g you have a Divine Aspect is a bit much?

Sunny looked at me before replying.

”But its the truth. ”

”Ok Sunless whatever no matter the rank of your Aspect I still wanna be your friend. ”

I said with a smile while hoping he wouldn ask anything as I turned my head to face the rest of the Sleepers.

Nephis and Cassie… Ill have to ignore Nephis for now and Cassie… I guess Ill talk to her.

”Hey nice to meet you my name is Multiply and whats yours? ”

I said with a smile while trying to sound as friendly as possible. She took a while to respond.

”Im Cassia nice to meet you to. ”

She said with a weird smile on her face.

”Oh looks like its about to start. ”

I said as I looked toward the giant of a man.

”I am Awakened Rock. Sleepers, Welcome to the Academy. ”

”In less than a month, you will be summoned to the Dream Realm. Some of you might think you are well prepared. You
e wrong. The spell is merciless and cunning. The moment Awakened begin to think to much of themselves, they die. Ive seen countless Sleepers like you lose their lives. Ive also seen experienced Masters lose their lives. Even Saints are not assured to survive. ”

Its all true so I cant complain.

”In the following four weeks, we will do everything in our power to increase your chances of survival. You will receive training from the best instructors in the world. However, don be misled by their fame: in the end, whether you return from the Dream Realm alive depends on only one person – you. The responsibility to survive is yours, and yours alone. ”

”You are not children anymore. Its a shame, because you ought to be. But the spell decided otherwise. You have been to the first Nightmare, so you already know what its like. Your parents, your teachers, your friends cant help you anymore… ”

Multiply listened to every word hoping to get something worth while.

”Now we will talk about the difference between Nightmares and the Dream Realm… ”

It easier to understand when you hear things instead of having to read about them.

I thought.


I headed to my only to notice it was next to Sunnys room.

”Hey Sunny looks like we are gonna be in the same dorm huh? ”

”Yeah it does. ”

After that we walked toward our room before bidding good bye.

I ran to my bed to finally get some rest.

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