“Wake up.”

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[Get up now!]

An angelic blonde girl patted my shoulder with her small hands.

[Wake up!]

Her voice was intermingled with tears.
It must be desperate in her own way, but it seemed to be a cat’s slap.

‘Ah, this is an old dream.’

As soon as she saw the girl’s face, Claire could tell when this was.
It’s a dream of the day she regained the memory of her past life.

‘I was hit by a truck.’

It had been 3 weeks since she realized that working overtime with the head of the third-generation chaebol, a young handsome chaebol, and flirting with him was something that only happened in dramas.

Her new general manager was young and handsome, the grandson of her group owner, and had a crush on him.

However, when the days of working with the general manager until 10 p.m.
were repeated for three weeks,I missed the manager who was on time leaving the office.

What the worker needs is labor rights, not a savior on a white horse.
The general manager’s car was a pure white Porsche.

After arguing for a while, refusing to pick her up, a truck hit her on the sidewalk.

‘Maybe the driver was also drowsy from overwork…….’

Claire thought so and forgave the driver in her heart.

If it were a reincarnation truck, it might not have actually existed in this world.

Anyway, she was reborn as Claire, the eldest daughter of Baron Delford.
She knew it very naturally.

Before searching for memories of her past life, Claire had a lot of dissatisfactions.

She was dissatisfied with being a baron at best, and of all things a lame southern aristocrat.

Among them, she was also dissatisfied being a poor young woman, not having a wonderful sibling and also for not being an outstanding beauty.

But after I got my memory back, it was completely different.

‘I’m a noble, great.
It may not be a gold spoon, but it’s at least a silver spoon, right?’

Humans are naturally satisfied with relative evaluation.

Although the level of civilization was inferior to that of modern times, at least Claire’s life itself was not so uncomfortable.

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There was certainly not enough to enjoy, but I didn’t have to work instead.

In the morning, rice was served without asking for it, and when she finished eating, someone cleaned it up for her, and when she took off her clothes, someone washed it and hung it on a hanger, and the bathtub was cleaned.

She could call her maid to bring her water.
She could even tell her to bring her tea if the water wasn’t good, and she didn’t even have to throw the tea leaves into the trash by her own hands.

‘Wow, the honey aristocratic life.’

With this kind of life, she could happily live with a surplus for the next 30 years or so, doing nothing.

Well, things didn’t turn out that way.

[Sister, sister, are you okay?]

Her sister looked down at her crying.

Her lovely sister Elisa.
Claire hated Elisa.
Until she regained the memories of her previous life.

Claire said she had hated her since she was in her mother’s belly.
It seems she had a hard time accepting that she was no longer the only daughter.

Besides, she would have been more so, since Elisa was born with the pretty blonde hair and jewel-blue eyes which Claire wanted to have.

Memories as Claire, less than nine years old, quickly faded as they were overwhelmed by the memories of her previous life.Elisa was a cute little child not her competitor.

And after their parents died, Elisa really became a child, Claire had to take care of them both on her own.

She had no complaints.
Elisa was an angel.
She wondered if there were any other children in the world who were this pretty and gentle.

[Unnie, you woke up? I’m glad!]


[No matter how many times I called you, sister didn’t open her eyes, so I thought she was dead.]

Elisa burst into tears.

Claire murmured aloud.

“I’m not dead.”

“If you’re not dead, so why don’t you open your eyes now? Claire.”

Instead of Elisa’s voice, like a canary, a loud male voice replied.

Claire opened her eyes in surprise.

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And she stared blankly at the blue eyes in front of her nose.

Elisa’s eyes were also blue, but they were not this deep and dark.
If Elisa’s eyes were clear sky blue,these eyes were a cold ultramarine, reminiscent of the North Sea.

It was a deep-cut eye that contained the pupils.
The eyelashes were golden brown, and the eyebrows were a little more blonde than that.

