80 The Skyrocket Scripture

Fang Jinyu thought that he had already grasped the essence of the Lich’s energy and the devil’s energy, so he was ready to start refining the “General Foundation Establishment Elixir” that he had conceived.
However, to his surprise, he failed.

And this time, Fang Jinyu couldn’t even find the reason for his failure!

After a moment’s thought, Fang Jinyu finally understood why the Foundation Establishment Elixir was the only elixir in the Nine Desolations that could help a Qi Condensation stage cultivator break through.

However, Fang Jinyu wasn’t disheartened by his failure.
Just as he was about to continue working hard, the rewards from the previous competition were given out.

The Tianling Sect’s Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster would give a preach as a reward for those who performed well in the competition.
Other than that, spirit tools, talismans, elixirs, and secret techniques were also given as rewards.

Naturally, Fang Jinyu attended it.

How could Fang Jinyu miss the preach from a Grandmaster who ranked 9 in the Nascent Soul stage, and also one of the top battle powers of the Nine Desolations?

One must know that in the immortal cultivation world, every stage’s rank 9 had extraordinary significance.
It represented the stage’s perfection and wasn’t as simple as increasing one’s inner energy.

The Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster only talked about how to cultivate in the Foundation Establishment stage, and Fang Jinyu listened attentively.
However, after he finished listening, he realized that he didn’t gain anything from it.

However, Fang Jinyu benefited greatly when the Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster explained a few more things about breaking through the Core Formation stage, as well as the things to take note of.

Meanwhile, there was one more thing that raised Fang Jinyu’s suspicion.

It was because the Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster had mentioned six types of methods to break through the Core Formation stage.
Three of them were high-tier techniques, while the other three were low-tier techniques.

Cultivators who used high-tier techniques could form a core that would be at least grade 5.

Cultivators who used low-tier techniques could form a core that could only reach grade 7 at most.

However, the extraordinary book mentioned that cultivators who used high-tier techniques could form a core that would be at least grade 3, while cultivators who used low-tier techniques could form a core that could only reach grade 4 at most.

“It differs from the book again…”

When comparing the two, Fang Jinyu undoubtedly trusted the Tianling Sect’s Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster more.

After all, although it was considered a secret technique of the immortal sects, it was similar among the immortal sects.
The biggest difference was that the small immortal sects only had low-tier techniques to break through the Core Formation stage.

Thus, it was easy to identify them.

Then, Fang Jinyu went to collect a secret technique.

The name of the secret technique was the “skyrocket scripture” and its effects were very simple.
It could increase one’s speed by a hundred times! However, it was extremely difficult to cultivate.
Out of 10000 cultivators who cultivated it, not even one could master it.

Fang Jinyu had thought of cultivating the skyrocket scripture before.
After all, he didn’t have to rely on the stargazing flying ship to travel when he mastered such a secret technique.

However, if one wanted to obtain such a mysterious secret technique, one had to make a great contribution to the Tianling Sect or be rewarded by the sect.
There was no other way to obtain it.

Therefore, Fang Jinyu had no choice but to give up.

Now that there was an opportunity, Fang Jinyu naturally couldn’t let it go!

After everyone received their rewards, they all left.
As for the Tianling Sect’s Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster, he had long disappeared without a trace.

Switching between virtual and reality, gathering and dispersing at will!

However, soon, Fang Jinyu didn’t expect to be assigned a mission by the sect leader.

The sect leader asked Fang Jinyu to go to the Utopia Immortal City to purchase a batch of spirit herbs that are hundreds of years old!

Although the Tianling Sect could plant their own spirit herbs, they weren’t professional in it.

As for the Utopia Immortal City, they were professional in this field because it had a technique that could increase the growth of spirit herbs.
If a spirit herb grew in the Utopia Immortal City for 100 years, its medicinal properties could reach 500 years! However, the technique would need to “use” three Foundation Establishment stage cultivators and dozens of cultivators who ranked 9 in the Qi Condensation stage.

It was because after cultivating the technique, one’s inner energy would be able to be slowly absorbed by spirit herbs.

