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Little Wings Flew Away

It was a dull mood of the day,several people came in black,bringing some flowers with them. Thea sits behind the door quietly staring at the casket in front of her. Her relatives are busy entertaining mourners that came and others take a glance on her with a pity on their eyes.

It been two years since Thea is living with her grandmother when her parents died on the car accident. She is now twelve and starting in her middle school but her grandmother passed away. She is done crying from that morning where her grandmother no longer woke up she felt so exhausted from crying from time to time. The thought of her being left again still lingers in her mind,and she is arguing with herself on to do now. She is confused on where to go,now that her grandmother,the one that only accepts her truly is gone.

The night after her grandmother died,she over heard her Aunts and Uncle on where is will be staying,and that thought made Thea feel unwanted. They keep on neglecting her to stay or even live under their roofs. The juvenile girl had planned on living by herself,but she is too young,she cant find job to support her financial needs.

”Thea,youll be living with me. ”Her Aunt Milly suddenly came in front of her only say those words coldly. It as if she was only forced to take Thea under her roof,and after saying those words,she quietly left.

Thea felt restless,she haven slept since the day her grandmother died,she cant eat well, and all her problems are all pent up,from her school works to how she will be living for the next days. The thought of her living in her Aunts place terrifies her as she remember how her cousins hate her to the point of hurting her physically. She remembered how her cousins pushed her in the deep part of the swimming pool which almost killed her when she was younger.

The days have gone fast,the twelve year-old Thea is busy fixing her things in an old stockroom which will be her room. Her heart sped up when she saw her cousin standing at door, mischievously looking at her. Thea didnt speak a word when her cousin all her folded clothes and even stepped on her newly clean sneakers.

*Calm down Thea,this is her territory,you cant fight back,patience Thea,patience.*

”This room looks stuffy little cousin,I heard theres rats and sickening insect here,and now therell be another disgusting thing thatll be sleeping here. How amusing. ”her cousin rolled her eyes,she three years older than Thea,a reason that shes taller that her. A disadvantage when Thea decided to fight back.

”What do you want Annie? ”Thea asked with dull look in her eyes when she turned to face Annie.

”Nothing,Im just thinking what will be my ways to make you leave. ”

”Dont worry,when I turn fifteen,I will leave here with other words. ”

”Oh God!Thats too long,Three years?!You want me wait that long for you to leave? I might die from stress just from seeing your face! ”Annie blurted which caught Anyas attention,Annies younger sister.

e picking a fight again with Thea? ”Anya said when she walked in Theas room.

”Nope,Im just reminding Thea her place here in our house. Well technically she has no place,since her parents are already dead__ ”

”Annie!Youre crossing the line!Shut it! ”

”Line blah blah blah Whatever! ”says Annie as she sarcastically left Theas room.

Just from Annies words Thea unintentionally drift back all her memories from the day her parents left her. Without noticing it,Anya quietly helped her in organizing her room.

”Just try your best to avoid Annie okay? Anya said in her comforting voice.

”Thanks Anya. ”Thea smiled at her.

”Im sorry Annie is being mean to you,I mean shes always jealous at you. ”Anya sighed.

Days and months had passed her Aunt treats her cold as ice as if she is not around. The discomfort is visible in her eyes. Every days are always so exhausting for her,she do all the household chores and all their laundry,together with her studies. And she has no escape from all of Annies bullying to her,luckily Anya is always there to save her. It feels like Anya is her only companion in her life,being that Thea has been a loner in her school.

”Thea! ”Annies voice has echoed in all over the house,her Aunt haven come home from her work so it was Thea who is organizing the house,from all the dishes and all the cleaning.

While Thea is studying in her room shes surprised when Annie barged into her room. Thea didnt day a word and just waiting Annie to speak. Annie came to her furious while bringing a piece of cloth in her hands.

”Whats this?! ”Annie shouted at her showing the stained cloth to Thea. ”How can you remove this stain?!This shirt will be the one I am wearing for the date with Demitri! ”

Anya hurriedly run towards Theas room to see whats happening.

”Oh my god! Im really sorry Annie! Dont worry Ill wash that up. ”Thea letting down her pride and gently getting the shirt from Annies hand.

”Wash?!NO!You must get me a new one! ”Annie shouted at her harshly pulling Theas hair.

”Annie! Stop! Youre hurting Thea! ”Anya said while trying to pull Annie away from Thea.

Thea couldn do anything but crying in pain as Annies grip to her hair is so strong. Annie harshly pulled Anya away that he hit on the stair railing,but Annie didnt care,she continue to pull Thea towards the stairs.

”Dont interfere Anya!This is none of your business. ”Annie said.

”Please Annie I promise to get you a new shirt,just please let go of my hair,youre hurting me. ”Thea cried while shes being dragged.

The moment they to the stairs,Theas heart couldn stop beating faster as she guessed that Annie will drop her to the stairs. Thea struggled harder and forcing Annie to let go of her hair.

”Annie! Thea could be seriously injured if you do that!Please Annie let go of her! ”Anya said and she is also struggling from the pain in her back when Annie harshly pushed her.

”Please Annie. ”Thea cried still struggling from Annies grip.

”You know what? I want you gone Thea,might as well join your parents. ”Annie glared at her.

When Annie was about to pull Thea,she accidentally tripped one of her feet,making her stumble and end up the one falling down the stairs.

The moment was brief,that when Thea turned to her back,and looked down the stairs,she only saw Thea lying on the floor unconscious with blood dripping on her head. Both Thea and Anya were silent while staring at Annies body on the floor.

”L-Lets call an ambulance. ”Thea said while shaking and hurriedly run towards the telephone.

Thea can stop crying while still waiting for Annie outside the emergency room. Anya was just siting at the waiting area still stunned by what just happened to her sister,she cant even hide her hands thats also shaking. Not so long her Aunt came and she didnt even bat an eye to Thea and Anya and walking straight inside the emergency room. They both peeked inside the room only to see Annie already conscious,as if on cue,Thea and Anya both came in to see Annie.

”What happened Annie?Tell me?What happened? ”Her Aunt thats still in panic asked Annie.

Annie glared at Thea and looked at her mother. ”Me and Thea were fighting she pulled my hair towards the stairs and pushed me. ”Annie said and started to cry.

Thea was shocked when she heard that and immediately walked closer to her Aunt.

”Thea,is that true? ”

”No Tita it was the opposite! Shes the one who pulled my hair and attempted to push down the stairs,but unfortunately she tripped and end up falling!Please Tita believe me. ”Thea cried.

Her aunt just stared at her in disgust.

”No,mom believe,she really pushed me down that stairs,from the start shes always been jealous of me. ”Annie cried and held her mothers hand.

Theas Aunt looked at Anya whose been quietly.

”Anya,tell me the truth,what really did happen? ”Her Aunt seriously asked Anya.

Fear is oblivious in her whole being and she kept on glancing Thea and Annie whose both are crying.

Anya took a deep sigh and looked at her mother straight. ”Thea pushed Annie mom. ”

”What?!Anya tell her the truth,you know that I didnt push Annie,besides she even pushed you right? Thats why your back is hurting? ”Thea justified.

”Stop making up stories Thea,we all know that youre really are the bad one here! ”Annie spouted.

Her Aunt just stared at her. ”You have shown your true color,no wonder all those people around you died. ” Her Aunt slapped Thea hard. ”I fed you!I payed for your education and even let you live under my roof and all of that was jut against my will! Now this is how you will pay me? Hurting my daughter?! You insolent girl!! ”

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