His tall nose was close enough to touch Claire’s cheek.
The white skin is a feature of the Northern aristocracy, but this man’s skin was like baked in white clay, without blemishes and his blood vessels were not visible.

His bright golden hair was messed up on his white forehead.

Claire knew a man with this kind of beauty very well.
She muttered in a sullen voice.

“Erich-senpai… … ?”

The skin that touched her was warm.
It was hot inside the thin blanket.

“You need to wake up now, right?”

Erich spoke again.
A soft vibration was transmitted through her body.

It was then that Claire really woke up.
And she realized that the body inside the duvet was naked.


She leapt to her feet half screaming.

“Be careful.”

Erich said sharply, pulling his blanket up and wrapping it around her neck .
Claire treated him sharply as well.

“Do I look the only one without clothes here?”

“Are men and women the same?”

“Then what else is different?”

Claire pulled the blanket down.
Then Erich quickly turned his eyes away.

It’s the same for him ,so he should be more open-minded.
Unlike Claire, who covered her waist with a sheet, Erich…….

Claire’s gaze, which had gone down, quickly came up again.
A fire broke out on her cheek.

This didn’t make sense.

She didn’t want to admit it.
What happened last night.

But even though she wanted to deny reality, her body was strongly asserting herself.

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She’s crazy, but it was obvious what happened last night.

“How the hell did this happen?”

Erich was her senior at the academy.

She never had a good relationship with him.
Claire disliked the young, handsome third-generation chaebol who liked to roll over.

Especially if they’re in a relationship where it’s obvious that the other person is going to be the subordinate and getting rolled over.

Academy senior and junior, in reality he was the Duke of Klausenner, and she was a baronet.

It was a little strange that Erich hated her.
He was generally uninterested in others, and was very elegant, and very cold-hearted, like a northern nobleman.

I wondered if it was because the precious body, which had only been treated with flattery, was shocked to see a woman who hated him.

Anyway, the relationship wasn’t smooth, but that was three years ago.
Things from school days were bound to quickly become memories.

It was nice to see each other after a few years.
Claire was very excited yesterday.

It was a good day when her sister, whom she had raised since her parents passed away, won an award at her academy.

So she drank a little more than usual, and she moved in with Erich and..

Her memory faded from that point on.
When she woke up anyway, she was kissing.

It may be hard to say that I was sober, but…… It is true that I liked it.

Erich looked at her like he was dumbfounded, but turned his eyes again.

“Can’t you remember?”

“ I mean, I don’t know how it got to that flow.”

“……who’s to say.”

Erich said as if growling.

Claire snorted.

“What? After acitng like a beast last night, now you want to fulfill the duties of a gentleman?”

“I apologize for that.
I drank too much alcohol.”

“It’s great.”

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“Senior apologising to me.”

Erich looked at Claire again, furiously, and then covered his eyes with his palm.

“Yesterday was a mistake.
I didn’t mean to.”

“Is that an apology too?”


“Well… it’s okay because it’s the same for me that I made a mistake.
You don’t have to apologize.”

Claire answered more lightly.

And slowly, with a light heart, she scanned the room with her eyes.

According to her memory, it had to be thrown somewhere on the floor .No, on second thought, I didn’t think it was this room.

Claire stopped thinking.
I almost thought of something I shouldn’t have.

Claire stopped her thoughts.
She almost remembered something she shouldn’t have thought of.

“… … .”

Someone’s gaze was stinging her, and when she turned around, Erich was looking at her.
Wasn’t it shameful?


“A mistake?”

“ Yes totally, completely.
Something that shouldn’t have happened.”

Claire shrugged her shoulders in an exaggerated manner.
Erich’s eyebrows rose like a mountain.

“You speak so lightly of this as if you’ve lost your wallet.”

“Losing my wallet is not a mistake ,it’d be a huge deal because then I won’t be able to do certain things.”

“Are you going to do something that has never happened?”

Why is this man asking such an obvious thing?

Claire thought so.

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