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Getting Creepy

The cold breeze of the night blew the dried leaves on the ground,the breeze that makes Thea shiver, even though shes wearing a thick white sweater. Shes just sitting on the balcony of her Uncles house in a luxurious subdivision. With all her things on the side,she found herself staring at those things and her mind instantly drifted back in days.

*I wish I could go back to the time in where I am my parents only princess. Now I feel like Ive been dumped to anyone who would accept me.*

”Come on Antonio!I cant bare to live with her! She hurt my daughter! ” Thea overheard her Aunts voice from inside of the house.

”But Anita,I also cant__ ”

”Why can you?!You have the luxury! You can afford Thea to live here!Please Antonio I just cant bare to see here face! ”

Hearing her Aunt say those words struck a straight pain in her heart remembering how Anya lied leaving her in this situation. The idea of both of her Aunt and Uncle is neglecting,as if she was the worst burden they have stressed out Thea and came up with a thought of just renting a place to live alone.

She stood up and walked inside the house only to see her Aunt and Uncle arguing.

”Uhm,I can live alone__ ”

”Shut up Thea! Dont butt in with the adults conversation! ”Her Aunt threw her a piercing glare making her lower head in fear.

Her aunt stood up and walked towards her. Thea can only see her Aunts feet and not knowing what her Aunts expression shes making. She gasped when her hair was being pulled and received a several constant slap in the face which made her cry.

”You! Unwanted child! You tried to kill my daughter,have you even thought of how I am helping you?! Huh?! ”her Aunt shouted in her face.

”But I didnt push her! Both of them are lying! It was Annie who tried to kill me!. ”Thea cried and justified,only to receive another harsh slap in the face making her fall to the floor and felt helpless.

”HUH! And you still have the guts to lie to me?And say those nonsense words?! ”Her aunt spouted attempting to hit Thea again,but she was stopped.

”Stop it Anita!You
e hurting her! ”Thea Uncle,Antonio said making Anita stop.

”Really?Hurting her? And what she did to my daughter was nothing?! ”

”Shes just a child Anita! Where is you senses?! ”

”Shes not just a just,shes a killer!__ ”

”Fine!Im taking her here! ”those words of Antonio made Anita stop and smiled.

”Good,cause Im dumping her here. ”Anita said and instantly left leaving Antonio staring at the miserable Thea.

Antonio sighed and silently taking all of Theas things inside from the balcony,the old man just let Thea cry her heart out until Thea calmed down. Antonio gave Thea a glass of water and smiled at his niece.

”Im sorry for all that trouble. ”Antonio said pat Theas head.

Thea sat comfortably on the floor and lowered her head. ”None of this was your fault tito. ”

Antonio sat with her on the floor. ”Its not like I dont want you here,if I really could I would be welcoming you here as my daughter its just that– ” Antonio stopped and lowered his head and being silent.

Thea the curious one gazed at her Uncle waiting for him to speak. ”…its just that…My son….. ”

”Your doesn like me? He dont want here? Is that right tito? ”

Antonio was speechless at Theas words and just looked at her with worry in his eyes. The old man sighed and nodded hesitantly.

”Dont worry Tito,Ill be avoiding him,Ill do my best. I owe already you a lot for letting me stay here its the least I can do to lessen all your worries. ”Thea smiled at her Uncle.

Her uncle,Antonio flashed a forced smile and sighed. ”That would be better. ”…*Yes,Maybe avoiding my son would keep you away in danger Thea.*

All those pleasant days had past,shes living the same back in her Aunts roof,the difference is theres no Annie that will annoy her every time. And all these days,shes been happy to fully avoid her cousin,Clark,Antonios son. Clark is in college and have been busy all these days,they cant even barely see each other around the house. When times came that she can avoid seeing him,Thea just lowers her head and she can feel Clarks intimidating stare. Knowing that he grew up abroad,she just saw him once back in her tenth birthday making her feel like they were both stranger to each other,other than cousins.

A telephone call was heard all over the kitchen,while Thea is cooking. She got panicked when she heard it and can answer right away,luckily Clark was just in the sala and immediately answered the call. A sigh of relief was heard from Thea seeing that Clark is now taking the call,and she continued cooking.

”Thea. ”Clark called her.

”Yes? ”

”Papa,asked to talk to you. ”Clark calmly said and gave Thea the telephone.

Thea immediately washed her hands and took over the call.

”Yes,tito? ”

”Thea,I cant come home for the next two days,are you okay you can manage there? ”Antonio worriedly asked Thea from the other line.

”Uh,Y-yes tito,Im okay here,I think I can manage. ”Thea hesitantly smiled thinking that her Uncle wont be home for two days and that means,shell be alone here with Clark. The very thought is making her shiver as she can always feel Clarks intimidating stare and creepy aura.

”…B-But are you really sure?I mean,I can just send one of my workers there to accompany you if you
e not comfortable being alone with Clark. ”Antonio added.

Those words,make Thea gaze at Clark that sends even more shiver in her as their eyes connected and was broken when Clark toured his eyes all over her body.

”Y-yes Tito,M-maybe Ill just avoid him. ”Thea shakingly answered and put down the telephone.

She awkwardly hurried to prepare the table for dinner for the both of them. While preparing the plates,Thea could feel Clark intently following her with his eyes.

*W-whats with him?! Hes really creepy! Damn that Clark!Just stop looking will you?!*

”So papa will gone for two days. ”

”Y-yes seems like it. ”

”As a man here in the house,I want to keep our safety. ”Clark said and walked to the telephone calmly which caught Theas eyes. ”In two days,none of us will be going out of the house,there might be dangerous burglar out there,and I want you to avoid using phone,there might be scammer that will call you. ”

”__W-wow Clark,I-I d-didnt k-knew you were so over protective,but isnt that too much?How can I go to school if were not going out of the house right?I mean Im already thirteen and I can surely manage myself. ”Thea awkwardly responded.

*Is he insane?!*

Clark boldly gazed at Thea and gave her a piercing stare.

”Are you questioning my way here?!I dont want any ways of communication in this house. ”Clark bluntly said and grabbed the telephone only to throw it away for it to shatter in pieces.

The act made Thea gasped.*Oh god,Hes being serious.*

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