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Sensing Waver's growing agitation, Iskandar handed the instruction manual to Waver and urgently asked, “Hurry up and help me look at it.
How do I set this up?”

Helpless, Waver assisted Iskandar in looking at the instruction manual and setting up the game.
Once everything was in order, he returned to his book, relieved that he could now read in peace.

But as he listened to the sound of the game's buttons clicking, Waver found it too loud and turned to remind the conqueror king to lower the volume.
Instead, he saw a scene that almost made him lose his mind.

“Are you serious? You're using cavalry to fight tanks? Archers to fight planes?” he exclaimed.
“What kind of operation is this? Do you think they're all Servants?”

Waver was flabbergasted.
“My God! What kind of technology tree is this? Archery, woodworking, horse breeding…
do you think the world will forever stay in the Middle Ages? Can't you have a little sense of progress?”

“Technology points! Damn technology points!” he ranted.
“My God! What are you even trying to do? I seriously doubt if you're really a conqueror king!”

“Ahh! I can't take it anymore!” Waver shouted.
“Get out of my way! If you're going to play like this, without even developing a bomb, what kind of world do you plan on conquering? Watch me create a bomb and destroy the entire world!”

Despite his outburst, the two of them eventually became fully engaged in the game.

I've finally made a bomb!” Iskandar exclaimed triumphantly.
“This world will be conquered by me!”

“Hmph! While you were making a bomb, I've already made a spaceship!” Waver retorted.

Iskandar was stunned.
“Hey, hey, hey, how did you do it so quickly?”

“Hahaha! Don't you know who I am? I am Waver Velvet!” Waver proclaimed proudly.
“Take your punishment, Iskandar! Your ambition of conquering the world, I will be the one to break it! Taste my Prometheus Cannon–!”

Game Over.

In the 17th conquest, the conqueror king was never able to break through the technology blockade and modern strategic layout set up by Waver, the formidable demon king.

“Oh no! I lost again!” Iskandar scratched his head in frustration.

Waver stood up and looked down at Iskandar, who was seated on the ground, with an arrogant gaze.
Despite Iskandar being taller, even when seated, he declared confidently, “You're still far from it!”


Wait a moment!

Waver slammed his book shut in frustration.
“I shouldn't be playing games with him right now.
Why did this happen?” he muttered.
“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! I was too forgiving.
This is definitely not right!”

Iskandar nonchalantly mentioned his grand dream of conquering the world as he scratched the back of his head.
It looks like in order to achieve that, I'll need to acquire some nuclear bombs.”

Waver, back in his Sage mode, mockingly retorted, “Hmph.
If you had that kind of money, you might as well just buy a whole country.”

Iskandar rubbed his chin as he spoke.
“As expected, the root of the problem is money,” he acknowledged.
“If only I could buy a country as wealthy as Persia, all my problems would be solved.”

He turned his gaze to Waver, a smile playing on his lips.
you're quite talented, little master.
If you were born in my era and were a king, maybe we could have a glorious battle.”

Waver stood tall, patting his chest confidently.
“You should know that,” he said.
“Understand? Your master is truly talented and knowledgeable.
You should listen to his commands.”

Iskandar lifted Waver up and laughed heartily.
“But you're still a small-minded brat,” he teased.

Waver's anger boiled over as he spat out, “You damn–!” His eyes shot daggers as he glared at the unenlightened giant of a man.

Feeling resentful and bored, he spent the rest of the evening half-heartedly watching TV while listening to the rambling of the elder host family member.


Waver's chopsticks slipped from his fingers and his face filled with shock and disbelief as the news suddenly interrupted the program he was watching.

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