To put it simply, it was to use the cultivator’s inner energy and time to feed the spirit herbs.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but ask the Tianling Sect Leader, “Sect leader, how about the other alchemists in the sect if I go…”

The most important thing for the person in charge of purchasing spirit herbs was undoubtedly having a professional knowledge.

In this aspect, who could have more professional knowledge than the sect’s alchemists?

In addition, according to what Fang Jinyu knew, any task that involved purchasing was a wonderful one! Fang Jinyu remembered that several cultivators who ranked 9 in the Qi Condensation stage with powerful backgrounds had fought over the right to purchase food and drinks for the new disciples of the Little Tianling Yard.

Fang Jinyu thought, “When cultivators will even fight over the right to purchase food and drinks for the new disciples of the Little Tianling Yard, will they not fight over the right to purchase spirit herbs for the entire sect?”

“There is no doubt that the benefits of purchasing spirit herbs are even greater!”

“In that case, how could such a good thing fall into the hands of an ordinary sect alchemist?”

The Tianling Sect Leader said with a smile, “Junior Brother Fang, you may not know this, but there is a Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster in charge of Utopia Immortal City.”

Fang Jinyu nodded slightly.

Fang Jinyu understood the unspoken meaning of the sect leader’s words.
He meant that doing business with Utopia Immortal City was an equal deal.

The Tianling Sect Leader continued, “Junior Brother Fang, I’m sure you know that 500 years old spirit herbs are rare in the cultivation world.”

Fang Jinyu nodded again.

The unspoken meaning of the sect leader’s words was that 500 years old spirit herbs were a market where demand exceeded supply.

The Tianling Sect Leader sighed, “So, Junior Brother Fang, do you understand now?”

Fang Jinyu concluded, “There’s no profit to be made, and it might cause me a lot of trouble?”

The Tianling Sect Leader nodded.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but curse in his heart, “Shit!”

“No wonder the sect leader will ask me to complete the task.
It turns out that the few brat alchemists in the sect are unwilling to go!”

“Then how were they assigned the task in the past?”

Fang Jinyu asked, frowning.
If the others were unwilling to go, he was naturally unwilling to either.
However, he changed his mind as soon as he had this thought.

Although the Tianling Sect had a lot of spirit herbs, they might not have a complete set.

Fang Jinyu could use the chance of going to the Utopia Immortal City to search for a more suitable replacement spirit herb.

The Tianling Sect Leader knew what Fang Jinyu was thinking, so he quickly said, “In the past, alchemists would take turns completing the task.
Even Junior Sister Nangong was no exception.”

Fang Jinyu nodded and said, “Alright then.
Sect leader, I’ll go this time!”

The Tianling Sect Leader smiled and said, “Great, Junior Brother Fang.” He had one more thing he didn’t say— “If you don’t want to go, you can spend some money and ask other alchemists to do it for you.”

Fang Jinyu immediately went to prepare for the trip.
He had wanted to inform Xin Qianqian, but he didn’t expect her to slip out of the Tianling Sect.
He thought, “No wonder she didn’t even attend the Grandmaster’s preach.”

Fang Jinyu kept the Messenger Talisman that Xin Qianqian had left behind and shook his head slightly.
He then boarded the stargazing flying ship with the other Qi Condensation stage disciples.

Fang Jinyu was in charge of purchasing the spirit herbs, while the others were in charge of carrying them.

After all, the capacity of the Hundred-Treasure Box was limited.

However, Fang Jinyu was surprised to see a little girl who stood out among the accompanying disciples.

Speaking of which, apart from the time they met at the competition, they hadn’t seen each other for almost three years, but she didn’t grow any taller.
She was still as short as before.

Fang Jinyu noticed that she had a middle-stage Qi Condensation stage aura and waved at her.

It was because Fang Jinyu knew that it was fake.

Fang Jinyu called her over because he was curious as to why she still had the elixirs he had given her.

After such a long time, logically speaking, the elixirs should have been used up long ago!

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