fear that hangs over everyone like a Sword of Damocles.
Under such circumstances, people are likely to focus all their energy on their own problems and have little spare energy to pay attention to others.

However, there is a pair of eyes that have been watching Shirou from the moment he walked out of the house.

“The new flame has disappeared.
It has finally turned into a purebred hybrid.” There is no disappointment or anger in the speaker's voice.
The golden king, standing on the tower and looking down at the earth below, has long been accustomed to these kinds of things.

The soul of a child is as pure as snow, but as they go through life and are exposed to the mottled world around them, they may become contaminated with seeds of ignorance.
This can cause the soul to become a disgusting hybrid.

And hybrids, no matter how you teach them, won't be able to learn.
No matter how you guide them, they will still fall into ignorance.
It doesn't matter how much effort is wasted.

Disappointment is an emotion that has long disappeared from the golden king.
Because the golden king has given up hope.

Without hope, where is the disappointment?

“Hmph.” With an arrogant laugh, the golden king gradually disappeared.

He saw through the true identity of the child named “Shirou” and was aware of the fact that he had fused with the Saint Graph.

However, he did not take action.

Mongrels are just mongrels.
It's dirtying his hands to take the initiative and treat them seriously.

But if a mongrel dared to spy on his treasure, then the punishment of the king will surely come!

“Hmm?” Shirou paused, scanning his surroundings.

“Is something the matter, big brother?” Sakura noticed Shirou's hesitation and inquired.

“No, it's nothing,” Shirou shook his head and resumed walking.

Shirou felt a sense of confusion wash over him.
A moment ago, he had distinctly felt as though he was being watched, but upon looking around, he saw no one.
Additionally, the sensation of being watched hadn't carried any malicious intent and quickly dissipated.
But as a participant in the fourth Holy Grail War, Shirou is very sensitive to this.

Could it be that he was discovered by someone else?

Shirou wasn't sure what was happening, but he knew that Fuyuki City was becoming increasingly dangerous.
Going on a trip wouldn't be enough; it would be best if they could move.
But before making any plans, he needed to go to the tattoo shop and have the curse covered up.

Arriving at the tattoo shop, the owner was very polite.
After asking about the request, he carefully began to help Shirou deal with the curse on his hand.

It was just that –

what is this?” The tattoo shop owner was perplexed.
No matter what he tried, whether it was milk or a repair solution, the usual methods for repairing tattoos were useless against this tattoo.
No matter what he did, the tattoo would appear again.

Shirou was disappointed.
As expected, ordinary methods were useless for this unscientific magical creation.

I'm still too young!

However, a significant issue has now arisen.
As the curse cannot be physically covered up, anyone who sees it becomes aware of its unusual nature.
It is only natural that this kind of abnormal, irreparable situation would draw attention, as no one could simply ignore it.

Fortunately, before the situation could escalate, Shirou used “Suggestion” to deceive the tattoo shop owner, his mother, Sakura, and the others.

Even Sakura was not spared!

Although Shirou has not formally studied magic, the Heroic Spirit Emiya Shirou was skilled in traditional magic.
Therefore, young Shirou, who inherited Emiya Shirou's Saint Graph, has also naturally learned it.

After using the Suggestion, Shirou quickly put on gloves to prevent any incidents.
When returning home, he used Suggestion on Fujimaru and Sakura again, making them ignore the Seals on his hand.

When Shirou learned that his seal was known to others, he considered using Suggestion to cover it up.
However, too many people were already aware of it, and the news had spread too far for him to effectively contain it.
In the end, it would be best to simply flee.

Just as Shirou decided to stay at home until Fujimaru finished his work and then, under the guise of a trip, fled Fuyuki City with his family, Mr.
Fujimaru hurriedly ran back home and urgently ordered Shirou and others, “Chiyo, Shirou, and Sakura, put on your clothes.
We're going out to eat tonight!”

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