95 Senior Brother, Save Me!

Six hours later, Xin Qianqian still had no intention of responding to Fang Jinyu.

That’s right, it was because of what Fang Jinyu had said earlier.

However, Fang Jinyu didn’t care.
His mind was focused on how to capture the thunder-attribute frog in front of him.

Its entire body was as black as ink and covered with thunderbolt patterns.

There was a thunderbolt mark on the top of its head, making it look like a frog version of Harry Potter.

As long as it opened its mouth, a blue-white electric arc would shoot out with a croak.
The incredible thing was that the electric arc could split into thousands of pieces and form a dense electric net.
Once it fell, there was no way to avoid it!

If that was all, then it was still fine.

However, once the electric net fell on a person, the person would be dizzy for a moment.
It wasn’t just his body that was affected.
Even his divine sense was affected.

This innate great divine power had the same power as Ximen Jianyi’s move that day.

Fortunately, the thunder-attribute frog didn’t have a high cultivation base.
It was only equivalent to a cultivator who ranked 9 in the Qi Condensation stage.
Otherwise, Fang Jinyu would have to kill it.

It was because there was no way to capture it alive.

Once the thunder-attribute frog breaks through the Foundation Establishment stage, it will possess 60% of Fang Jinyu’s battle prowess with its innate great divine power.

“What kind of descendant is this thing?”

Fang Jinyu was slightly shocked and thought, “The great divine power of its bloodline is simply ridiculous.
It’s even more unbelievable than my thunderbolt, which allows me to instantly kill cultivators at the same stage as me.”

Afterward, Fang Jinyu also made a decision.

“I’ll injure it first, then think of a way to save it later.”

It’s not a good idea to delay like this!

Fang Jinyu’s mana surged, and purple-gold lightning flickered in his eyes.


With a thunderclap, a bolt of lightning suddenly appeared in the secret realm.
It brought some light to the secret realm and severely injured the previously arrogant thunder-attribute frog.

Although the thunder-attribute frog was comparable to a lightning-attribute Tianling spiritual root, Fang Jinyu’s innate great divine power had almost cost it its life.

It was Fang Jinyu’s mercy.

Otherwise, not even a complete frog corpse would be left behind.
At that time, he could only pick up a frog leg and stir-fry it with chili.

Fang Jinyu stepped forward and gave the almost dying thunder-attribute frog a life-saving elixir.
He then cast a spell and put it in his pocket.

The magic technique was called the “imprisonment technique.”

Even after the thunder-attribute frog had recovered, it couldn’t move and could only stay in Fang Jinyu’s pocket.

“Senior brother, you’ve cultivated your lightning-attribute techniques to such a level? My grandmother said that even cultivators with a lightning-attribute Tianling spiritual root can’t be compared to you at your level.” Xin Qianqian looked over curiously.

Although Xin Qianqian wanted to continue pretending to be angry, she couldn’t help it.

“You’re not angry anymore?” Fang Jinyu glanced at her with a half-smile on his face.

“Hmph!” When Xin Qianqian heard it, she immediately turned her face away and pretended to ignore Fang Jinyu.

But this time, Fang Jinyu pulled her over.

“The secret realm isn’t big, and it was left behind by your grandmother’s fellow sect peers.
However, we should still be careful from now on.
There are two paths in front of us, we…”

“One for each of us.” Xin Qianqian glared at Fang Jinyu.

How dare he say she was small?!

It was simply preposterous!

“Can you do it?” Fang Jinyu was a little suspicious.
Although Xin Qianqian had a “portable grandmother” and should have mastered some techniques from the upper realms, her cultivation base was too low since she was only ranked 5 in the Foundation Establishment stage.

It would have been fine if it were a Nine Desolations native secret realm, it was brought down from the upper realm!

Xin Qianqian quickly said, “Why not? Don’t look down on me, I’m very powerful!”

Women couldn’t admit their weaknesses!

“Alright then.
This spirit tool will make it easier for us to contact each other.” Fang Jinyu took out a pair of conchs.
They were two middle-grade spirit tools.
Since a special item was added during the refining process, not only was it convenient for communication, but it could also send images and real-time videos after refining.

