Ch10 – The tenth day of hoarding money to raise the cub

#Strongest Storage (Anatomy)#


The number of people in the live broadcast room soared, and the audience who poured into the live broadcast room were asking what was going on.

[Tough guys digging holes, living person was buried in snow]



[Arlok Glacier live field trip scene, exposing the dangers of nature for you]

[Online live broadcast of bounty hunters looking for people and digging treasures, one hand to deliver, the other hand for payment] 



Lu Liran saw that the answers in the barrage were getting farther and farther away, so he had to open his mouth to take over the topic: “Hi everyone, I am Lu Liran, a wilderness survival anchor and also a bounty hunter.
Now I am under the Arlok Glacier, under a broken ice crevasse, I found the mission target who had been missing for three days, and is currently in a good physical condition.”

[I didn’t expect it was really this anchor! I thought my friend was fooling me!]

[The anchor is amazing, now the entire Desolate Star knows that you have found the precious young master of the Feller Family]


[Punch in the torches]

[Group Tour]

[The visibility under the ice crevasse is so poor, does the anchor have the ability to predict or clairvoyance, how could he know that someone is in this corner?]


[What’s strange with this, the anchor is amazing, so hold back if you don’t accept it] 

[I am an anchor, I am also curious, how did the anchor find out? The picture that the anchor can see through the camera ball is the same as what we see, right?]

Lu Liran glanced at the content on the barrage, they’re mostly curious about how he found the missing target.

Ignoring some devious voices, Lu Liran withdrew from the ice crevasse and said: “There is indeed no difference between the picture I saw and the picture seen in the live broadcast room.
But the amount of valid information I see is more.”

“About five meters below the ice fissure, I noticed an inconspicuous undulation in the right side of the blue ice sheet.
Despite the inconspicuous curvature of the undulation, it is quite eye-catching in a relatively flat cut.” 

“This relatively gentle undulating arc is not like the natural cracking marks of the collision under the movement of glaciers.
It is more likely that the surface ice layer has been melted in a small area due to the high local temperature, such as body temperature, exhaled carbon dioxide, urine, and so on.

Lu Liran said, while the camera ball returned to the range area of the missing target, showing the picture again to all the viewers in the live broadcast room.

The new viewers who just came in saw such an intuitive ice fissure for the first time.
The darkness was like a huge mouth of the abyss, which gives people a trance illusion of weightlessness.

Lu Liran continued: “After noticing this, I focused on observing the area and found a slightly protruding dark corner of the platform on this side.
If it were me, I would also hide in such a place and wait for rescue.” 

[My mother asked me why I put my eyes on the screen, and I said, I was looking for a striking undulating arc]

[The anchor’s definition of “eye-catching” is different from mine]


[I didn’t even see that person…]

[So the anchor can become the anchor, and there is such a wall for us ordinary people (sad.jpg)] 

[Can I start bragging about the anchor now? No one objected, right?]

Lu Liran pulled out the camera ball and flew it back to the sky above Arlok again.

A high-altitude group viewing angle allows all audiences to have the opportunity to see six huge glaciers rising and falling like crouching dragons, which is extremely spectacular.

[Newcomer reports, I have to say that the picture and stability of the live broadcast room of the anchor are very good, and is comparable with the Fu Hao‘s aerial outdoor adventure next door] 

[Tch, is this anchor able to touch porcelain in old Fu’s live broadcast room? The pictures of others are all made of real money.
This anchor looks shabby at first glance, and he doesn’t even have any high-tech things on him.
What flint, knife…excuse me, may I ask, is this about archaeology?]

[Stupid, our brother Lu is not an outdoor tourism blogger, we focus on survival in the wilderness, do you understand survival? What’s so cool about high technology?]

[For laymen, don’t beep, the camera ball can undertake night vision, life detection, high-definition, high-stable, and high-altitude, overlooking these messy functions, is this technology better than the Fu Hao next door?]

[If this camera ball is placed in my store, it will become the treasure of the store, even if you give me a few million star coins, I won’t sell it!] 

[Expert upstairs? Let’s talk about it?]

[This has to be something that is only found on other planets, and the technology of Desolate Star is simply not up to it]

Lu Liran saw that if the people in the live broadcast room continued to talk, they were going to strip him of his background, so he said immediately: “Now that the missing target has been found, my mission has been completed.
What I need to do most now is to find us some food.”

“We haven’t eaten for nearly 12 hours, and our physical strength has been exhausted to the limit.
If we don’t get something to eat, then maybe it’s time for the search and rescue team to come and rescue us.” 

As he said before, the jagged and steep ice valley cliffs are covered with ferns.
Although the taste is not very good, it is something that can temporarily satisfy one’s hunger.

Lu Liran quickly turned back to Ke Ji, and asked Ke Ji: “Can you make a fire?”


