Ch7 – The seventh day of hoarding money to raise the cub

[The powerful anchor said: I’m tired]


Lu Liran ran to the leeward slope of the snow mountain in a blink of an eye, but he was not alone there.

Not far from the leeward slope, a figure wearing a bright yellow jacket stands out in the snow, and obviously, that figure also noticed Lu Liran, and quickly approached here.



“What a coincidence ah, we meet again.” Ke Ji was a little surprised to see Lu Liran, but soon, he put on a harmless innocent smile.

Lu Liran frowned, he glanced at the sky and hurriedly asked: “Why are you here?” 

He traveled fast, and he had already penetrated a certain distance into the glacier cluster, so there was no reason for Ke Ji to appear here.


Ke Ji sighed, showing a troubled look, and wrinkled his face: “Those hunters cheated me of money, abducted me into the airship, and then threw me into the snow mountain.”

His terminal vibrated twice at the same time, and the chief of staff sent a text message, informing him that due to climate reasons, there is currently no other way to pick him up from the snow mountain, so it’s recommended to find a local to take him with him.

Lu Liran frowned unconsciously when he heard his words.
Throwing an Omega, who doesn’t have any abilities to survive into the Arlok Glacier cluster, was tantamount to murder.


“……okay, you follow me and follow my instructions.” Lu Liran’s face did not look too good.

The blizzard was coming soon, he couldn’t let Ke Ji run around outside alone and finally freeze to death.

Ke Ji bent his eyes and nodded with a smile.
He noticed the golden camera ball flying in mid-air and asked: “Are you filming?”


“Live streaming.” 

“Oh…” Ke Ji touched his face.

Only a few close friends know what he looks like.
To the outside world, he has always been in an intimidating image of a mecha.

Even if he’s captured on camera, it’s not a big problem.

Thinking about it this way, Ke Ji felt that his vest was very secure, and became even more unrestrained. 

He raised a smile: “By the way, what’s your name? My name is Ke Ji, Ji as in thistles and thorns.
I introduced myself before, but you didn’t answer me.”

Lu Liran really didn’t want to deal with this nonsense and noisy Omega in front of him, but thinking that his Zai-Zai was watching, he pursed his lips and replied patiently: “Lu Liran.”

Ke Ji obviously paused, Lu Liran? Coincidentally, he also has the same name, but the one in front of him is clearly an Alpha. He was even spreading his pheromones around, wanting to let everyone know that this is a guy who is not easy to mess with.

He lowered his eyes, remembering that the first time he heard this name, Bronte exaggeratedly shouted: “The billionaire’s favorite youngest son is actually your diehard fan! I really don’t understand, what did he like about you?” 

Later, he subconsciously paid attention to him a few times, and found that the other party was very agile, even among the group of experienced veterans, he did not lose the slightest advantage.
Not long after, he was promoted to the first mobile team directly under him.

“If you don’t want to freeze to death, right now, do what I did and empty all the snow out of here.” Lu Liran found that Ke Ji was actually distracted, his face darkened, and he ordered bluntly.


[Pfft, this alpha didn’t even love the fragrant jade, wouldn’t you be gentle when facing such an Omega? You actually wanted the person to do it himself]

[You still have time to love the fragrant jade at this time, oh terrible]

[Is this an unexpected circumstance? Who is this person?] 

[Surname Ke? This surname is rare, it has the same pronunciation and surname as the Commander]

[I did a search, Ke Ji, he is truly a super rich second generation, the kind of having wealth equivalent to that of an entire nation]

[Look at this picture, soft waist, long legs, those mermaid lines, really good-looking, and rich! National dream O lover!]

[Ha, I look at the introduction, it said that his family has had ten servants to serve him since childhood.
He even needed help from others just putting on clothes, what can he really do] 

[So good-looking and so rich, it doesn’t matter, its salted fish for life ah, so he doesn’t need to do anything]

[If it is not the advance arrangement of the plot and actors…then the anchor’s live broadcast accident this time is a bit tragic hahahaha]

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[…young master, fighting!]

