A look of confusion washed over Shirou's face as he couldn't help but ask, “Auntie, are you sure you have the right person?”

“I apologize, I made a mistake,” Artoria's eyes dulled as she apologized.
She realized that this was not her Camelot, but rather the modern era, more than 1,500 years later.
The wise princess had long since disappeared.

Shirou walked away, still confused.
He had thought that his identity had been uncovered, and he had double-checked the sun to confirm that it was daylight.

“What's the matter, Saber?” Irisviel approached and inquired.

“Nothing, I just thought I recognized someone,” Artoria replied with a solemn expression.

Irisviel glanced at Shirou's back and couldn't help but chuckle.
“The person you knew, is it someone else's child?”

“No, just someone who resembled someone I knew when they were young,” Artoria replied before walking away with Irisviel.

Shirou, adhering to his pre-planned schedule, headed to the police department in Fuyuki City, but he couldn't shake off a strange sensation in his heart.
He shook his head, trying not to dwell on these random thoughts, and instead focused on the Holy Grail War, and his survival.

He arrived at the Fuyuki City Police Department and noticed that it was busier than it was during his last visit, which was to be expected as there had been a terrorist attack the previous night.
A district of rental houses was rigged with C4 explosives and had been detonated, resulting in a raging inferno.

Although the area affected by the attack was not economically well-off, and the targeted rental house was in an isolated area, there were no significant casualties.
However, the impact was far-reaching.
The Fuyuki City Police Department bore the brunt of it as they were responsible for ensuring the safety of the citizens.
They had failed to capture the perpetrator and prevent the terrorist attack, which greatly damaged their reputation.

As a result, the entire Fuyuki City Police Department was mobilized to capture the terrorists, but their efforts were hindered by the terrorists' sophisticated methods and lack of clues.
Just as the department was in a state of panic, Shirou stepped in and provided a crucial lead.

Shirou used [Suggestion] to infiltrate the office of the department head and ultimately gained control over him.

“Last night's terrorist attack was carried out by members of a transnational terrorist organization, led by a local individual named Kiritsugu.
Initiate a pursuit immediately.
Be advised, this person is heavily armed and extremely dangerous.
In the event of an encounter, use deadly force instead of attempting to make an arrest.”

Kiritsugu had nearly killed him the previous night, so as a form of reciprocation, Shirou used [Suggestion] to reveal Kiritsugu's characteristics and draw a detailed image of him.
With this information, the department head, under the influence of [Suggestion], issued an order for a reward and wanted notice of Kiritsugu's capture.

However, the order to use deadly force may not be practical, as an official organization must follow proper procedures to avoid illegal action and disorder.

Under the influence of [Suggestion], the department head obtained information about Kiritsugu, becoming extremely angry and demanding answers from his department: “Contact them all, how could they let a dangerous criminal bring weapons into the country? What are they doing?”

[Suggestion] is similar to hypnosis, it can influence the surface consciousness but cannot change the subconscious and personality.
The department head's reaction was entirely his own nature.
In order to avoid exposure, Shirou only used [Suggestion] to control the department head and issued orders through him, instead of trying to hypnotize the entire police department.

Nobody would have thought that a modern traitor would appear in the midst of the conservative magi community, and the first one to be attacked by this modern traitor was Kiritsugu, known as a magus killer.
Shirou had specific reasons for choosing Kiritsugu as his first target.

Firstly, Kiritsugu had attacked him the previous night, nearly killing him, which gave Shirou a personal stake in his capture.
Using personal anger and a sense of self-preservation as motivation, the [Suggestion] issued is less likely to be rejected by the brain and subconscious.

Secondly, Kiritsugu's modern thinking and methods make him particularly dangerous to Shirou, and he also has a personal vendetta against him as Artoria has sworn to kill him.
For these reasons, it makes sense for Kiritsugu to be eliminated first.

As for the chances of the police capturing Kiritsugu, it is highly unlikely, but the bounty and wanted notice issued by the department can make it difficult for him to hide.
Kiritsugu may also use [Suggestion], like Shirou, to conceal himself, but it will still cause him inconvenience for a time.

In this ongoing economic depression, a bounty has been issued, and it's been proven that money can sometimes be an even greater motivator than magic among mortals.
This is especially true when it comes to significant, high-stakes matters such as obtaining clearance for a potentially dangerous element to pass through the country, which is a prime example of the true functioning of a nation's machinery.

When Scathach brought the topic to his attention, Shirou's initial impulse was to head to the American military base in Okinawa and look for missiles that he could launch at the Tohsaka household.
However, upon further reflection, he realized that the world of Fate, with its many secrets and mysteries, would likely have countermeasures in place to prevent such actions from the scientific world.

Shirou considered that even though he could use [Suggestion] on the police department in Fuyuki City, the military, being the backbone of the country's violent force, would undoubtedly have countermeasures in place.
He realized that if any magus could easily manipulate the military with [Suggestion], this world would have long been thrown into chaos, so it is a logical assumption that there would something in the military.

