y can be improved and progressed through human effort and study.
The problem is that the people using these things must also progress.
The fight is not against Science or Mystery, but against the world, nature, the universe…
everything that seeks to destroy human existence!

How long has it been?

It's been 6,000 years!

The object of worship comes and goes, and with the passage of time, people change.
But their thoughts and beliefs remain stagnant.
No, they're even more petty and childish than those from 6,000 years ago.
Their self-righteous arrogance knows no bounds!

They believe they know everything, understand everything, and everything revolves around them.



The world is overrun by lowlifes, and a great awakening is desperately needed.

Mongrels may have the potential to become human, but their comfortable existence hinders their awakening.
Only by breaking free from the illusions they've become addicted to and embracing the realities of life and death, can they truly understand the world.

The world is gentle?


What will you use to survive the impending destruction? This pitiful, comical dream?

However, it's unrealistic to do this as a Servant.
But using that corruption, it's possible.

“All things are suffering.
If you can't save yourself, then it's time to meet your end,” Gilgamesh proclaimed.

And with that, he ventured into the depths of the Greater Grail.

At the heart of the Greater Grail, energy swirled in the form of treacherous whirlpools.
The evil known as sin flowed and multiplied within these whirlpools, amplifying and transforming with each passing moment.

The seven deadly sins – pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth – took root and flourished within the whirlpools, constantly invading and distorting.

Crimes such as rebellion, terror, destruction, abandonment, coercion, theft, false accusations, arson, insults, disrespect, estrangement, abduction, bribery, participation in suicide, gambling, abandoning a body, disturbance-making, false testimony, hiding stolen goods, kidnapping, violence, and all other sins deserving of death were sentenced and rejected.

“Killing, killing, killing, not allowed.
Killing, killing, killing, not approved.
Killing, killing, killing, that's good.
Killing, killing, killing, yes.
Killing, killing, killing, promise.
Killing, killing, killing, wrong.
What killing, killing, killing…”

“There's only one thought, so boring,”


“Impossible,” spoke the voice of the curse.
“There is no right or certainty within this vortex of resentment and curse.
The All the World Evil deemed everything to be ugly and hateful, so this voice should not exist here.”

Yet, the voice declared once again, “Precisely! The world was originally like this.
Why sigh? Why be surprised?”


The voice of the curse questioned, “Who will support heaven? Who will cover the earth? Who will bear all the sin?”

A loud, high-pitched ridicule echoed in response, “Stupid question.
There's no need to ask.
As a King, the heaven is supported by the king, the earth is covered by the king, and the world is borne by the king!”

“What is the King?” Curses asked, but it was a contradiction.

In this place where individuality was not allowed, It recognized the presence of another within itself.
Something that shouldn't exist was here.

That is the King, the absolute ruler, the unique existence.
His name is the Hero King, Gilgamesh.

His purpose is to look, listen, and judge, all for the sake of the King's way.

With a splatter, the black mud broke apart, revealing the foreign object that couldn't be consumed by its resentment.

In the evil-filled cavern, the Hero King, Gilgamesh, once again stood on the ground, declaring, “It's me, the Great King!”

A foreign object emerged that even all the resentment couldn't digest.
The king, once a Servant with Spiritual Body, now stood in the void filled with evil with a real flesh-and-blood, formed from the black mud's purification process.

Despite being in the scorching hell, the king's majesty kept the surrounding evil mud at bay.
Gilgamesh flaunted his statue-like torso and sneered impatiently, “Fighting to the death over this thing as wish-fulfilling machines is truly a fit of ugliness for the mongrels.
The entertainment is over.
The real grand scene is about to begin!”

Donning the modern clothes he had prepared in his treasury, Gilgamesh commanded the mud with authority, “You and I are both necessary evils in this world.
Consider yourself honored, your unpleasant power has been requisitioned by the king!”

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