97 Even Frogs Plots “Schemes”

The snow was still falling.

As far as one could see, the forest, the path, and the simple wooden buildings and courtyards were almost the same color.

It was completely white.

Only on the mountainside or at the foot of the mountain could one see different colors.
There might be flowers blooming there.
It was because it was the immortal estate of a cultivator.

The top of the mountain was a place for the peak leader or a Core Formation stage cultivator.

One couldn’t see anything in those places.

It was because there was an array formation surrounding it.

Even if one saw something, it was what the array formation wanted him to see.

The cold wind blew from the outside into the Sect Leader’s Hall.
Fang Jinyu, who had long been immune to the cold and heat, did not feel it, but the wide sleeves of the sect leader’s robe fluttered in the wind like the flagpole’s banner.

Or perhaps it was simply because Fang Jinyu was moved.

Fang Jinyu retracted his gaze.
There was a strange look in his eyes.

Fang Jinyu had figured out the reason why he was elected as the new sect leader.
It was because after the original Sect Leader Yan died, the major cultivation families in the Tianling Sect weren’t willing to submit to each other.

Thus, they went to find the Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster together and made him solve the problem.

In the end, the Grandmaster laughed and said, “Since you don’t want the other person to become the sect leader, why don’t you just let the disciple who discovered the devil’s realm take the position? I can see that his cultivation base is already at the late-stage Foundation Establishment, and his contribution is just enough to suppress the objections of many disciples.”

Then, after another round of quarrels, it turned out that the great families all agreed.

It was called… Even if they benefitted a dog, they wouldn’t benefit their rivals.

Fang Jinyu also understood why the Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster had used the opportunity to increase his status.

It was very likely that the Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster wanted to help Fang Jinyu obtain some cultivation resources so that it would be easier for him to break through the Core Formation stage!

It was because after the new sect leader took office, all the families in the sect had to present a generous gift to show that they were willing to follow the sect leader’s orders.

And those gifts… Fang Jinyu had received more than half of them.

Many of them were high-grade spiritual items that he couldn’t collect before.
There was even a family that sent him a superior-grade spiritual item.
It came naturally from the Yan family.

When the news of Fang Jinyu becoming the sect master spread, the Yan family’s juniors were frightened out of their wits.
They then sought out their elders and explained how they had caused trouble for Fang Jinyu.
It resulted in the Yan family’s generous gift.

However, there wasn’t much sincerity.

It was because it was an earth-attribute spiritual item.
Hence, Fang Jinyu gave it to Xin Qianqian.

Xin Qianqian just happened to be compatible with the spiritual item.

Fang Jinyu thought to himself, “There’s still one and a half years left.
I must break through the Core Formation stage this time.
Otherwise, I can only choose to leave the Tianling Sect…”

It was because another cultivation continent was about to crash into them!

By then, the Tianling Sect’s Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster might have mysteriously disappeared.

The Tianling Sect wouldn’t be exterminated when the Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster was absent with its foundation.
It would at most hide from the problems.
However, Fang Jinyu would be in immediate danger.

Without the deterrence of the Grandmaster, the major cultivation families would use the means that they didn’t dare to use in the past.

They would never fight for the sect leader’s position so peacefully again!

Of course, if the Tianling Sect’s Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster didn’t mysteriously disappear as described in the book, Fang Jinyu wouldn’t have to worry about the matter.

Fang Jinyu could still continue to take the position of the sect leader.

At this moment, Fang Jinyu’s expression suddenly changed slightly.
He then put away his sect leader’s attire and threw out a spirit sword from his sleeve, directly carrying him and flying away.

It was time to get off work.

Fang Jinyu didn’t have to worry about his family’s power, and he didn’t have the mood to fight for power with others.
As soon as he took office, he even gave up all the power in his hands.

Fang Jinyu had only been in office for a few days, but the entire Tianling Sect was full of praise for “Sect Leader Fang’s wisdom.”

Although doing so would essentially make Fang Jinyu a figurehead, he would only need to spend a few days in the Sect Leader’s Hall during the winter for a year.

If Fang Jinyu happened to be in closed-door cultivation, he could take leave.

Fang Jinyu returned to Mount Xiaohe.

At this moment, Mount Xiaohe had not only set up a large array formation that covered the entire peak but the Qi Condensation stage disciples who had originally stayed on the peak had been sent to other peaks.

Fang Jinyu had used his authority as the sect leader to do so.

Fang Jinyu’s actions made all Mount Xiaohe’s Qi Condensation stage disciples grateful and praised him, “Sect Leader Fang is kind.”

After all, Mount Xiaohe had the weakest spiritual energy among the 72 peaks of the Tianling Sect.
If it weren’t for the fact that they couldn’t move to another peak before breaking through the Foundation Establishment stage, those disciples would have thought of ways to escape.

Meanwhile, thunder-attribute frogs could be seen everywhere on Mount Xiaohe.

Fang Jinyu had captured all the thunder-attribute frogs in the secret realm, even the weakest ones.

Firstly, the thunder-attribute frogs might have come from the upper realm and contained some lightning power.
Secondly, Fang Jinyu wanted to see whether he could nurture another “King-tier thunder-attribute frog.”

The King-tier was a method that Fang Jinyu had come up with to differentiate the frogs.
Naturally, he was referring to the thunder-attribute frogs with special innate great divine powers that could render Xin Qianqian helpless.

Apart from that, there were Marquis-tier, General-tier, and Soldier-tier.

As for the “Marquis-tier thunder-attribute frog,” Fang Jinyu had received a gain on the lightning technique from the first batch of thunder-attribute frogs he had encountered, which had increased the power of his lightning technique and great divine powers.

When Fang Jinyu returned to the Tianling Sect, they helped him obtain gains on the lightning technique eight times.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu could no longer obtain it.

With Fang Jinyu’s current attainments in lightning technique, he couldn’t understand much either.
It was clear that he had reached the limits of his understanding of the lightning technique of this batch of thunder-attribute frogs from the upper realm.

As soon as Fang Jinyu appeared, the thunder-attribute frogs that were running around the peak scattered as if they had encountered something terrifying.
They were all afraid that they would be too slow.

Even though Fang Jinyu had never killed a single thunder-attribute frog, the power of lightning contained in his inner energy was so strong that many of the thunder-attribute frogs were often electrocuted.

Fang Jinyu didn’t care about the “mediocre frogs” and went straight to the “King-tier thunder-attribute frog.”

As soon as it saw Fang Jinyu, the thunder-attribute frog began to croak.
At the same time, its body flickered with lightning in an attempt to scare Fang Jinyu away.

“It’s been almost a year, but you’re still acting the same.
You’re such an ingrate.”

With that, Fang Jinyu raised his hand.

Suddenly, lightning flashed.

When the lightning died down, the King-tier thunder-attribute frog was already lying on the ground.
White smoke kept coming out of its body as if it were cooked.

However, the thunder-attribute frog was actually fine.
Its life force was still vigorous.

Fang Jinyu had a sense of propriety.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu fed the thunder-attribute frog an elixir and continued to study the method to break through the Core Formation stage.

As soon as Fang Jinyu left, the thunder-attribute frog, which had been lying on the ground, immediately jumped up three feet high and looked around sneakily.
When it saw that Fang Jinyu had indeed left, its two big eyes rolled around, and it ran away happily.

It was because it had obtained another elixir for free!

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