Ke Ji naturally wanted to nod, but soon he thought of his identity, he paused his nodding motion, and turned to shake his head half-way: “I’m not very good…but I can learn.”

“The attitude is commendable.” Lu Liran said dryly, pulling the corners of his mouth, but he actually doesn’t have much expectation for Ke Ji to know how to make a fire. 

The exposed branches and twigs in the snow are all natural combustion accelerants.
Lu Liran used a knife to peel off the outermost layer of bark, and then tore off the white and dry wood chips inside layer by layer, and gathered them together.

All the materials were prepared for Ke Ji, he took out the flint and demonstrated how to use it in front of Ke Ji, then stuffed the whole thing into Ke Ji’s hand, and said: “You light the fire here, and I’ll get us something to eat.”

Ke Ji nodded, showing a smile: “You can rest assured and leave it to me.”

Lu Liran looked at him with a complicated expression, and nodded slightly: “Come on, ba.” 

He just wanted to find something for Ke Ji to do during this time, so that the man with nothing to do will not wander around and get into trouble instead.
He does not really expect the other party to make a fire.

Ke Ji didn’t know Lu Liran’s true thoughts, but he was happy that he could finally share some things that would not reveal his identity for him.

Lu Liran quickly came to the cliff.
He raised his head and took a rough look at the place suitable for grip.
At the same time, he said to the audience in the live broadcast room: “Because I don’t have suitable equipment, I can only climb rocks with bare hands.”

“These snowstones look solid, but honestly, they’re the least reliable thing here.” 

As he spoke, he began to climb up and stuck to the stone wall like a gecko.
In a blink of an eye, he had already climbed three or four meters above the ground.

Lu Liran found sparse patches of dark green ferns between the rocks.
He scooped them all up in his hands and stuffed them into the backpack behind his back: “These are what I’m looking for, but it’s obviously not enough for us to replenish our consumption.
I have to keep looking.”

There is a slightly raised rock wall ahead, Lu Liran blindly guessed that beyond that rocky wall, there should be a piece of fern that grows a little better because that end hides from the sun.

He breathed a sigh of relief, and changed his hand to grab a raised snowstone in front of him. 

As soon as he put his hand on it, he sensitively felt the looseness under his palm, his eyes darkened, and continued the unfinished topic before: “Every time you change the point of force, make sure that the other three points of grip must be firmly treaded on and grasp securely, because you can’t be sure whether the next place to grab is solid, such as this rock in my hand.”

“It looks good, but it can’t actually handle the weight at all.” As he said this, he used a little force on his hand and the rock rolled down from the rock wall, and half of Lu Liran’s body dangled in the air for a while, which made people’s hearts skip a beat.

But soon, Lu Liran stepped firmly and continued to climb towards that end, and said while climbing: “If you’re just hanging all your body weight on your arms, and you grab an extremely well-camouflaged rock like I did, then you’re basically declaring goodbye.”

[Oh my god, I was terrified when I saw it, the anchor actually still had the intention to make fun of it] 

[I really want to know if there is any food on the other end, 5555, if not, it would be a waste of time to climb]

[The anchor’s first perspective makes me so nervous, seeking god’s perspective, ah ah ah]


Lu Liran took a few ragged breaths and finally went over the group of raised rocks.

But unfortunately, there are no “abundant” ferns growing there as he imagined. 

Lu Liran let out a breath, he shrugged his shoulders and said lightly: “My luck is not always so good, so it seems that I can only continue to go down.”

He leaned against the rock wall, slanting his body slightly, and slid down a safe distance, and stepped on a solid bump to stop.

He could smell a faint smell of blood in the air.

Lu Liran straightened his body abruptly and carefully discerned. 

“I smell blood in the air.
If I am correct, it should be this one! Maybe it’s the animal carcass left by the snow wolf!”

He said as his mind shivered, his eyes lit up and he ran quickly among a group of undulating rocks.

The camera ball was pulled up into the air, and the audience in the live broadcast room could see Lu Liran’s figure shuttling between the snow and rocks.

From time to time, he propped up the stone pile with his hands and jumped over it, or stepped on the stone surface with his feet and constantly used force to jump over.
His body is as nimble as a jumping sheep that originally lived in the glacier cluster. 

“If you can rob or steal a piece of meat, then all the consumption is worth it!” There was a hint of urgency in Lu Liran’s voice, this was the first time he had shown such obvious excitement in the live broadcast.

[Look, the child is so hungry, it’s the first time I see the anchor’s eyes brighten]

[Brother Lu: That’s meat!]

[Fuck, anchor, this wave of parkour is also very good!—— Parkour Expert gifted the anchor 400x rice grains] 

[I’ve seen the anchors do better parkour, I just smiled and said nothing]

[Laughing, I’m the only one who noticed that the anchor used the words “rob” and “steal”? It’s too miserable]

Lu Liran quickly arrived at the destination.
Among the rocks was a jumping sheep that was almost perfectly preserved.

