The small living room, which used to be occupied by no more than three people plus Sakura, is now crowded with six people.

The atmosphere is quite heavy.

Shirou sits on the couch and studies the woman referred to as “Tohsaka Aoi.” It is not surprising that she is Sakura's mother, as she is a very beautiful person.
With long green hair and a white flowing skirt, she has a gentle demeanor and the poise of a lady.
While Fujimaru's wife, who has grown up through hard work, has a unique “energy” characteristic of wild children, Tohsaka Aoi exudes the “calmness” of a noble lady.

It is easy to see how this elegant and graceful temperament would be very attractive to men.
It is no wonder that Matou Kariya would become a lapdog and ultimately lose his life.

Speaking of Matou Kariya…

Shirou looked at the young man sitting next to Tohsaka Aoi.
With short black hair and neatly styled bangs, he appears to be slightly older, but is otherwise a normal and ordinary young man.

Sensing Shirou's gaze, Matou Kariya turned his head and smiled at Shirou.

“I'm sorry, I'm late.” At that moment, Fujimaru, his face showing signs of exhaustion, walked through the door.
It was clear that he had worked overtime again.
In fact, he had been busy with work for the past few days.
He had finally negotiated with Mr.
Mitsuzuri to purchase the property and was preparing to sleep at the company.
However, he received a phone call from his wife that prompted him to rush back home.

After all, Sakura's birth mother has come to visit and there is the intention to take her back.
Most importantly, the mother has the surname Tohsaka, which belongs to a noble family from the mountain town of Miyama.
Although their influence in the Shinto area is limited, they are not a family that the Fujimaru couple can afford to offend.
In this situation, as the head of the household, it is natural that he would be present.
So, no matter how tired he was, he quickly returned home.

“Shirou, take the two sisters and go upstairs.” Despite the tiredness on his face, Fujimaru quickly demonstrated his social intelligence and requested that the children leave before starting the conversation.

“Oh.” Shirou stood up.
With people from the Tohsaka and Matou families present, he wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Actually, when Shirou saw Matou Kariya for the first time, his heart skipped a beat.
Fortunately, he was wearing gloves in the room, which prevented the other person from seeing the Seals on the back of his right hand.

“Rin, take Sakura and go to the second floor with this brother Shirou,” Tohsaka Aoi reminded her daughter.

“Oh.” Rin, who was holding her younger sister Sakura, reluctantly replied and followed Shirou to the second floor, entering Sakura's room.

Over the past half month, the storage area had been transformed into a bedroom for Sakura.
A princess bed, reserved at the furniture market, had been delivered and placed in the southeast corner, adorned with a pink mattress and a child's bedspread embroidered with cherry blossom balls.
Fujimaru had carefully selected warm-colored furniture, giving the room a girly feel.
However, just as the room was being prepared for Sakura, the biological mother of the other party came to visit.

But –

“It's so small,” Rin whispered as soon as she entered the room.

Shirou's mouth twitched, 'Compared to yours, of course the room is small.'

Before he had a chance to ask the sisters to sit down, Rin pointed at Shirou's nose and said indignantly, “Who are you? I'm telling you, I'm not going to give away little Sakura, even if it means betting my dignity on it!”

“Sister…” Sakura grabbed Rin, a look of worry on her face.
She didn't want Rin and Shirou to argue.

Shirou spoke in a calm, even tone, “It's rude to point your finger at someone's nose.
It's disrespectful to both the person you're pointing at and your own family.

Rin quickly withdrew her hand.

“And to address someone with 'hey' or 'who' is also very impolite,” Shirou continued.
“My name is Fujimaru Shirou, not just 'Shirou' or 'hey'.”

Rin Tohsaka didn't correct him this time, but instead she exploded, her words dripping with anger: 'What do you care? I'll never let you have my sister!'

“Your words make it sound like Sakura is just a thing,” Shirou replied calmly.

“What a joke!” Rin exclaimed, her face contorted with outrage.
“Sakura is not a thing! She's my sister!” But then she faltered, her righteous indignation giving way to confusion.
“No, no, Sakura is a thing? No, no, Sakura is my sister, not a thing…
wu! No, no!”

Shirou sat in the chair, his hands folded across his chest, watching with interest as Rin's face twisted in frustration.

“Damn you!” Rin growled, her eyes narrowed at Shirou.
“How dare you toy with the future head of the Tohsaka family!”

“Food can be eaten arbitrarily, but words must not be spoken arbitrarily.
You are defaming a person's image.
Think about it carefully, the words are spoken by you, the conclusion is drawn by you, and I have not said anything.” Shirou spread out his palms and looked helpless as if he were an innocent victim.

you…!” Rin was at a loss for words.
Upon reflection, she realized that what Shirou said was true.

“Well, well, if it's all my fault, then you, the future head of the Tohsaka family, can sit anywhere you like.
My house is small, not as grand as your mansion, so don't be disgusted.” Shirou replied with a hint of irony.

The other person had already conceded defeat, he was acting like a loser and letting Rin find a place to sit.
She should be gracious and show the demeanor of a future head of the Tohsaka family.
why did his perfunctory tone and his condescending attitude make her so angry?!

Hateful guy!


Rin shook her head and tried to ignore Shirou, her face haughty and indifferent.
But Shirou didn't get angry.
An adult getting angry with a child would be too childish.
He just found it amusing.

“Sister, you should sit down.
Standing is very tiring,” Sakura said, sitting next to the dresser in a very ladylike manner.
She patted the spot next to her, inviting Rin to sit.

“Sakura…” Rin looked at her sister with a sense of defeat.
As her own sister, shouldn't she be standing up for her own sister? Why was she siding with that guy instead?

So annoying!

“Sister?” Sakura's pure, green eyes looked at Rin with concern.

“Come sit with me,” Rin said, patting the spot next to her.
She pointed an accusing finger at Shirou and asked, “Are you Fujimaru Shirou?”

“Yes, what's the matter?” Shirou nodded.

“I absolutely, absolutely, absolutely will not let you have Sakura!” Rin declared, her gaze serious and determined.
It was as if she was staring at her lifelong enemy.

Shirou's mouth twitched, and he asked somewhat helplessly: “I say, how many times do you want to repeat this sentence?”

“Repeat it a hundred times, a thousand times! Sakura is my sister, I will never give my sister to anyone else!” Tohsaka Rin said seriously.

“I understand your sense of responsibility as a sister, Tohsaka Repeat,” Shirou said, his tone perfunctory.
“You're the Tohsaka Repeat Machine!”

“You, you…” Rin, her face contorted with rage, struggled to come up with a proper insult.
Suddenly, her gaze fell on Shirou's black gloves and she spat out, “You Fujimaru black gloves!”



Tohsaka Rin shook her head angrily.

This is truly textbook-level arrogance …

Shirou had a headache.

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