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A Nightmare

An unsteady mood was left sitting with Sara as soon Thea left her. Right after she saw how Thea laughed hysterically she instantly regret the words she asked her that triggered Theas strange behavior. Beads of sweat are all over Saras face as she kept on remembering Theas laugh. Her heart keeps on beating faster than normal, she felt the fear that crept through her guts.

”What was that just now? ”Sara whispered to herself. ”Its not so like Thea,I can feel the contrasting aura in her. ”

After a while of thinking,Sara took several deep breaths to calm herself damn and flashed a forced smile in her face. The moment she calmed down,the girl went for a run to find Thea; at the library,at her next class hall room,cafeteria and even at the infirmary those are the places Thea could possibly go.

Sara even skip a class to go to Theas part time jobs and tried to call her,but with no luck,she didn receive any response. The fear have grown again in her heart because Thea didn show up in all her remaining classes for today.

Its already seven in the evening,Sara is standing in front of their campus gate hoping Thea would show up. Lots of students are coming out from the campus,including several teachers, busy and stressed commuters are on the sidewalk waiting for a jeepney and even the lights inside the campus is going off one by one leaving some lights along the hallways of the school. She looked up only to see the sky on verge of letting out rain. The girl grabbed her phone,and the hesitation is very oblivious in all her being when she started to dial a certain number,seems like Sara have decided her one last option to find Thea.

”Simon?Can you drive me to somewhere? ”Sara started.

”To where fat girl? ”Sara received a sarcastic response on the line of the phone. The girl can help but to roll her eyes because of the rude response.

”To Theas place?….uhm in Tondo?is that okay? ”Sara hesitated to answer but she have no other choice,she needs to Thea to apologize and to check if she is doing okay.

”SARAEVNA! Are you crazy?!Did you know how dangerous that district is? Cut that thought out,Im not going with you. ”

”I know,Ive been there before,its just that Thea is acting weird after I said a few words to her,she didnt show up in all her remaining classes and Im so worried about her. ”

”What did you just say? ”Sara received a serious response on the other line of the call. She was about to explain everything to Simon when she heard him hung-up the call.

*Damn bro,I know you like Thea so theres no way you wont budge in this matter.*

On the other side,after Thea rushed home after her conversation with Sara,the girl became anxious. She threw all her things to her bed and went straight to the bathroom to wash her face and look herself on the mirror. Thea nervously moved backwards the moment she saw her face; an expression with full of fear silently shouting for help.

*No,I dont want to see that terrified face anymore! NO! Please go away!!*

Out of nowhere,she picked up towel and threw it on the mirror together with other things she picked up from the bathroom floor. Breathing heavily, Thea could do nothing but to weakly sit on the floor hovering her face in her arms.

* I dont want to go back…..*

Seeing her tears rushing to her cheeks down to the floor make her feel more pity for herself. The feeling of being alone is hugging her whole being as have nothing to do but to cry all herself out remembering all her nightmares back in time.

The young girl found herself sitting in their window,staring at the road outside. Its already late in the night but she is left alone in their massive house. She remembered her parents to went out of the night to buy some snacks for their planned movie night and promised to be back before the clock hits seven. Shes always taking a look at the clock,and its already nine in the evening,the eerie sound of her house is giving her goosebumps,adding to her growling stomach as her parents left her without dinner. Staring at the window beside their entrance door,the ten year old girl keeps waiting to see their car and waiting to hear her parents voice coming home.

She looked back at the clock and its already ten in the evening,she felt her eyes tearing up as she cant keep her courage in waiting for her parents to be back. She is alone in her home,and its getting late she can no longer hide her fear and anxiety.

Her hopes went up when she saw her aunts car coming towards her home.

*So is aunt gonna join our movie night with mama and papa?*

The little girl can hide her excitement and jump down to their window and rushed towards the entrance door. She is ten years old,but her size is too small for her age that she cant barely reach the door knob and end up waiting for the door to open.

Out of excitement,the little girl keeps on running back to the window and running back to the door and keeps on seeing her aunt coming. Her aunt seems to be in a rush making her grow curious. Finally,the entrance door opened,showing her aunt,but the little girls excitement immediately blown away when she saw her aunt. The jolly aura went off and the atmosphere have gone heavy.

She can hear her aunts rushed breaths seeing the beads of sweat covering her aunts face.

”Aunt?Are you okay?….Are you hungry? Sadly Mama and Papa haven come back yet. ”The little girl started.

The aunt looked down on her bringing the aunts teary eyes.

”Dont worry,Mama and Papa will bring some snacks,they promised and we will be having a movie night Aunt,so you can join us,it will be fun. ”The little girl added wearing her forced smile,she cant hide her anxiety looking at her Aunts actions.

But the girl didnt receive an answer instead her aunt hugged her tight and crying so loudly making her clothes wet.

”Im so sorry Thea. ”

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