He slid down, then checked the condition of the jumping sheep, and said to the live broadcast room: “It’s already dead, but I didn’t see any wounds from the beast’s bite.
Obviously, it accidentally fell from the top and broke its own neck.” 

Lu Liran panted, he pulled out the knife and began to simply dispose of the corpse.

“Look here, its eyes are still fresh, which means that it may not have been dead for more than a day.” Lu Liran said, inserting a knife into the jumping sheep’s eye socket, digging out its two eyeballs.



[Fuck! I didn’t expect that I would see R-18 in the live broadcast room] 

[The anchor just praised the freshness of its eyes with his front foot, but he directly plunged in with his back foot…my heart shivered]


“The scene may be bloody, but to be honest, sometimes I have to do this in order to survive.” Lu Liran exhaled, he picked up one of the jumping sheep’s eyes and moved it to the camera ball.

“It is rich in fatty acids and vitamin A.
When you’re surviving in the wild, never let go of goodies like this.” Lu Liran stuffed the two eyeballs into the compartment pocket of his backpack, and muttered casually, “Two eyeballs, just right to share one with Ke Ji.” 

“You don’t want to eat this kind of thing raw, there may be hundreds of face mites in human eyes, not to mention animals.
Always make sure it’s cooked before consuming.” Lu Liran added.

[Ah, there is no need to add an explanation, it is impossible for me to try it in this life TAT]

[Solently put down the bowl in hand]

[That Omega is really miserable] 

[I don’t know if it’s good or bad to be thought of by the anchor…]

After Lu Liran put away those two eyeballs, he began to dissect the rest of the jumping sheep.

After cutting a space between the fur and the skin with a knife, Lu Liran stuffed his whole hand in, followed by his whole arm, and two arms.
Panting heavily, he tore the fur off the jumping sheep with his hands.

[Damn…are all the furs torn with bare hands like this?! It looks so easy?!] 

[No, really not, we have high technology, so be more sober upstairs ah!]

[A whole piece of fur is too heavy for ordinary people to hold, hey! Not to mention how hard it would be to tear it apart with bare hands!]

“It has a good effect of keeping you warm.
Don’t miss it when you pass by.” Lu Liran glanced at the live broadcast room, and saw that the barrage was almost crazily crowding the entire screen.
He coughed lightly and explained.

In just a few minutes, the number of people in the live broadcast room exceeded 100,000, and Lu Liran even received a long-lost system prompt—— 

“The number of people in the first live broadcast exceeded 100,000, accomplished the [Small Trial] achievement, and got rewards: Body repair progress +1% (when the pain strikes, it doesn’t seem so unbearable anymore).”

Lu Liran raised his eyebrows slightly.


Since his body repair progress reached 90%, he hardly received any reward tasks in this regard.

The pain caused by his old disease doesn’t always pop up to refresh its sense of existence—— even though every attack made him feel so painful that felt his bones were crushed and reorganized——however, if it can be repaired little by little to 100%, then, or course, it would be great. 

Now it seems that this reward is closely related to the popularity of the live broadcast.

Lu Liran lowered his eyes slightly, and raised the importance of the live broadcast room again.

“The fat of jumping sheep is a good fuel for combustion, keep it well.”

“The horns of the jumping sheep may be used in the future.
It will make a good trap, save it.” 

“The meat of the jumping sheep, needless to say.”

“The blood of the jumping sheep, ……”

While dismantling it, Lu Liran muttered.
Finally, all the usable parts of the whole jumping sheep were sorted and put into the terminal storage container.

[I, fuck…#Strongest Storage#] 

[Jumping sheep: it feels like this sheep has reached its peak, and not a single penny has been wasted]

The author has something to say:

Brother Lu: Don’t waste it, take everything you can

Sunnyshies: Here we are! Beginning of exotic food! Lu Liran likes to eat the eyes, so expect to see it every time he goes on adventure…This is why I choose the eye emoji in CG discord.
Speaking of which, the author has three “Man vs Wild” novel, my current tled novel, the Ancient Invasion (the apocalypse one), and then the other one is a modern entertainment novel, an ex-soldier died in service, and “transmigrated” in a novel with the same name as him.
Anyway, the author like to put quirks in her characters, the ml in that novel likes to eat bugs…while the mc doesn’t really mind, the mc like to put priority to “good life” in the team. 

I recommend this novel too! “Provoked his ex’s uncle in survival variety show/在求生综艺招惹前任他叔”

I like the author’s “manvswild” novels, its like the author experienced it herself.
Her vivid description makes me feel that I am one with the characters too, running for my life.
MTL readers should check it out, you won’t regret it!!


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