Ch5 – The fifth day of hoarding money to raise the cub

“Hi everyone, I am a wilderness survival expert and a bounty hunter.”


Lu Liran’s first impression of Ke Ji was by no means good.

First of all, this person doesn’t like their commander, and shares the same hatred with those bounty hunters.



Secondly, this is a flabby second-generation dude, who thinks that money can solve everything.

But even so, Lu Liran still subconsciously noticed the other party’s eyes. 

The color of his pupils is a very beautiful and transparent steel-blue, just like the pupil color of his little boy.


Lu Liran seldom saw a person with such an eye color, so he couldn’t help but take a second look, and had to agree that this is a very good-looking Omega, with a pair of slightly narrow eyes and long eyelashes, which does not look aggressive at all.

——The exact opposite of him.

Ke Ji noticed Lu Liran’s gauging, although he was already very cautious, he still didn’t escape his perception.
His eyes darkened, did he notice his disguised Omega identity?


Immediately, Ke Ji raised his signature “naive, foolish and sweet” smile.
A smile on that beautiful face makes it impossible to lose their temper: “What’s your name? I’m Ke Ji, Ji as in thistles and thorns.”

Lu Liran felt as if he saw a flash of sharpness in the other party’s eyes, but it was soon shattered by the smile on the other party’s face, which made him suspect that it was just his pupils’ subconscious reaction to the snow light.

He paused, Ke Ji? And it actually has the same pronunciation as the commander?


There was a hint of displeasure in Lu Liran’s eyes.
It’s so ridiculous and ironic that the First Commander of the Federation actually has the same name as this dandy rich second-generation, and he is also a rich second-generation who has no gratitude to the heroes who quelled the war and won it. 

Lu-the only commander fan- Liran snorted coldly.
He didn’t pay attention to the other party’s friendly gestures at all.

The other bounty hunters also came to their senses at this moment, rushing up again, intending to teach this Alpha in front of them a lesson for daring to provoke them all alone.

“Everyone, this is a search and rescue expert invited by our association.” A strong voice came from behind Lu Liran.

Lu Liran turned around and saw a middle-aged man in uniform striding towards them. 

“Regardless of what else you want to talk about, I will borrow him first.” The other party pressed Lu Liran’s shoulder and said in a deep voice without leaving any room for doubt.

The hunters who were gradually surrounding Lu Liran heard the voice and noticed the uniform on the other side.
They were stunned: “The Bounty Hunter Association?”

“How come the association is all coming out? Aren’t those people all recruiting elites for the federal army? This time, is it for that search and rescue mission?”

“What? This Alpha is an expert invited by the association?! Just him?” 

“It’s a good thing we didn’t fight with him.
How can we fight with someone personally invited by the association!”



Ke Ji looked thoughtfully at the back of the man who was taken away by the association.
Compared with the figure of the alpha of the association next to him, the alpha, who provoked all the hunters, looked thinner.

During the war, the Bounty Hunters Association has been providing backup supplements to Ke Ji’s mobile force. 

Ke Ji squinted his eyes, and could not help but give birth to some exploration.

“Hey Ke Ji, why are you staring at that Alpha? Could it be that you fell in love with that guy?” A bounty hunter asked in a bad tone.

“He’s ugly and thin, he doesn’t look as good as a beta.
I really don’t know where he got the attention of the association.” The people next to him echoed.

A look of sternness flashed across Ke Ji’s eyes, and he said slowly: “As far as I know, the association doesn’t look at appearances, maybe you’ll know the reason after a fight.” 

Several bounty hunters snorted coldly, and one of them looked at Ke Ji, displeased, just a rich second generation, how dare he mock them in their territory? Really just an ignorant rich man.

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He nodded, and transferred the star coins directly without any precautions.

“Then get on the ship.” The other party received the transfer and grinned.

About ten minutes after Ke Ji boarded the ship, the hunter suddenly opened the hatch of the airship.
Outside, the hunting wind wrapped in big snowdrops and blew straight into the airship.

The man grabbed Ke Ji and dragged him to the cabin door, Ke Ji glanced outside the cabin, they didn’t fly far from the camp at all. 

He cooperated by showing a face of panic and fluttered his useless fists and legs twice: “What are you going to do?”

“Perhaps all rich Omega like outdoor adventures? Let that Alpha whom you fancy save you.
Goodbye, ha!” The man laughed so hard that he grabbed Ke Ji by the collar and threw him off the airship.

“Haha, well done.
Quickly see if the Omega is falling into the snow and crying for his daddy and yelling for his mommy.” The others on the airship clapped their hands and laughed, raising their voices.

Someone looked out the cabin window, but saw nothing. 