Additionally, Shirou realized that even if he were able to acquire a missile, the military would certainly launch an investigation, and the entire country would be mobilized.
This was not a situation he wanted to be in.
So, he decided not to take the risk of attacking the Tohsaka household. 

Therefore, Shirou knew that he needed to come up with something truly significant, a plan that would have a real impact in the true sense of the word.
Compared to this plan, reporting Kiritsugu to the authorities is not worth mentioning.

However, despite having mentally prepared himself for this, every time Shirou thought about it, he would hesitate.
He stared at his right hand, his gaze wavering.

If he went through with his plan, there would be no going back.
Even if he managed to survive the fourth Holy Grail War, the Mage's Association, the Holy Church, and even the Counter Force may all seek to kill him directly as a result.

The outcome of this plan could have a significant impact on the world and could potentially change the course of history.

He wants to reveal the entire Mystery!

Shirou's thought was to create a bigger event that would disrupt the Holy Grail War, making the situation extremely chaotic, and then use the opportunity to survive.
But he was uncertain if he was ready to go through with it, as it would have irreversible consequences.
Even if he managed to survive the fourth Holy Grail War, the supernatural forces and the scientific community may still try to kill him in the future.

Exposing the Mystery to countless people, what does it mean? Exposing the existence of magic and the supernatural to the general public would have far-reaching and potentially catastrophic consequences.
It would mean that the secrecy that has long been maintained by the Mage's Association and other similar organizations would be broken, leading to a complete upheaval in the current power structures and possibly causing widespread panic and chaos among the general population.

This would mean that the worlds of magic and science would be at war, with the supernatural and the natural at odds with each other.
The battle between idealism and materialism would also be intensified, as the unknown and known would engage in a final showdown.
The ramifications of this would be far-reaching and could lead to a complete reordering of society and the world as he knows it.

After much contemplation, Shirou ultimately didn't have the courage to reveal the secrets of these two worlds and instead, he decided to take the second option.
He removed his gloves, showed the seal mark to the head of the police department and said “The terrorist in Fuyuki City has a red mark on the back of his right hand.
In addition, there are six people in Fuyuki City with this same mark, they are all transnational criminals.
Track them down, notify the television station, and make a wanted notice.”

The head of the police department followed the instructions, and under the influence of [Suggestion], the painter drew the pattern of the command seals, and the television station was also notified.

After completing these actions, Shirou put on his gloves again and quietly left the building, blending into the shadows of the alley.
He still had to go to the television station.

The command of the police department alone was not enough, as this news would cause panic among the people of Fuyuki City and the television station would not dare to air it without the approval from the higher-ups.
Shirou knew that he still had to go to the television station to use [Suggestion] to make sure the wanted notice would be broadcasted.

Will these actions be useful?

Of course they will!

As long as he can stir up this stagnant water, it will be useful!

However, after this incident, it is likely that all the other Masters will see him as a threat.
But this doesn't concern Shirou, as he already prepared Ryunosuke for this purpose.
Even if he is traced back, the only one that will be found is Ryunosuke, who has already been set up as a scapegoat by Shirou.
As long as Ryunosuke is known as Caster's Master, Shirou can hide in the shadows and reap the benefit.

Using Ryunosuke, a complete murderer who takes pleasure in killing people, as a scapegoat made Shirou uncomfortable, as it meant selling him out, letting him take the blame and die.
It was the first time Shirou had to make this kind of decision.

This is truly a precious feeling.
But for Shirou now, it is an extravagance.

However uncomfortable it may be, he had to continue, as the other person deserved it, and most importantly, everything he did was for survival.

Suddenly –

Shirou's footsteps faltered as the feeling of being watched, which he had initially felt, returned to his mind.
Glancing around, he spotted Gilgamesh, dressed casually, curiously observing him from a nearby street.

Was he seen?

Had he been discovered?

Shirou was unsure of how to handle this situation.
Gilgamesh had been aware of his true identity from the start, treating him as a source of amusement.
He never knew what went on in Gilgamesh's mind.
Sighing inwardly, Shirou could only feign ignorance and make his exit.


Gilgamesh let out a haughty snort, “You've grown rather quickly, I had thought I would have to give you a test tonight, but it seems unnecessary.
Your courage has been awakened and so does your wisdom, you're only missing bravery.
Very well, it is time for it to arrive.”

Gilgamesh turned his head, his blood-red eyes looked in the direction of Ryuudou Temple.

“Burn! Burn! Burn to your heart's content! I wonder, what kind of mongrel will you burn into in the end!”

He wore a smile, a complex one that conveyed a mix of emotions.
It was merciful and cruel, evil and good, tolerant and domineering, joyful and sad.
This blend of meanings instilled a feeling of creepy horror in those who saw it.

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