Ch15 – The fifteenth day of hoarding money to raise the cub

“My relationship with you is not so close yet.”


Feller could not eat much and soon rested first.

Lu Liran and Ke Ji continued to guard the fire with the roasted leg of lamb on it.



“So, how did you come up with the idea of doing a live broadcast?” Ke Ji broke the heavy atmosphere and looked at Lu Liran, “Your personality is not like the type that would actively approach a live broadcast.”

“It’s just a means of making a living.” Lu Liran’s scarred face reflected the bonfire, he spoke lightly as he added a few more branches to it. 

Ke Ji nodded slightly when he heard his words, and didn’t ask any more questions.


Lu Liran raised his eyes and opened his mouth to ask: “What about you? The name Ke Ji should not be in the circle of wealthy people in Desolate Star.
You came here from another planet?”

Ke Ji was silent for a while, then said: “My partner and I lost contact.
The latest news about him is that he is on this planet, so I came to find him.”

Lu Liran was a little surprised.
An Omega went to travel across the planet and fell into such a dangerous situation just to find his own Alpha?


He developed some admiration.
He knew how hard it was for an Omega to have lost his Alpha.

“How did you lose contact?” Lu Liran asked.

“Because of the war.” Ke Ji lowered his eyes.


Lu Liran paused, the loss of that war was unimaginable, no one was the ultimate winner. 

He didn’t know how to comfort the Omega in front of him, those steel-blue eyes became dull and lifeless because of this topic.

Lu Liran had no resistance to these eyes, he pursed his lips, and sat closer, then comforted dryly: “Your partner must be a very wonderful person.”

“He’s very powerful.” Ke Ji looked at Lu Liran in surprise.

He thought the topic was over, but he didn’t expect the other party to be inept at finding topics in order to accommodate his emotions. 

He smiled, and didn’t waste Lu Liran’s kindness.
It was unknown what he was thinking of, his eyes were gentle, and he continued: “I originally thought that he would be a little guy spoiled by a good family, but in fact, he is tougher than everyone, and he surprises me time and time again.”

“To be honest, he’s a beautiful-looking guy, and those eyes look like caramel.”

“Before I met him, I often heard people mention him, and they always said that he was the most good-looking one.
Later, when I saw him in the crowd, I realized that those people were not exaggerating at all.”

“Among so many different kinds of people, he can always stand out, and I can always find him at first sight.” 

As Ke Ji said this, he took a deep breath, he could always find the man at first sight, but this time, he could not find him no matter what.

He rubbed his forehead, and after sorting out his emotions, he smiled apologetically at Lu Liran: “I said so much without realizing it, are you tired of listening?”


Lu Liran listened quietly, the sparks from the bonfire fluttered in front of his eyes, he shook his head and said lightly: “No.
But I envy your partner, who is being loved seriously.”

“Because at one point, I thought I had completely lost him, then I realized that those memories of being together were so profound.” Ke Ji exhaled lightly, and said to Lu Liran, “I’m not as good as you said.
Even now, I don’t know if he knows that I love him.” 

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“……then you go for it.” He said dryly. 

Ke Ji nodded: “Thank you.”

“What about you? Do you have someone you like?” Ke Ji asked.

Lu Liran squinted at him: “We’re not close enough to tell you that.”

Ke Ji: ? Why did you suddenly turn your face away? 

“……I told you everything.”

“Did I force you to say it?” Lu Liran asked back.

Ke Ji:“……”

What an unpredictable Alpha, ah. Ke Ji thought with a good temper. 

The two shared the last of the roasted leg of the lamb and returned to the cave to rest.

The entrance of the cave is covered with stones and hard snow masses that can be seen everywhere, preventing the invasion of wind and snow.

The furs of the two jumping sheep were draped over his body like thick blankets, which immediately warmed him up a lot.

Feller doesn’t dislike the strong smell of blood and mutton in the fur anymore.
Wrapped in the blanket, he let out a sigh of comfort: “It was like I was lying on the same Bonilla lambswool blanket I had in my bedroom.” 

With an annual production of less than a hundred kilograms, Bonilla lambs are known as “soft gold”, even more precious than gold.

The corner of Lu Liran’s mouth twitched, the luxury of the rich.


The night passed, there was no wind or snow outside, and it was surprisingly calm.

Several people moved away the snow stone blocking the cave, and the sky outside was extremely clear. 

Feller took a deep breath, and the cold air poured in, which made him tremble and wake up a lot.

He looked at Lu Liran and Ke Ji: “Today is good weather, ah.”

“I hope.” Lu Liran said noncommittally, “The weather on the glacier changes anytime and anywhere.
A moment of good weather means nothing.”

Feller blinked: “Are you a pessimist?” 

Lu Liran looked at him with a smile yet not like a smile: “If I were a pessimist, you would be crushed under that crevasse by now.”

Feller stuck out his tongue.

Lu Liran opened the live broadcast room and released the camera ball.

The number of followers in the live broadcast room has risen to more than 3,000.
The first time the live broadcast room opened, three or four hundred people flooded in. 

[Morning, Brother Lu, ah!]

[It’s on! It’s on! I’m going to inform my buddies!]

