87 A Free Daughter?

Unlike Fang Jinyu, who had successfully left the Utopia Immortal City, someone stopped her just as she was about to leave.

The unlucky person was naturally Su Yier.

The person who stopped Su Yier was Qi Muchen.

“Junior Sister Su, don’t worry.
I’ll make sure you’re safe as long as you stay.” Qi Muchen couldn’t hide his excitement as he spoke.
The elders in his family had promised that as long as he kept Su Yier in the Utopia Immortal City, they would make her marry him!

“Senior Brother Qi, please step aside.
I have something important to do, so I must leave immediately.” Su Yier’s gaze turned cold, but she still spoke gently.


Qi Muchen refused Su Yier without hesitation because he had to accomplish his third uncle’s order.

He was also one of the three Core Formation stage cultivators in the Utopia Immortal City!

“Then, Senior Brother Qi, I’m sorry!” As soon as Su Yier finished her words, Qi Muchen was sent flying backward, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.
Nobody saw what had she done.

Afterward, Su Yier headed straight for the place where the stargazing flying ship was docked.

However, at this moment, a voice suddenly appeared in her heart.
Therefore, she didn’t hesitate and abandoned the convenient and safe stargazing flying ship.
Instead, she directly flew out of the city on her spirit tool.

“Hurry up and catch up with her!”

It was only then that Qi Muchen’s subordinates reacted.

It could only be said that an incompetent dandy like Qi Muchen would only have a group of useless subordinates.

However, Su Yier’s escape technique was extraordinary.
With just a single thought, she had already appeared a few thousand feet away.
Such a speed was already comparable to the speed of a low-tier stargazing flying ship.

However, it wasn’t Su Yier’s limit.
She increased her speed a few more times, and the speed of her escape technique exceeded the flying speed of a Core Formation stage cultivator.

Even though three-quarters of her luck had been taken away, Su Yier’s great divine powers were still extremely shocking!

However, Su Yier suddenly stopped.

Su Yier looked at an empty place and said, “Since senior has come, why are you hiding?”

“Little girl, you’re indeed amazing.
It seems that in addition to the magic treasure mentioned by your fellow disciple, you have other fortuitous encounters!” Su Yier heard a slightly hoarse voice, and then a middle-aged man appeared.

There was an embryonic form of a magic domain around the man.
Spiritual energy automatically gathered towards him, and behind him, there was a strange phenomenon of mountains of daggers and seas of fire.

He was a Core Formation stage cultivator!

The man said coldly, “You won’t be able to escape.
The difference in strength between a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator and a Core Formation stage cultivator is too great.
Hand over your magic treasure and marry my nephew.
I’ll spare your life and provide you with the resources to break through the late-stage Foundation Establishment.
My nephew is indeed a little uneducated, but he is completely infatuated with you.”

Su Yier took a deep breath and said calmly, “Primordial God, please attack!”

In an instant, layers of smoke and clouds turned into a light screen, enveloping Su Yier.
The illusionary image of half a finger also appeared behind her.

The fingers were like the fingers of an immortal.

At this moment, the great Core Formation stage cultivator immediately changed his expression.
He no longer had the arrogance of having control of the situation.

Afterward, the Core Formation stage cultivator died.

The half a finger shadow didn’t land on his body, but his body was already torn into pieces as if he had suffered a heavy blow.
Even his core was crushed by the blow.

It could be said that his body and soul were destructed because there was no possibility of possession.

As soon as the great Core Formation stage cultivator died, a huge wave of energy exploded in the Utopia Immortal City.

All the cultivators in the Utopia Immortal City knelt on the ground in fear under the majestic pressure that was like waves hitting the shore.
An indescribable and terrifying divine sense spread out, and in just a breath’s time, it locked onto Su Yier, who was dozens of miles away.

Su Yier wanted to run away, but she was stopped by the split soul on her body.

Su Yier was puzzled and asked, “Primordial God?”

The split soul responded, “You won’t be able to leave.”

Just when the split soul finished speaking, a figure materialized in front of Su Yier.

It was an old man with white hair and a white beard.

He looked at Su Yier, seemingly a little surprised.
However, he quickly noticed her split soul, and his eyes revealed a look of understanding.

“Fellow Daoist, why did you kill my grandson? Forget it.
No matter who’s right or wrong, your split soul and your disciple will both have to stay here.”

As he spoke, the old man made his move.

Afterward, the old man died.

