Chaos reigned at the Fuyuki City Administrative Office.
Despite being in the Shinto district, the office was in a state of frenzy over the events unfolding in the Miyama district.

Mayor Himuro was frantically trying to keep up with the situation.

Michiyuki Himuro is the mayor of Fuyuki City in Fate/School Life.
He is the father of Kane Himuro)

“A giant!” someone cried out.
“There's a giant in Fuyuki City!”

The mythical monster had become a reality.

“Does that mean Ultraman exists too?” someone else wondered.
“Come quickly if you exist!”

As the mayor sat there, he couldn't help but recall the words of his mentor when he was appointed to serve in Fuyuki City.
His teacher had told him, “In case of any strange events, reach out to the local priest of the Church first and then the head of the Tohsaka family.'

However, Himuro realized that Risei the priest was now a victim of assassination, lying unconscious in the hospital.
And the head of the Tohsaka family, Tokiomi, was also similarly affected, with one of his hands being amputated and him on the brink of collapse, making it impossible to communicate with him.

At that moment, Himuro remembered his teacher's secondary advice.
“In case you can't reach them, seek the assistance of the four exorcists.”

This testimony dates back to a few decades ago when the mayor was a passionate young man.
At the time, his teacher imparted a final lesson before passing away.
The four exorcist families still held some influence then, but over the years, they had lost their prominence, with only the Ryougi family remaining.

Using his authority, Himuro easily reached out to the Ryougi family and entrusted them with the task at hand.
The head of the family repeatedly assured him that they were ready to act.

Though somewhat relieved, the mayor took no chances and also alerted the Japan Self-Defense Force and the US military stationed in Okinawa for additional protection.

It remains uncertain whether this decision was wise or not, but in hindsight, contacting the Ryougi family proved to be a mistake.

After hanging up the phone, the head of the Ryougi family issued a strict order, “No one is allowed to go to Fuyuki City, under any circumstances!”

As an exorcist family, they were acutely aware of the dangers that Fuyuki City posed, and they knew that what lay ahead was not something a human body could endure.
It was a suicide mission!

Waver contemplated to himself, acknowledging the daunting adversary before them.
'How can he remain so composed and level-headed?' he thought.
'If I were in his shoes, I would surely be trembling with fear and unable to think clearly.'

He voiced these concerns to Iskandar, who responded with a warm smile.
“It matters not if he is but a child wielding the power of a Servant,” he said.
“In this moment, he is a hero, and that fact alone supersedes his age.”

Irisviel interjected, “If Caster's words hold any truth, what sort of future lies ahead for this child possessing a Servant's Saint Graph?” Her curiosity was piqued by the prospect.

Iskandar responded with utmost conviction, “There is no doubt in my mind that he shall become the greatest hero of this era!”

Waver can't help but feel envious of such a high evaluation.
'Would I be able to handle it if I were in his shoes?' he wondered.

He yearned for a life with glory like that, but he didn't realize that was far from Shirou's true desire.
The shining exterior could be seen by anyone, but who knew the bitterness he may have held in his heart? Everyone had their own story and no one was truly listening.

“Why must you torment a child?” Scathach wielded her dual spears, moving swiftly with dream-like movements to dodge incoming Noble Phantasms.

Gilgamesh sneered, “Why do you bother asking such meaningless questions? You deceive and harm the child just as much as I do.
We're no different from those outsiders.
Do you really need to ask why we're targeting him?”

“He is but a mere bystander, an unwitting spectator thrust onto the hero's stage,” Scathach countered, her spears moving in an elegant dance as she deftly deflected the incoming barrage of Noble Phantasms.

“Bystander? You have lived for so long, yet you still fail to understand,” Gilgamesh taunted, his voice dripping with derision.
“It is all a facade.
That boy was not chosen by fate, but bears the aspirations of the nameless, imbued with the most sickening power of the mongrel – the strongest restraining force.”

“So that's the truth about the anomalies,” Scathach said, her eyes flashing with understanding.

“It seems like the long years haven't completely rotted your brain,” Gilgamesh sneered in response.

“But why would the Counter Force do this?” Scathach asked, clearly bewildered.
“It doesn't make sense.”