It could be considered the cultivation version of a semi-smartphone.

This kind of spirit tool wasn’t considered precious in the immortal cultivation world, but it was also rare.

It was because the refining technique was complicated.

Many weaponsmiths were unwilling to waste their time and energy on refining such a kind of spirit tool.
After all, the effort to refine this pair of spirit tools was enough to refine several swords of the same grade.

In terms of price, it was only slightly more expensive than middle-grade spirit swords.

Xin Qianqian didn’t reject the conch spirit tool because she could “seduce” the guy in front of her in the middle of the night with it.

She wanted him to be eager for her!

She wanted him to suffer!

“Senior brother, just leave this path to me!”

Afterward, Xin Qianqian raised her little head, placed her hands behind her back, and walked forward with an “arrogant” posture.

Seeing Xin Qianqian’s confident and flamboyant steps, Fang Jinyu didn’t hesitate and chose another path.

Previously, Xin Qianqian had told him about the secret realm and even clearly explained the general picture and treasures in it.
The only unclear thing was what changes had occurred in the secret realm after all these years.

It was because the immortal sect that Xin Qianqian’s grandmother was in would always leave a backup plan for such a secret realm.

In other words, when the cultivator in charge of the secret realm died, it would release some sealed dangerous objects or activate some killing arrays or trap restrictions.

It was called “Do not let one’s fertile water flow into an outsider’s farmland.”

At this moment, Fang Jinyu felt the conch in his hand tremble slightly.
Afterward, he heard Xin Qianqian’s voice, “Senior brother, save me!”

Fang Jinyu was speechless.

Fang Jinyu thought, “Do you know you’re acting in a contradictory way?”

Although Fang Jinyu cursed in his heart, he didn’t hesitate to go to Xin Qianqian.
He immediately activated his skyrocket scripture to rush.
Since the secret realm was rich in spiritual energy, he didn’t have to worry about the backlash of inner energy.

Soon, Fang Jinyu arrived.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu saw a ground full of thunder-attribute frogs!

Fortunately, the one that blocked their way at the entrance was the strongest one, or a beast.
Although these thunder-attribute frogs could spit lightning from their mouths, they didn’t form an electric net to slow down the power of their divine sense and physical body.

Thus, Fang Jinyu released his magical power and used the lightning power to deal with the thunder-attribute frogs.

Of course, Fang Jinyu didn’t kill them all.
He just knocked them out.

Although there was only one mutated beast, there were so many thunder-attribute frogs that it was enough to become the home-guarding spirit beast of an immortal cultivation family.

Moreover, they were lightning-attribute spirit beasts!

Just the fact that these thunder-attribute frogs could spit out lightning from their mouths was enough to make countless cultivators with lightning-attribute spiritual roots use up their savings for it.

Whether it was for their own use or trading, these thunder-attribute frogs wouldn’t make them suffer a loss.

After happily putting away the thunder-attribute frogs, Fang Jinyu saw a certain young girl acting dumb again.

“Senior brother, you can go back.
I can do this!”

Her tone was calm, and her back was facing Fang Jinyu, like an expert in a Wuxia novel.

“Really?” Fang Jinyu shot her a sidelong glance.

Xin Qianqian snorted, “What can a few spirit beast arrays do to me?” She thought, “I have to get back all the reputations I’ve lost!”

“Alright then!”

Fang Jinyu wanted to study the thunder-attribute frogs, and he hadn’t gained anything for today.
He couldn’t waste it.
At least he wanted to avoid increasing his waist strength like yesterday.

Fang Jinyu picked up an unconscious thunder-attribute frog and began to examine it.

After a while, a text box appeared.

[Today is a day of studying the thunder-attribute frog but to no avail.]

[Refined lightning technique +1]

In an instant, Fang Jinyu’s thunderbolt and lifeless thunderstorm techniques’ great divine powers greatly improved.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but smile.

Meanwhile, the conch trembled slightly again.
“Senior brother! Boo-hoo! There are so many thunder-attribute frogs! Aah! It hurts!”

Hearing the croaking of the frogs, Fang Jinyu was speechless.

Was this the lair of the thunder-attribute frogs?

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