[Wow, Arlok is so beautiful today ah! Brother Lu, are you resting well?]

Lu Liran glanced at the real-time number of people in the live broadcast room, it was much more than he expected, and he said: “Hello everyone, I’m Lu Liran, a wilderness survival anchor and also a bounty hunter.
We were lucky enough to find a cave last night in Arlok, nearly 3,000 meters above sea level, and spent the night there.” 

“Now we set off again.
Since we are still out of contact with the rescue base camp, we have to take self-rescue to leave the Arlok Glacier.”

“Our goal is the Barents Sea, south of Arlok, which is the ocean that carries 80 percent of the shipping volume of the entire Desolate Star, where we have the best chance of being rescued and returning to the civilized world.”

He briefly mentioned the summary of the previous situation, and the two “oil bottles” behind him quietly followed Lu Liran, walking forward step by step.

After they walked a certain distance, just like what Lu Liran said earlier, the sunny day was gone in the blink of an eye. 

The strong wind was mixed with big snowdrops, and they slammed down on their heads with a crackling sound, causing everyone to squint their eyes, unable to stand upright and hurry on the road in such an environment.

Lu Liran pulled up his quick-drying collar to cover most of his face, and said loudly: “The wind and snow are too heavy, let’s take shelter there!”


Looking in the direction of Lu Liran’s finger, Ke Ji saw a leeward hillside.
He nodded, then picked up Feller, who was at the end with one hand, and quickly followed.

The three of them hid in the leeward place, and the bitter wind blew so hard that they couldn’t hear anything clearly.
Lu Liran panted, and gestured to Ke Ji, indicating that he would leave in ten minutes. 

Lu Liran lowered the camera ball in front of himself, as he panted, he said: “This is Arlok.
It is as beautiful as a sacred princess when it is quiet, but once irritable, it is enough for most people to feel uncomfortable.”

[One second, it’s like a glacier scenery in a tourism promotional film, the next second, it’s like a disaster movie]

[Thank you, Brother Lu, for successfully pulling the weeds.
I don’t want to travel to Arlok anymore in this life]

[Brother Lu teaches that if you don’t play hard, you won’t die] 

Ten minutes passed, and the gust of wind had no intention of weakening and calming down, even so, Lu Liran had no choice but to get up and set off.

“An experienced Arlok bounty hunter once told me that if you don’t like the weather at the moment, just wait a few minutes, it will get worse.” Lu Liran said, giving a helpless smile, “I think this is what he was talking about.”

“If this gust of wind can’t calm down in a short time, then it will definitely accompany us for a long time.” Lu Liran shouted at Ke Ji and Feller, “Follow me!”

Feller reluctantly nodded, and shrank behind Ke Ji, trembling like a newborn quail. 

They didn’t walk for too long, and a river about six meters wide appeared in front of them.

The gust of wind on the Arlok Glacier reached a terrifying speed of 80 kilometers per hour.
Under the gust of wind, the vast glacier was blown and splashed with countless water splashes, and now it looks like a steaming boiling river.

Such a completely opposite and bizarre landscape exists only in Arlok, but Lu Liran is not in the mood to enjoy such a spectacle.

If he was the only one, he would risk crossing the glacier, but now there are two fragile Omega behind him.
Leaving aside Ke Ji, Feller alone is impossible to cross the glacier. 

They had to take a detour.

Just as Lu Liran was on his way to lead the people around the glacier, a group of acquaintances coincidentally came from the other side of them as well.

The two teams meet and collide.

Lu Liran recognized An Ke, the team leader.
He raised his eyebrows, and greeted him briefly. 

Yuan Ding felt uncomfortable when he saw Lu Liran, and slipped away when he greeted An Ke.

His two brothers congratulated Lu Liran for successfully finding the search and rescue target, but they didn’t have much to say.


An Ke looked at the two Omega behind Lu Liran, and frowned slightly: “Who’s the other one?”

“He’s also in trouble.” Lu Liran said. 

“Will it be too much trouble to bring two Omega?” An Ke looked at Lu Liran worriedly.

He knew how difficult it was to survive here, even for the few of them, they already felt somewhat overwhelmed.

Lu Liran waved his hand and declined An Ke’s kindness.
He saved the person, since he promised Ke Ji that he would send him out safely, there is no reason to throw him to An Ke halfway.

Besides, he didn’t feel troubled. 

“Can you guys get in touch with the base camp?” Lu Liran asked An Ke.

An Ke shook his head: “We’ve lost contact for nearly a day, so we’re planning to head south towards the ocean, where we might be able to successfully return to the mainland.”

He looked at Lu Liran again: “It seems that you have the same plan?”

Lu Liran responded, but he didn’t really want to travel with so many people because of the hassle. 

[Hey! Are they acquaintances?]

[Are they the team members that Brother Lu mentioned at the beginning? That is, the ones who dragged Brother Lu’s leg?]

[Fuck, they seems to be close, hahahaha.
Contact the base camp or something, its really them!]

[Let me see how useless are they 23333] 

Just when Lu Liran was about to find an excuse to part ways, Yuan Ding suddenly shouted loudly not far away: “There is a situation here!”

The author has something to say:

Brother Lu’s confusing quotes: Tsk, fragile Omega


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