Sect, he would always encounter all kinds of disasters.

Ximen Jianyi would either run into people killing and stealing treasures and then the other party would try to silence him by killing him, or he would accidentally encounter some scandal and be hunted down by the other party.

Otherwise, Ximen Jianyi would be mistaken for the murderer and suspected of being a conspirator…

If that were the case, it would be fine.

The key was that whenever Ximen Jianyi fought with anyone, he would always have some inexplicable problems.
He would either find out that he had brought the wrong spirit tool when he attacked his enemies or strike down his sword without hurting anyone.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Ximen Jianyi ranked 7 in the Foundation Establishment stage and had refined a mysterious but powerful spiritual fire, he would have died outside the sect.

“When did Ximen Jianyi become so unlucky?” Fang Jinyu asked Qing Fu after some thought.

“It’s after he and his master had a fight and his injuries recovered.” Qing Fu blinked her eyes and spoke with a serious face.
After getting slapped by Ximen Jianyi, one day, she suddenly realized a secret technique.
For some reason, the secret technique only worked on Ximen Jianyi, so she didn’t bother to name it.

However, it made Qing Fu remember clearly when Ximen Jianyi started to be unlucky.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but glance at the little girl.

Fang Jinyu thought, “Isn’t it when she ‘slapped’ away Ximen Jianyi’s sword? In other words, Ximen Jianyi was so unlucky because he had lost the overwhelming luck?”

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but be shocked, and then he couldn’t help but gasp.

Did it turn out that after losing one’s luck, one would start to be unlucky?

Soon, Fang Jinyu’s expression became strange again.
He seemed to know why Ximen Jianyi’s expression had changed.

Ximen Jianyi’s hatred for Ling Xiaojiu was most likely because he thought that Ling Xiaojiu was the one who caused his misfortune!

To put it simply, Ling Xiaojiu was the scapegoat…

Ling Xiaojiu couldn’t even prove his innocence…

After all, luck was something that even some Nascent Soul stage Grandmasters were puzzled about.

It was now Fang Jinyu’s turn for the third round, but the other party admitted defeat as soon as he stepped onto the stage.
Fang Jinyu’s two attacks had already caused some Foundation Establishment stage cultivators to tremble in fear.
Furthermore, his opponent this time was only an early-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator.

After three rounds of competition, Fang Jinyu was free from the competition.
Hence, he went straight to study some elixir books.

The Tianling Sect was well-equipped in every way because it was one of the six major sects in the Nine Desolations.

Not only did the sect’s records mention the devil’s realm, the City of Liches, and the desolate forbidden land, but they also mentioned the apocalypse.

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