“You'll have to ask Alaya, not this king,” Gilgamesh replied as he opened the Gate of Babylon and unleashed a vicious assault.

Scathach skillfully parried each of the incoming Noble Phantasms, but just as she gained the upper hand, the space around them began to ripple and fluctuate.
Suddenly, the Chains of Heaven materialized out of nowhere, ensnaring the valiant warrior-queen in their unforgiving grasp.

“It's over, mongrel,” Gilgamesh proclaimed as he tightened his grip.
“As a punishment for laying your hands on my treasures, I sentence you to death.”

“I am not a God, this is useless to me!”

Gilgamesh snapped his fingers and the Noble Phantasms rained down on the warrior-queen.

But just as it seemed like the end, a brilliant red flash exploded into view and Scathach emerged from the storm of Noble Phantasms, her twin spears aimed directly at Gilgamesh.

This was a strike from a spear wielded by a human reaching the realm of the gods, A deathly blow that had killed countless divine beings!

“Boom!” Another building was buried in the rubble.

Spartacus roared as he swung his indestructible sword with tremendous power, causing several buildings to collapse.

He was a monster in human form, wielding such incredible strength.

Shirou was leading Spartacus, carefully calculating the time and the route they were taking.
The path they were following had previously been cleared of citizens by Iskander's troops, so it was a deserted area.
By doing this, they hoped to reduce the number of casualties and losses.

“Roar, roar, roar, roar!”

Spartacus bellowed as he swung his massive sword at Shirou with a deafening roar.
The weapon was lifted to the sky, only to come crashing down with a sound like the heavens themselves were splitting apart.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom!”

The ground trembled with each impact, sending shockwaves that lifted cars more than ten meters high and carved deep gashes in the ground up to ten meters away.

Despite the chaos around him, Shirou remained calm and focused.
He was calculating the distance and time with lightning speed.

Spartacus gave chase, his towering form obliterating everything in its path as he rampaged through the city.
Buildings crumbled and fell at his feet, their once-beautiful structures reduced to rubble in the blink of an eye.
The works of human civilization were decimated, creating a stunning yet destructive display like a firework show.

With an ear-splitting roar, Spartacus lifted his sword high and brought it crashing down toward Shirou,

The sky was covered by dark clouds, shrouding Shirou and making him feel oppressed.
Despite this, he pushed forward, his mind working and his body running.

Fear could no longer control him!

The shadow of the swordswoman flickered as she wielded her invisible sword, standing crosswise before the giant sword.
With a resounding “Clang!”, steel shook, the sound rippling through the surroundings like a shockwave.

Artoria was instantly crushed by the massive power, her body flying like a comet and heavily crashing through a building.
Blood streamed down her face from her forehead, but even as she was battered and bruised, she rose to her feet, gripping her invisible sword with renewed determination.
Her sword was filled with power, reflecting her unwavering belief.

Diarmuid, meanwhile, was a blur as he leapt from building to building, raining down blows on the giant with his twin spears and disrupting its movements.
His shorter spear, the Yellow Rose of Mortality, proved particularly effective.

But Diarmuid was cautious, as he remembered Shirou's warning about the black mud.
He must not be contaminated by it!

Shirou trusted the knights and placed his life in their hands.
He picked up his earpiece and contacted Kiritsugu, asking, “How's it going? Have the bombs been buried?”

“Done in 15 seconds,” Kiritsugu replied.

“Good! I'm bringing him with me.
Estimated time is 19 seconds,” Shirou informed him.

“Then I'll start withdrawing,” Kiritsugu said before hanging up the connection.

“What? Is that all?” Shirou asked.

“If I stay here, you'll kill me,” Kiritsugu said, hanging up the connection.

Shirou crushed the earpiece.
He had one more thing he didn't say – if Spartacus was defeated, Kiritsugu would kill him too.

If Spartacus wasn't killed, he would be killed by Spartacus.
If Spartacus was killed, he would be killed by others…
What a nasty reality!

His hatred for Gilgamesh had reached its boiling point, causing his hands to clench and his heart to burn with anger.——Gilgamesh!

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