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The Unfortunate

Its still eight in the morning,but the sun hits high in the sky. The busy streets of Manila are on the run,the sound of morning vendors on the sidewalk and the sirens of the cars on the traffic. Thea is currently looking for another job to earn money for her expenses. Her day started early and an our has passed and several stores she have inquired,there was no luck,until she received a phone call.

”Sara?….You need something? ”Thea instantly answered the phone call she got.

”Hey Ami! Guess what,I got a study module from my brother for the exams next week. ”a bubbly voice responded on the other line. After hearing the news,a slight smile appeared on Theas lips as she took a sigh of relief.

”Thank God,I am having a hard time studying. Uhm….When Can I borrow the uhm….Ah….that study thing? ”

”Oh yes,Im in the library right now,if you want we can study together. ”

”Sure,that will do. Im on my way there,thanks Sara. ”

A smile immediately plastered on the girls face after the call at started looking for something in her bag. A small piece of paper with her schedule for all her classes are in it,however in this time as she looked upon her schedule,all those relief were swiftly driven away as realization hits hard.

”Really,will I be able study properly,I have two other jobs. ”she whispered to herself and walked to a dirty bench on a sidewalk. ”Im not even getting enough sleep everyday,and now I need another job to pay my rent. ”

The depressed girl took a look at the beggar sitting beside her on the bench. Its a woman in which Thea thinks in her 40s. The beggars face is almost unidentifiable as dirt almost cover her face, her clothes are all dirty and shes just staring straight to the busy streets.

Thea observe all the beggars being and caught up when she saw that the beggar is about to get the food that was dropped by the passer by.

”Hey miss! ”Thea called.

The beggar stopped in her tracks as she was about to pick up the food. She gazed at Thea who was intently looking at her with pity in her eyes. The beggar ignored Thea and hurriedly picked up the bread in the street as if it was her her very first and last meal. Thea,with a pity on her eyes walked towards the beggar and held her hand. She pulled the beggar back to the bench to sit,on the other side,the beggar curiously followed her and do as what Thea wanted.

”Here. ”Thea handed a pack of biscuits that is actually intended for her breakfast.

”Really? Aren you hungry dear? You look thin and pale. ” the beggar asked her and looking intently in Theas appearance.

”No,you need it more Miss. ”Thea smiled and placed the pack of biscuits in the beggars hand.

”Oh,thank you!. ”

”I always see you sitting here,do you have a place where you can sleep? ”

”No, I dont. I sleep everywhere as long as there is roof when it rains. ”the beggar answered while eating biscuits.

”Dont you have a family? Where are they? ”

”I have a family in Cebu, I came here back when I was younger to work so I can provide for my kids. But when I was about to go back to birthplace,I received a call from a friend that my husband betrayed me and has started a new family together with my sister. ”

Thea was left speechless after hearing the beggars story. The feel of pity she felt towards the beggar is unbearable thinking that this woman has gone through all that. A rush of guilt run through her thoughts as she always thought of herself as the most miserable person living but after hearing the beggars story she felt as if she was lucky behind all those hardships she had.

”Miss__ ”

”Edith,my name is Edith dear. ”the beggar smiled at her.

”Oh…Uhm…Edith have you ever thought of coming back and getting your family back with you? ”

”I heard they are now happy,Im afraid that if I will show up,that might cause a ruckus to their family. ”

”But they were originally your family. ”

Edith smiled at her,but Thea never did thought that that smile Edith have made wasn meant for good,Thea wanted to feel the reassurance to Edith smile,that Edith will always be okay.

”That is the reason why I always come here,because this place is where me and husband met. I just kept waiting and hoping that they will look for me. I,his wife will always be waiting here. ”

*How pitiful* Thea thought, as she heard Ediths words. She find Edith a strong woman for still living behind all those painful memories but she also see Edith as a pathetic woman for bounding herself to a man who no longer loves her.

Thea almost jumped in surprise as she heard a man shouting,and as she take a look from where that voice came,she saw a jeepney and hurriedly run towards it.

”oh!My name is Amithea,but you can call me Thea. ”Thea said before she can go.

She hurriedly run towards the jeepney as she saw all the commuters running towards the same vehicle. It is rush hour in this time of the day,so people are in hurry and public utility vehicles aren enough for the those commuters.

It is almost nine in the morning,her classes is about to start in 30 minutes. From all that traffic she is confident she can get to her first class on time.

*After my first class,I have an hour to study I just hope nothing will come up so urgent,I badly need to study for the exams*

While for her stop,Thea have thought of Edith.

*Damn,I dont want to be as pathetic as her for a just a mere man.*

The thought of Edith drifted in her mind and she was only back to the reality when she heard the jeepney driver shouted.


”Ah! Thats my stop Mister! ”

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