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Ferocious Fears

The kitchen went silent after Clark threw and broke the telephone,he instantly look at Thea and gave her a threatening stare.

Thea kept herself from the collapsing after she witnessed Clarks sudden behavior and cant hide her shivering. Fear and anxiety took over Theas mind as different thought came up to her mind on what Clark might do to her.

”Give me your phone. ”Clark said in his serious tone giving Thea a blunt look while waiting for her response.

Thea panicked and run towards her room to get her phone and give it to him. When she was about to give her phone to Clark,he stared at her hand shaking and gave her smirk.

”Dont be afraid honey,well be enjoying later. ”Clark smirked at her making Thea feel so awkward and turn her back to him.

*ho-honey?!….This is getting creepy.*

She walked back to the kitchen counter to continue preparing for their dinner,and out of anxiety,she keeps on stealing glances on Clark. Thea cant avoid herself wondering on why is Clark just sitting calmly on the diner table and just holding her phone. On the other side,she kind of feel relieved that he didn threw it just like what he did with the telephone.

*I really hope,hell not be throwing my damn phone.*

Thea jumped in surprise when she suddenly heard a crack,only to see her phone broken in pieces of the floor. ”Oh my god!My phone! ”

Thea hurriedly run towards her phone,she gave Clark a piercing stare. ”You dont have to do that! it cost me so many months to earn a money just to pay for that and now you just simply threw and broke it?! How could you be so insensitive! ”

Clark just bluntly stared at Thea and didnt say a word,instead he just walk calmly at all the doors in the house and locked. The type of the doors the house needs a key to unlock it even if you
e inside,so Thea was stunned realizing those things and felt the feeling of insecurity.

The young man walking towards the stairs while humming a certain holding the set of keys in his hand,without hesitation Thea launched at Clark from his back. A loud thud was heard,when they found themselves lying on the floor,seeing Clark wincing in pain,the thirteen year-old girl Thea took the opportunity to take the keys and unlock at least one door to escape.

Clark,on the other hand still breathing heavily as his chest was hit hardly on the floor when Thea launched at him,but as soon as he saw Thea running towards the front while holding the set of keys. That very sight,made Clark immediately run towards her not minding the pain hes still feeling in his chest.

Thea panicked when she saw Clark running towards her,and hurriedly find the right key for the door. When Clark gets closer to her,she attempted to run away but when sharp pain she felt in her scalp. Seeing Clark harshly pulled her long black hair makes her remember the night when Annie is pulling her towards the stairs. The memory itself even made Thea agitate and so desperate to get away from Clark. At this moment,she instantly knew,that; all those things Clark said to her about securing safety was all bluff the moment she saw how fierce and provoke he is.

”Ahhhhh!!! you psycho!!let go me! ”Thea screamed in pain when her back slammed the wooden front door when Clark harshly pulled her hair. She unintentionally lose grip of the keys and her whole attention was diverted to the man in front of her.

Her small teenage figure was darkened by Clarks wide shadow,wearing his incoherent expression in his face and stared deep into Theas eyes. Thea struggled to get her hair away from Clarks grip thats still having a piercing pain into her scalp.

”Whats your problem you creepy bastard?! ” Thea screamed in his face. Making Clark annoyed and let go of her hair. As he let go of Theas hair,the girl smirked and tried to get up and run,but she gasped when her back was again slammed into the door,but this time it was different. Its Clark gripping her neck and trying to kill her by suffocation,the more terrifying is,Clark seemed to be satisfied seeing Thea grew pale trying to grasp for air and feeling her hands scratching into his arm and the desperation in her face.

”I actually waited a long time to have my chance with you,seeing you grew up in such a beautiful lady. ”calmly stated wearing his hysterical smile.

”C-Clark please-pl-please l-et…-g-g-o….I-I c-an-t b-rea-th. ”Thea asked in desperation while harshly tapping Clarks arm.

”You know,I was actually planning on isolating both of us in here to keep us safe,but you chose to bring danger here inside this place. ”

”p=plea-se C-cla-rk ”Theas tears are starting to flow as she slowly losing consciousness.

”Oh my,Im so sorry sweetheart, I didnt mean to hurt you. ”saying those words Clarks expression instantly changed and wearing those irritating pitiful expression. He let go of his grip in Theas neck and hurriedly run towards the kitchen to get a glass of water.

The girl was left in the front door,to think that this can be her chance to escape,but shes too weak to do so. She keeps on coughing from all that suffocation and trying to get her breaths in pace. Seeing Clark running towards her with the glass of water made Thea wonder of his sudden change of behavior.

*Whats is he up to now? Acting all concerned while he did this all to me?!*

”Here sweetheart calm yourself down,drink this. ”

Thea stared at the water and back to Clark,she took the glass of water still staring at Clark. The young man,is waiting for her to drink the water,but his jaw dropped when Thea sarcastically spilled the water in the floor while bluntly staring at him. Clark went silent looking at the water and back to Thea.

”Whats this acting so caring? Im not a fool to drink the water,we dont know what that glass have aside from water? ”Thea mocked.

Clark stared at Thea for seconds at gave her an intense slap in her face making Thea fell her upper body to the cold floor.

”I am being good to you,thinking that I made a mistake for being so aggressive,but you chose to mock me?! How bold. ”Clark said in his monotonous voice being all serious this time.

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