Ke Ji came back to his senses and found that Lu Liran was digging a snow pit.
A canteen was used as a tool for shoveling snow.

He almost immediately realized what Lu Liran was going to do: “You want to make an igloo?” 

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Bf Al gfjilhfv atja atlr kjr rbwfktja YYJ bo tlr bkc ygjlcifrr vevf qfgrbcj, tf mbeutfv ilutais jcv fzqijlcfv gfwfvljiis: “Yt ws rfgnjca erfv ab…”

“As you can see, it’s more convenient to dig a hole in the slope than the flat ground, and the location of the leeward slope can minimize us being buried alive when the snowstorm comes.” Lu Liran didn’t want to hear Ke Ji’s “experience”, so he interrupted Ke Jie’s words and continued his live broadcast. 

Seeing this, Ke Ji closed his mouth, apparently his partner is a person who does not like to break the casserole and get the bottom of things.
It just so happened that he didn’t want to tell more lies to prevaricate, so he knelt on the snowy slope and quickly dug a hole with Lu Liran.

He knew very well that a blizzard was coming, and they had to dig out a snow cave at least three times their size.

Lu Liran used a canteen as a snow shovel, and continued: “When surviving in the wild, you must make good use of whatever you have at hand, and use them as tools as much as possible.
Even if it is not so suitable, it can greatly save your time.”

“And in the wild, timing is an opportunity to survive.” 

He didn’t say anything more, the camera ball rose into the air, and took pictures of the blizzard clouds that were close at hand.
The thick and gloomy dark clouds covered everything, as if hanging over their heads.

[Fix your mindset! The clouds are coming down on us!]

[Anchor, hurry up, hurry up!]

[It’s almost done, it’s enough to drill in!] 

Lu Liran took the time to glance at the real-time temperature on the outdoor watch, then continued digging hard, and hurriedly said: “The temperature outside is minus 12 degrees, and I still have time.
The size of the shelter must be at least three times the volume of the space, otherwise it’s easy to suffocate and lack oxygen when hiding inside.”

The size of his place is almost enough to hide him alone, but there is still Ke Ji, he doesn’t expect an Omega to dig out any decent snow cave, so he has to estimate the time it will take for the other party to dig the cave.

As Lu Liran spoke, he looked towards Ke Ji, but he didn’t expect that Ke Ji had already dug out a very decent size, and it was right next to him.

“…much faster than I imagined.” Lu Liran paused, looked up at Ke Ji, showing a little doubt and scrutiny.
Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that Ke Ji had been digging a hole, but he never thought that the other party’s progress could keep up with him. 

Ke Ji smiled and said: “Didn’t you say that you have to use the tools in hand? I just thought that the brim of my hat can be removed and used as a shovel, which is much faster.
You’re awesome.”

Lu Liran: “……” He was praised so strangely that he felt that it had nothing to do with him.

Ke Ji looked at his own snow cave, and then at the one dug out by the Alpha in front of him, it seemed that his performance was a bit too good.

Hence, he was full of uneasiness, and those pair of steel-blue eyes, exactly the same as Lu Liran’s little boy, looked at Lu Liran with a hint of plea: “That, can I get through with you? I’m a little scared.” 

“…all right.” Lu Liran pursed his lips, since they’re both Omega anyway, there is no need to avoid suspicion when giving or receiving intimacy.

Ke Ji: They are both Alpha anyway, let’s be generous.


Lu Liran dug through the barrier between the two snow pits and chiseled down a few more times in that area.
A horizontal groove was chiseled, and he explained to the love broadcast room: “The purpose of doing this is to give the cold air a place to go.”

“We all know that cold air will sink.
If you don’t want it to surround you at 360 degrees, then better learn from me and make one of these things.” Lu Liran said. 

At the same time, he dug a section of space on the side of the snow cave, leaving a section with a length of about 1.6 or 7 meters, which looks like…a bed.

