“Big brother, big brother.
Wake up,” a soft voice called to him, and he felt a pair of small hands gently pushing him.
Shirou muttered in his sleep, turned over, and instinctively reached out.
There was now a warm and soft presence in his arms, reminding him of the pillows in his bed before he crossed over.
But this presence felt a bit strange…

And it was also warm and soft, with a faint voice in his ear: “Bro…brother…?”

Gently, Shirou opened his eyes and saw a shy face.
His confused spirit instantly woke up and he sat up straight.

“Sakura…I'm sorry, I squeezed you again,” Shirou apologized with a guilty expression.

“It's okay,” Sakura sat up again, shaking her head and speaking softly.

Shirou scratched his head, a little embarrassed.
He used to have a habit of sleeping with pillows and always liked to hug something, so he just acted instinctively.

In fact, this was not the first time.
Shirou's home has two floors.
The first floor is the entrance and living room, and the second floor has three rooms: one for Mr.
and Mrs.
Fujimaru, one for Shirou, and the last one is a storage room.
Since Mr.
and Mrs.
Fujimaru have accepted Sakura, but the room has not been cleaned yet, Sakura is currently sleeping with Shirou.

Fortunately, Shirou is still young, or else he would probably be chased by his parents, who just adopted a daughter, to the living room to sleep.
After all, men and women are not supposed to sleep close to each other.

The problem is, Shirou's body is still small, but his thoughts are those of a normal teenager in puberty.
Fortunately, his physical development is not mature and his hormones are not sufficiently active.
Even so, these days, Shirou still unconsciously treats Sakura as a pillow in his dreams…

“Brother, don't sleep.
Aunt Chiyo called us for dinner,” Sakura climbed off the bed and said to Shirou with a serious face.

Chiyo is the name of Shirou's biological mother, Fujimaru Chiyo, and his biological father is named Fujimaru Narita.
They are both abandoned children from the 1960s who, in order to get revenge on their parents who abandoned them, abandoned their inherited surname and started a new one.
It is said that they initially met in an area with a lot of gourd vines, so they took on the surname Fujimaru.

Sakura has been with the Fujimaru family for three days, and she should call Fujimaru Chiyo “mother” but she still can't bring herself to say it and only calls her “aunt” and “uncle.”

The Fujimaru couple have experienced being abandoned, so they understand Sakura's feelings very well and do not force her to change the way she addresses them.
On the contrary, their attitude towards Sakura is even warmer than towards Shirou.

This is simply ridiculous!

Sakura and Shirou went downstairs and arrived in the living room, where his mother, Fujimaru Chiyo, had already made breakfast, with sandwiches and milk.

At this time, people did not have the concept of nutrition and health, and breakfast and dinner were casually made as long as there was no risk of food poisoning.
More practically, all three meals were instant noodles, which were economical and saved time, especially for those who had already joined the ranks of the unemployed.

Fortunately, Mr.
Fujimaru Narita, the mainstay of the Fujimaru family's economy, worked very hard because of his experience as an abandoned child and was highly valued by his boss, so the Fujimaru family's economic source was relatively stable.

Fujimaru had already gone to work early, so at the moment, only Shirou, Sakura, and Mrs.
Fujimaru Chiyo were eating at the dining table.

At the dining table, Mrs.

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