Failed Halfway Through the Start-up

Du Maner had left to run errands for him.

After all, he could save three hundred spirit stones, so it was inevitable that Fang Jinyu would be tempted.

However, after she had left, Fang Jinyu suddenly remembered something.

According to the book, there was a scandal about Tianling Sect.
The sect suppressed the incident to prevent it from spreading since it involved too many people.

The scandal was revealed because a disciple of the Tianling Sect who just broke through the Foundation Establishment stage after years of hard work died mysteriously.

“The scandal seems to involve the eight peaks of Mount Lingyao…”

Fang Jinyu’s heart skipped a beat.

“Du Maner is ambitious, but she’s also very cautious.
She’s not an arrogant person.
Logically speaking, the book will definitely describe her presence.
Unless she’s dead, and she died without people knowing…”

Before Fang Jinyu gave Du Maner the talisman tool, she had always been cautious with her words.
She was reluctant to follow him but held her tongue and pretended not to feel anything.
Her attitude toward him had always been respectful.

However, after Fang Jinyu gave Du Maner the talisman tool, she changed how she addressed him from “Martial Uncle Fang” to “Martial Uncle.” Then, she even told him about the dark market.

She was treating him as someone close to her, so she wanted to help him save spirit stones.

“If this dark market is the scandal, and Du Maner wanted to help another Tianling Sect disciple back then, then…”

Fang Jinyu immediately got to his feet and left the alchemy room after having the thought.

He felt that his speculation was correct.

In the book, there was a description of the personality of the incredibly unlucky Foundation Establishment stage cultivator.
The book described him as a kind, honest man who never got angry.

Therefore, he had a good reputation among the Tianling Sect’s low-tier stage disciples.

Such a person should be able to win Du Maner’s favor.

Fang Jinyu still needed to get a suitable spirit tool on hand.
However, when he was promoted to the Foundation Establishment stage, the Tianling Sect bestowed on him a low-tier spirit tool, the Ring of Blazing Fire.

The ring could summon a large amount of blazing fire and greatly enhance fire-element spells.

However, that was all the spirit tool could do.

Fang Jinyu was not picky.
After all, an excellent low-tier spirit tool would cost at least two thousand spirit stones.
Its price would be costly if it were a middle-tier spirit tool.

Fang Jinyu would have preferred to use the Ring of Blazing Fire among the low-tier spirit tools.

At the very least, it was more than enough.

Du Maner went by foot.
Although the Tianling Sect provided low-tier Qi Condensation stage disciples with tools to travel with, how could she be faster than a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator who could fly?

Soon, Fang Jinyu caught sight of Du Maner’s figure from afar.

Du Maner had a graceful figure.
With the elegant curve of her back and her long legs beneath the draped fabric of her dress, it was easy to recognize her just by looking at her back.

However, Du Maner wasn’t in danger, contrary to Fang Jinyu’s expectations.
A disciple of Mount Lingyao who ranked 7 in the Qi Condensation stage brought her to meet a disciple who ranked 9 in the Qi Condensation stage.

Then Du Maner opened her mouth and said something.
Soon, another disciple of Mount Lingyao, who ranked 9 in the Qi Condensation stage, came out and handed a green wooden box to Du Maner.

Du Maner opened the box to take a look.
She handed over the 700 spirit stones she had prepared after ensuring they contained the required herbs.

Naturally, they were also kept in wooden boxes.

There were no items like storage bags here, only talisman tools like the Hundred-Treasure Box.
The Hundred-Treasure Box was made of different materials to store different items.

Spirit stones were usually stored in a Hundred-Treasure Box made with red sandalwood.
The spirit herbs were kept in the green wooden Hundred-Treasure Box, which could ensure the fullest extent of the medicinal properties of the spirit herbs.

“Did I guess wrong?”

Seeing that Du Maner had already returned, Fang Jinyu was slightly puzzled.

However, Fang Jinyu quickly confirmed that his predictions were correct.

When Du Maner was passing through a valley, someone suddenly stopped her.

“Senior Brother, what are you all doing?”

Du Maner was still calm and inquired.
She wasn’t panicking and vigilantly looked at the three disciples from Mount Lingyao standing in front of her, who ranked 9 in the Qi Condensation stage.

The three disciples who ranked 9 in the Qi Condensation stage looked at Du Maner playfully and laughed.
One of them said, “Hand over the spirit herbs! We might spare your life if you make the three of us comfortable.
Of course, you can’t stay in the sect anymore.
But don’t worry, we’ll send you out.
Some mortal nobles will be willing to accept you, haha!”

“This spirit herb belongs to a Martial Uncle.
Aren’t you afraid that the Martial Uncle will trouble you?” Du Maner couldn’t remain calm anymore.
After all, she was only 16 years old.
Even if she was cautious, it was inevitable for her to be afraid.

“If you disappear, everyone will think you’ve run away with the spirit herbs.
By then, who would suspect us? After all, you’re only a disciple who ranks 1 in the Qi Condensation stage with five-elemental spiritual roots! The beautiful Du Maner, we’ve all heard of your name.
It’s worth inviting you last time since you voluntarily come to meet me.”

As the three disciples from Mount Lingyao, who ranked 9 in the Qi Condensation stage, spoke, they threw out a spirit tool.

Furthermore, it was a scarce formation spirit tool.

When the three disciples activated it, it formed an array and sealed the place.
Meanwhile, the array hid all the auras.

Du Maner’s face instantly turned pale.
She knew she was doomed.
She didn’t expect the so-called sect gathering to turn out to be a trap!

Unexpectedly, someone spoke, “Not bad! What a great spirit tool! An array-type middle-tier spirit tool!”

The newly constructed array was then physically destroyed from the inside.

Although the spirit tool was good, it depended on the cultivation base of the owner!

The three disciples who ranked 9 in the Qi Condensation stage were considered barely about the same as cultivators who ranked 1 in the Foundation Establishment stage.
However, the difference was like heaven and earth! Not to mention the three disciples despised Du Maner, who ranked 1 in the Qi Condensation stage.
They didn’t even activate one-tenth of the power of the spirit tool!

Thus, Fang Jinyu broke it easily with one attack.

Only then did the disciples, who ranked 9 in the Qi Condensation stage, notice Fang Jinyu.
The three finally started to be afraid when they saw that Fang Jinyu had no intention of concealing his cultivation base.

They thought, “How will a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator be here?”

Meanwhile, Fang Jinyu raised his hand.
An invisible wind power gathered and transformed into three wind blades, severely injuring the three disciples.

Fang Jinyu had held back his strength.

After all, he had to hand them over to the sect, and he couldn’t kill them.

Fang Jinyu was about to confiscate the formation spirit tool and take the three away with his wind harness technique.
However, they heard a roar, “Who’s fighting here?”

Then, a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator descended from the sky.

When the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator saw Fang Jinyu, he immediately asked, “Junior Brother, why did you attack these three juniors?”

Fang Jinyu cupped his fists and pretended to be honest.
He said, “Senior Brother, these three wanted to kill this Martial Niece.
I happened to be here, so I took action and prepared to bring them to meet the sect leader.”

When the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator heard Fang Jinyu’s words, he went furious and said, “I see.
Then leave it to me, Junior Brother.
I’m a disciple from Mount Lingyao, so I should be the one to deal with them.”

“Then, I’ll leave it to you, Fang Jinyu.”

“Thank you so much, Junior Brother.” The Foundation Establishment stage cultivator took two steps forward, looking as if he was going to take the three disciples.
However, just as he approached Fang Jinyu, he suddenly attacked.

However, the situation was different from what he had imagined.
He failed in his attack.

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