“Pay attention to the distance from the snow layer above, lest the heat from your breathing will melt the snow above, and the feeling of icy water dripping into your neck is like a nightmare.” Lu Liran then guided Ke Ji.
Since Ke Ji showed good hands-on ability, he was not interested in doing these jobs for the other party.

It took the two of them nearly half an hour to barely fix the bed for themselves.

“The blizzard has come, and the temperature outside is almost minus twenty-two degrees.
Now we have one last project, which is to block the entrance of the cave.” 

“In the snow dug out before, there are clusters of very hard snow and ice.
I put them aside, and now I can use them to build a temporary door.”

Lu Liran took advantage of those snowballs that were as hard as rocks, and piled them up from the outside of the cave.
The cave itself is not big, but the interior has been dug deeper and wider, so it is convenient to build a temporary door.

The camera ball also flew into the snow cave from the outside, circled around, and showed the final result of the shelter to the audience in the live broadcast room.

[Fuck, did you really create an igloo?!] 

[There is a door and a bed!!]

[It’s actually a standard room??]

[Deluxe!!——ImmortalBird gifted the anchor 200x rice grains]

“One more thing, remember to leave a palm size hole, and poke it out from time to time, in case you don’t know how deep you’re buried.” Lu Liran wrapped his coat tightly, and after making gestures twice, he then got into the ice bed had carved out earlier. 

He looked at the temperature display on the watch, then rubbed his hands and said: “It’s showing minus eighteen degrees here right now, which is cold enough, but I guarantee that it is at least 10 degrees warmer than outside.”

[Holy shit, I went to check the real-time temperature in the anchor’s area, the temperature there is at least -34 degrees! Anyone who is outside will be frozen into an ice sculpture!]

[The anchor is awesome ah! It’s all about the details!——Don’t Panic Duck gifted the anchor 1x sukiyaki pot]

[Fuck! What about the guy who said he was going to smash Buddha Jumping over the Wall to the anchor?! Don’t be a coward!] 

[I am convinced! The anchor is something! I said it and will send it!——Saltedfish YuYu gifted the anchor 1x Buddha Jumping over the Wall]

The huge special effects of Buddha jumping over the wall covered the entire live broadcast room in an instant.
There was a rain of red envelopes in the live broadcast room, and all viewers could grab red envelopes to get rice grains.


At the same time, a prompt popped up on the homepage of the live broadcast platform——

[Audience Saltedfish YuYu gifted the anchor 1x Buddha Jumps Over the Wall.
Everyone quickly entered the anchor live broadcast room to grab red envelopes!] 

This can be regarded as an incentive method for the live broadcast platform.
After fans send Buddha Jumping over the Wall to their favorite anchors, it’s the equivalent of giving the anchor a brief all-channel push to a small TV.
All viewers who are online during this time period will receive such a reminder, the share of red envelope rain is limited, and everyone will click in to try their luck.

In just one minute, Lu Liran’s live broadcast room instantly added hundreds of viewers.

“Thank you, Immortal Bird for the rice grains, Don’t panic Duck for sukiyaki pot, and Saltedfish YuYu for Buddha jumping over the wall.
It costs money.
“Lu Liran raised his eyebrows slightly.

There were a bunch of new viewers in the barrage in the live broadcast room, wondering what this was about. 

——The live broadcast interface has changed to a green night mode, and only half of Lu Liran’s face can be seen outside, curled up in a small space.

“Hello new viewers, I am a wilderness survival expert and a bounty hunter.
My goal is to find the missing tourist here and survive successfully.”

Lu Liran’s voice was low, but his tone was very clear and pleasant.

He briefly explained the current situation to the newcomers: “Right now I’m on the Arlok Glacier, sheltering from a sudden snowstorm.
I dug a temporary shelter for this, and hiding in it should get me through the night.” 

[???? What’s that??? What is the anchor talking about??]

[Your big talk is going to be blown to the sky! Huddled in a corner where I don’t know where, dare to say that you’re in Arlok?? And also the shelter, that part of Arlok is just a lump of wool, how could there be a shelter! Liar!]