It was as if that Omega just disappeared.

“Strange…” The hunters murmured, puzzled.


On the other side, Lu Liran and the people from the association came to the assembly point. 

His face was gloomy, and the pheromones on his body were rushing uncontrollably.
The other Alphas in the team couldn’t help but frown and began to discuss in a low voice.

Lu?” A familiar voice broke into Lu Liran’s ears.

Lu Liran looked up and saw that An Ke was also in the team.

The tall and burly captain waved at him, showing a little surprise, “You’re here too?” 

“The commission is good.” Lu Liran said concisely.

An Ke laughed: “Indeed.”

“Okay, all members of our search team are here.” The middle-aged man belonging to the association said, “Your task is to find the target as soon as possible and rescue the target from danger.”

“There are ten people in total, should we split into two groups?” One person in the team objected, “It is more efficient to act separately, and the probability of finding the target is higher.
And a group of five people is more convenient to look after each other.” 

In particular, I think the team members need to bond with each other, or find people who know each other well or fit in.” The other person agreed, and at the same time glanced at Lu Liran’s direction, and frowned.

The middle-aged man nodded slightly when he heard the words: “Then let’s group ourselves.
Complete it within a minute.”

Soon, the Alpha who made the suggestion had already thought about his team members, and he quickly recruited four team members.

The remaining five people, including An Ke and Lu Liran, formed a group of their own. 

“Set off.”

From the mountainside camp, the group officially entered the Arlok Glacier cluster.

“My name is Yuan Ding, and these two are Yuan Long and Yuan Xiao.
We are brothers, and we are the top three graduates of the Desolate Star Special Skills Training Camp.” A young Alpha who was in the same group as Lu Liran spoke, his eyes full of youthful complacency and pride.

The other two are Beta, they seem to be much more humble than Yuan Ding, and they talk much less. 

Yuan Ding asked An Ke again: “What about you?”

“I’m a retired Special Service soldier.” An Ke said with a smile.


Yuan Ding glanced at An Ke with some admiration, and said: “The retired Special Service soldiers is very powerful, but it’s a pity that the war is over now, otherwise, I also want to rush up too, and I will definitely be able to get the title of private first class or lieutenant.

An Ke still had a good-tempered smile and said nothing. 

Lu Liran’s eyelids moved, and he gave Yuan Ding a cold look: “A pity?”

“There is no stage for me to display my strength.” Yuan Ding laughed.

“Treat war as a stage for self-expression.
A soldier like you will be carried down sideways in the first round.” Lu Liran sneered.

Yuan Ding’s complexion became extremely ugly.
He has always been a top student in the special training camp, and the instructors all believed that he would be an indispensable and excellent combat force on the battlefield.
He had never been ridiculed like this before. 

His face sank, and he looked at Lu Liran, their pheromones opposing each other with equal harshness: “You said it as if you were on the battlefield.
An Ke, have you met him? I saw you two chatting just now, are you an acquaintance?”

An Ke paused, the interstellar war was so vast, he was only in the second half of the battlefield, and it could even be regarded as a relatively safe place.
Whether it’s Special Service soldiers of the same type as him, or the vanguard, or even the soldiers of the more dangerous mobile unit, the number is tens of thousands, how could he recognize them all?

The corner of his mouth twitched helplessly.
The young man thought of war as a child’s play.

He just wanted to answer, but Yuan Ding took An Ke’s silence as a denial and sneered: “What is your background? I didn’t see you on the commendation list of the special training camp.
After all, you look so…special.
If I had met you, I would have been impressed.” 

Lu Liran snorted, and walked away from the other party, too lazy to answer.

Seeing this, Yuan Ding defiantly opened his light brain to search up the background of the people in this search party.

All of them had rich backgrounds, and when he found Lu Liran, there were only four simple words in the background column—— “Bounty Hunter“.

Yuan Ding “pft”, laughing loudly: “I thought he was so powerful, he’s just a bounty hunter?!” 

An Ke frowned in displeasure, and stopped Yuan Ding: “We are in the same team, don’t provoke trouble.”

“Did I start the trouble?!” Yuan Ding raised his voice and pointed at Lu Liran, who had already walked out some distance alone, “It was clearly him!”

An Ke looked at the two men with a real headache, and strode up to Lu Liran again: “Mr.
Lu, forget it, don’t get angry with the children.
Here we must work as a team to successfully complete the task, otherwise, it’s possible to get lost among the glaciers if you act alone.”

“Ha! That’s right! Looking at his appearance, he might be blown away by the wind of the giant glacier! It’s guaranteed that he will also ask us for help, you’re just going to drag our feet, so why don’t you hurry back? Apologize and I’ll forgive you.” Yuan Ding raised his chin proudly. 

