It is truly mortals who can make heroes shine, and it's also mortals who can bury heroes in history forever.” Scathach laughed gently, she almost slipped up just now, but managed to hold back in time.

She has already graduated from this world, it's better for her to keep her mouth shut around students who are still studying in this world.
Otherwise, if she directly gave the answers, it would be too disrespectful for those students who are still in the process of learning and would deprive them of the opportunity to think and grow.

In fact, after giving Shirou a reminder last time, Scathach has deeply reflected on herself and realized that this way she deprived Shirou of the opportunity to think and grow on his own.


“Despite everything, I still feel compelled to remind my foolish disciple,” Scathach said with a laugh.
However, her expression then became one of confusion and concern.
“But why does Shirou possess something like this? I thought his Saint Graph did not have this kind of thing.
Could it be because of his unique body that it has undergone a change?”

Even Scathach, who possesses the wisdom of Dun Scaith, occasionally encounters things she cannot understand.
But she found it acceptable.
It means her foolish disciple is carving his own path.
The woman known as Shisho by her disciple showed a slight smile of satisfaction.

Awakened from the dream, Shirou stretched his body and checked the time, it was 3:27 in the afternoon.
This was good, it was not yet nightfall, so he could confidently make some preparations.

As he walked down the street, Shirou noticed that despite it being October, the weather had already become quite cold.
But he realized that the indifference between people was even colder than the weather, like a cold wind blowing in from Siberia.
But, even so, there were still many kind-hearted citizens in the city.

As he walked not far from the park, Shirou saw a man in a black coat climb to the top of a large tree, pluck a red balloon, and then give it to a little girl who was waiting expectantly by the tree.

“Thank you, Uncle,” the little girl said, taking the balloon and showing a bright smile.

“You're welcome,” the man in the black coat replied, avoiding physical contact with the little girl, perhaps because he feared that his own impurities would tarnish the child's purity. 

He was a kind and warm-hearted uncle.
But when Shirou saw the man in the black coat, he shuddered as if he had been electrified, his expression stiffening.

He was certain of it, there was no mistake.
The man who had committed atrocities in the name of righteousness.
Emiya Kiritsugu, a man who firmly believed in his own righteousness but ultimately was betrayed by it.

Shirou lowered his head, his face laced with anger as walked away.
He knew that Kiritsugu's presence in Fuyuki City meant that the Holy Grail War was getting closer, and he feared that it would begin tonight.
He had to hurry.
Shirou returned to his home and from under the bed in his room, he retrieved the Ultraman outfit. 

Shirou had obtained this Ultraman suit by taking a large sum of money from Fujimaru Chiyo's pouch without her permission.
Taking money without permission is considered as a bad behavior, similar to stealing.

But for the sake of survival, he can't let these things weigh on his mind anymore.
Besides, though his body may be young, his soul is mature and adult, and taking money cannot be considered as stealing, it's just borrowing.

After obtaining the suit, Shirou put on the blue contact lenses and went to a hair salon where he used “suggestion” to get black hair for free.
He then returned to his base, put on the elevator shoes and the Ultraman suit. 

Looking at himself in the mirror, Shirou laughed bitterly.
He knew that if everything went according to plan, he would have to wear this suit around for at least seven days in order to avoid exposing his true identity.

The Fate/Stay Night clearly states that a Holy Grail War lasts for seven nights.
However, in reality, the duration of the war may vary depending on the situation.

He donned his trusty black cloak, enveloping his entire body. 

With a bitter smile, he acknowledged that his preparation time before the war was far too brief.
Being a novice magus and still just a child, he had no connections and no one to provide him with information.
He could only rely on himself.

Given his limited abilities, he knew that his options were limited.
He thought to himself, “Perhaps I should go to the Ryuudou Temple and pray to Buddha? I've heard that the temple is home to a person adept at fooling people, maybe he could say something that would help me feel more at ease?”

Shirou considered the idea, but ultimately rejected it with a bitter smile.
Not only was he an atheist, but he had never burned incense or worshiped Buddha before.
Even if there were deities or Buddha in this world, it was unlikely that they would pay attention to an ordinary person like himself, who only sought their help when in need.

Furthermore, the presence of the Greater Grail beneath the Ryuudou Temple made it an unwise choice for him to go there.

So, what his future holds is uncertain.
Whether he will live or die, whether he will survive, it all depends on how he adapts to the situation in the war!

Despite the overwhelming odds of defeat that weighed heavily on him, the advice given to him by Scathach had given Shirou, an ordinary modern person, a chance to emerge victorious.
He was determined to use all of his wisdom as an ordinary person to seize that chance to survive. 


“I really don't want to have to work hard, I want to win without putting in effort, Scathach-nee…”

He let out a sigh and felt disheartened.
But what could he do? Scathach simply smiled and refused his request.

Being lazy was also one of the worst qualities an ordinary person could possess.

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