It's the emotional investment that's the problem.
Tohsaka, can you tell me why Sakura ran away from home?”

“This…” Mrs.
Tohsaka hesitated.
She wasn't sure how to answer the question.
Should she mention that Sakura had heard that her father was planning to have her adopted by the Matou family?

“Why hasn't Mr.
Tohsaka come with you?” Mr.
Fujimaru asked.

“Well…” Tohsaka Aoi hesitated, not sure how to answer.
Should she tell them that her magus husband was completely focused on the upcoming Holy Grail War and had no energy to spare for anything else?


Even so, her husband, Sakura's father, had such strong paternal love that he had broken the rules of being a magus and spent a lot of energy lamenting his usually obedient daughter's rebellion while planning strategies.
But how could she explain this to the Fujimaru couple, who were ordinary people?

Despite appearing mild and polite in comparison to his fiery and loud-spoken wife, Mr.
Fujimaru had proven himself to be a tough and perceptive man with his sharp question.
Tohsaka Aoi, with her good upbringing, couldn't bring herself to lie, but she also couldn't find a way to answer this question honestly.

“This is, Mr.
Fujimaru…,” Seeing Aoi's difficulty, Matou Kariya, who was by her side, quickly intervened: “Sakura's father is currently occupied with very important work, so he is unable to come at this time.”

“Excuse me, Mr.
Kariya, what is your relationship with Mrs.
Tohsaka?” Fujimaru asked.

“Ah…I…I am…” Kariya stumbled, flustered.

“Kariya is my friend,” Tohsaka Aoi said firmly.

Kariya's eyes darkened and he awkwardly chuckled at Fujimaru, “Yes, I am Aoi nee-chan's friend.”


Fujimaru couldn't see it at all, but his common sense kept him from pointing this out.

Fujimaru, I don't mean to threaten you, but legally, physically, and emotionally, Aoi nee-chan is Sakura's guardian.
You should understand this, right?” Kariya may not be skilled with words, but as someone who is not involved in magic, he understood the rules of the ordinary world better than magus.

“Yes, my wife and I understand.
We respect the law and follow it, and we are not unreasonable people,” Fujimaru nodded.
Despite having difficult childhoods, the Fujimaru couple had grown up to be law-abiding and normal.

If Sakura were just an ordinary abandoned child, the Fujimaru family would have no problem accepting her.
However, Sakura has parents, and adoption is something that cannot be ignored by the law.
In fact, from the moment Tohsaka Aoi arrived, Fujimaru knew that it was inevitable that Sakura would be taken home.

The challenge was in finding a way to handle the situation smoothly, without offending important people, and ensuring that his family wouldn't be left with psychological scars.
Men, unlike boys, have people they must protect.
Fujimaru, who was highly emotionally intelligent and mature in handling things, still found this matter tricky.

“Running away from home shows that there are conflicts between Sakura and Mrs.
Let her choose.
If Sakura still wants to stay here, it means that she has not let go of her resentment.
Taking some time apart may help improve your relationship.
Tohsaka, what do you think of this idea?” Mr.
Fujimaru proposed.

Agreeing to let Sakura choose would be the most acceptable outcome, no matter what her decision might be.
After considering it, Tohsaka Aoi finally nodded in agreement.

In the end, Sakura, under the disappointed gaze of Fujimaru Chiyo, chose to go home with Tohsaka Aoi.

Of course, no matter how angry the reason was for choosing to run away from home, a six-year-old child's biggest wish after being away from home for half a month is still to go home.



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