Yuan Long and Yuan Xiao beside him grabbed Yuan Ding’s arm and motioned him not to be merciless.

Lu Liran sneered, and glanced at An Ke lightly: “I don’t like to accommodate and I also don’t like to split commissions with others.”


He strode away without looking back, and at the same time warned An Ke: “Don’t follow.”

An Ke paused, and finally had no choice but to go back to the team. 

“Ha, he’s gone? That’s fine, anyway, he’s useless anyway, a mere bounty hunter, does he know how to survive in the glaciers?” Yuan Ding snorted.

An Ke frowned at him, and asked coldly: “What about you? Have you ever truly survived in such a wilderness?”

Yuan Ding was choked up by the question.
They had this kind of ecological simulation in the training camp, but the simulation also meant artificial props, which was completely different from such a purely wilderness situation.

Yuan Ding was not happy to be underestimated, and looked at An Ke with an irritated look: “Since you admire that guy more, go and join him, ah! 

“Because I know that his insistence on acting alone also means that he has this ability, you don’t need to gesticulate while talking.”

An Ke lowered his eyes, took a step forward, and warned in a low voice: “As for you, three kids who just graduated from special training camp, I just don’t want to see you play yourselves into the tongue of ice and freeze into three ice sculptures out of military duty.”

Yuan Ding was shocked by An Ke’s appearance of suppressing his anger and was speechless for a while.

Once the good-natured old man gets angry, a strong contrast always achieves good results.
This theory was well confirmed in the team. 

After Lu Liran separated from those people as he wished, he turned on the live broadcast.

The interstellar live broadcast platform usually distributes a camera ball to the anchor for free.
The clarity is basically standard definition, and only the most basic live streaming is supported.

However, for live broadcast content which has very high requirements in the wild, such as Lu Liran’s, such a camera ball is not enough for viewing.

Fortunately, the panel system has its own high-tech products—— Strong focus, extreme temperature resistance, dynamic ultra-sensitive capture, day and night mode three hundred and sixty degrees of intelligent sensing, etc.
The value of such a camera ball is probably even higher than Lu Liran’s commission this time.

The small golden camera ball rose into the air, and the live broadcast room opened.

Lu Liran took a title for his live broadcast room: [Wilderness Survival: The Giant at thirty degrees below zero.
The Arlok Glacier Cluster under the extreme cold]

A small clear transparent module appeared in his field of vision, which is the real-time situation in the live broadcast room, and the barrage comments will appear on it simultaneously.
At the same time, a brand new live broadcast room appeared in the wilderness classification of the interstellar live broadcast platform. 

It was daytime right now, contrary to the peak time of the live broadcast, the popularity of the entire live broadcast platform tended to be low.

The wilderness classification itself has few anchors, and there are not many live broadcast rooms to watch.
After Lu Liran started the live broadcast, a few minutes later, a few sparse and poor visitors were added.


[I came to see who’s bragging, how dare you say you’re doing wilderness survival in Arlok???]

[I’m afraid it’s just another rich second generation who drive an airship for sightseeing] 

[6666’s picture quality and clarity are comparable to the rich second generation next door, like!]

[Hey, is this the anchor’s figure from behind? He looks so weak…]

[Fuck, it’s actually in the Arlok Glacier Cluster! Still on foot? For the guts of the anchor 666 brush a wave]

Lu Liran noticed that there were already audiences in his live broadcast room. 

He paused, remembering the temporary remedial anchor “speech” before, he opened his mouth and slowly speak:

“Hello everyone, I’m a wilderness survival expert and a bounty hunter.
Right now, I’m on the mountainside of the Arlok Glacier.
I’ll show everyone how to survive in harsh conditions with only a hunting knife, a water bottle, a flint and a bundle of rope, and also try to search and rescue a lost tourist.”

[The anchor is so crazy hahahaha, just relying on this thing to survive in Arlok?]

[The glacier giant said; ignorant human beings, how dare they underestimate me!] 

[Come on, young master, you can do it, young master]

[As soon as I entered the live room, the anchor will show you a face, I want to see how powerful this anchor is]

[Why is it just the anchor’s back ah, what about the front?]

Lu Liran noticed that there was a comment in Jin Fei’s tone in the barrage.
He smiled slightly, his Zai-Zai is watching him. 

The author has something to say:

The child, Lu Ziqian: Zai-Zai wants to see papa~

Jin Fei: (working hard to learn the anti-black skill in the fan circle)

Sunnyshies: Whenever that camera ball was mentioned, my mind would think of the golden snitch… 


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