[The newcomer should not be so hostile, please! The anchor is in Arlok, we all saw it with our own eyes!]

[That is, we saw the igloo dug by the anchor with our own eyes, it is awesome, if you are not convinced, get out——koko gifted the anchor 5x sushi] 

[Everyone, please be kind, follow and pay attention to the young master’s live broadcast room~ There will be a reminder as soon as the broadcast starts~ so that you won’t miss the exciting scenes!]

[Boss, don’t be affected by the new barrage! ——Rou-Rou’s little sweetie gifted the anchor 600x rice grains]

Lu Liran smiled, of course the noise in the barrage would not affect him.

Jin Fei’s message reminded him.
He took a look at the number of followers in his live broadcast room.
There were already 206 followers.
The number of viewers was 1888.
The conversion rate of followers was not bad. 

He said: “Thank you for the gifts, this is my first night at Arlok Glacier, today’s live broadcast is almost done.
You can follow the live broadcast, the start time may be in a few hours.
I will try to rest for a while.
I hope that the snowstorm will be over by the time the broadcast starts.”

After he finished speaking, the camera ball automatically closed and was put back into his pocket.


Although Lu Liran’s live broadcast has ended, the live broadcast room is still open, and there are still many people staying inside.

[WTF, gone right after I came in??] 

[What did I miss…how did Buddha Jump Over the Wall come about? Because the anchor looks good? Xiao jiejie? Xiao gege?]

[The anchor dug an igloo shelter with bare hands in the blizzard of the Arlok Glacier]

[Ha? The hell with it!]

[The powerful anchor said: I’m tired] 

[If you don’t believe me, just wait! Anyway, the anchor will still start broadcasting! He will come out of the igloo anyway, just watch!]

[Wait, wait, huh!]

After Lu Liran turned off the live broadcast, he curled himself into a ball and huddled on his humble ice bed.

Ke Ji was lying on the opposite side of him, and he could even clearly see the other side shivering slightly from the cold. 

“Are you okay?” Ke Ji asked out loud.

Lu Liran raised his eyes and glanced at the other party: “Do you know what I’m thinking?”

Ke Ji: “?”

“I’m thinking about another unlucky rich Omega like you, whether he can survive this blizzard, and whether he will be buried under tens of meters of snow.” 

Ke Ji’s eyes softened, he looked at Lu Liran and comforted him: “Even if you can’t find him, it’s not your fault…”

“It affects my 150,000 bounty.” Lu Liran said coldly.

Ke Ji:“……”

That’s true. 

On the other side, in the warm and bright sky garden, several rich second generations gathered together, watching the performance of the search team, and they joked: “Guess, can anyone find Rocke Feller this time?”


“I think it’s possible.
I heard that the locator on Rocke’s body has finally been activated.
Someone from the search team can always find him.”

“Then guess who would find him? I’ll bet 10,000 star coins on the team of ex-special service soldier, An Ke.” 

“Then I’ll bet on the other, haha.”

“Xian Yu, hey, what about you?”

A young man, holding a screen, typing lazily, said: “I bet the one who is alone, 50,000 star coins.”

“Huh?? That guy didn’t even keep a drone scout for himself!” 

Xian Yu didn’t speak, he just nestled in the sofa chair, looking like he was going to fall asleep at any moment.

A person walked around behind him, only to find that he was actually posting barrage in a live broadcast room, angrily disliking every comment that refuted him.

“Pfft, what are you doing, you’re watching a live broadcast?! You’re still scolding those trumpets? Hahahaha, the son of a rich man in the Desolate Star actually did this, your father will be mad at you.”

“Not only that, he also smashed Buddha Jumping over the Wall?” 

“Well, this is the only thing that Xian Yu does that looks like a rich second generation.”

“Which pretty Omega did you smash it to?”

Xian Yu raised his eyes lazily, he swept a glance at the fox and dog friend in front of him, and nudged towards the large screen in the garden: “It’s the bounty hunter who is alone and not followed by a drone.”


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Brother Lu in the society: Don’t be silly, bounty is the most important thing

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