It had only been a short while.
Not only a portion of them had died, but even their incarnations in the Utopia Immortal City had also perished.

In an instant, the wood-elemental spiritual energy filled the air within a hundred miles of the Utopia Immortal City.
It even formed a spiritual energy rain.
No matter if it was the spirit herbs that grew in the forest or spirit fields, they were all full of vitality and had an additional 100 years of medicinal effect.

Moreover, the cultivators who cultivated here, as long as they had wood-attribute spiritual roots in their bodies, would experience a surge in their cultivation.

Those with poor aptitudes could increase their cultivation base by one rank, while those with good aptitudes could even increase their cultivation base by three or four ranks!

Most of the cultivators didn’t know what was going on.
Even those who had benefited from it were happy after suspecting the situation.
Only the direct descendants of the three families in the Utopia Immortal City knew what had happened.

A Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster had fallen!

Furthermore, he was a Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster with a wood-elemental Tianling spiritual root.

In an instant, some were shocked, some were in disbelief, some were terrified, and some felt that a big incident was going to happen.
They quickly packed up their belongings and prepared to escape.

It was because the Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster of the Qi family had a wood-elemental Tianling spiritual root.

Fang Jinyu, of course, didn’t know about the incidents that happened in the Utopia Immortal City.

Fang Jinyu was cultivating the skyrocket scripture.
Previously, he didn’t have the chance to do it, but now he could cultivate it with ease.

After much effort, Fang Jinyu finally learned the escape technique that could increase his speed by a hundred times.

It put him in a good mood.

Although it didn’t seem like it would be useful at the moment, it was better to be safe than sorry.

At this moment, a Qi Condensation stage disciple rushed over and said, “Martial Uncle Fang, Junior Sister Qing Fu has disappeared again.”

“She might have run off somewhere.
Forget it.
I’ll go look for her!” Fang Jinyu said it casually, but he had no intention of looking for her.
After all, with the little girl’s current ability, she might not be able to fight with a Core Formation stage cultivator, but she would definitely be able to slip away.

However, Fang Jinyu didn’t go to look for her, and the little girl came out on her own.

Qing Fu raised her little head and asked, “Do you have any elixirs? It’s fine as long as it can be used by the Qi Condensation stage cultivators.” She extended a hand in front of Fang Jinyu.

“I think I still have a bottle of Qi and Soul Replenish Elixirs.”

Fang Jinyu found it and handed it to the little girl.
He then asked curiously, “What do you want to do with the elixirs?”

“They found me and wanted me to ask you for some elixirs.”

Qing Fu said, “Because they found me and wanted me to ask you for some elixirs.” The “they” she was referring to were obviously the Qi Condensation stage disciples who had accompanied them.

“They ask you to come to me?”

Fang Jinyu was taken aback.
It was because it sounded normal.
After all, it was an unwritten practice for the alchemist in charge of the team to gift elixirs to the accompanying disciples.
However, for some reason, he felt that something was wrong.

When Fang Jinyu thought about it carefully, every time the little girl disappeared or did something, there would be Qi Condensation stage disciples who would come to report to him.

With this in mind, Fang Jinyu finally realized that there was something fishy about a “middle-stage Qi Condensation cultivator” sneaking into the group of late-stage Qi Condensation disciples!

Thus, Fang Jinyu secretly followed them.

Of course, Fang Jinyu wasn’t exactly doing it secretly.
He was walking behind them without hiding.
He didn’t hide from Qing Fu.
He only hid it from the perception of the accompanying disciples.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu heard one of the accompanying disciples say, “A bottle of Qi and Soul Replenish Elixir?! As expected, Martial Uncle Fang doted on you the most.
I’ve heard that in the past, the accompanying disciples were only given some Mini Energy-Gathering Elixirs.”

The little girl asked curiously, “What’s the Mini Energy-Gathering Elixir?” It was because it was the first time she had heard of it.

“It can help us Qi Condensation stage cultivators recover our inner energy quickly.
One elixir costs three spirit stones.”

When Fang Jinyu heard the last sentence, he didn’t find any problems with their conversation.
It wasn’t until he heard one of the Qi Condensation stage disciples say, “Junior Sister Qing Fu, can you help me ask your father when he’ll be taking in a disciple?”

Hearing it, Fang Jinyu was surprised.
He thought, “The little girl has a father?”

However, Fang Jinyu immediately realized that he was probably the “father” they mentioned…

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