Su Mujin used a teasing tone, his hands clenched even tighter, his nails about to draw blood.

I’ve been maligned! For the sake of your own purity I came up with that shoddy excuse, but you jumped to conclusions and misunderstood my good intentions. Gu Feng was silently aggrieved.

that was just a random excuse.
I don’t like undressing in front of unfamiliar people!” Gu Feng finally burst out with a far-fetched justification.

“Oh! So that’s how it is!” Su Mujin blinked a few times, and a brilliant smile lit up his face. 

Gu Feng grumpily looked at Su Mujin. Hmph! Don’t think that just by smiling at me I’ll forgive you.


“Oh, our pair of ‘delicate flowers’ finally has returned.
You sure wasted enough time, and I’ve already taken care of the python.
These two portions are for you.” Besides Hua Yan, who else but Ye Mochen would speak to them so rudely.
That he’d been able to stay alive to this day was really nothing short of a miracle.

“Uhhh, is that .
barbeque?” Gu Feng ignored Ye Mochen and looked at the pile of unrecognizable black objects lying on the ground, and hesitantly asked. 

Hua Yan and the others conspicuously remained silent, pretending to meditate.
If they refused to admit anything, how could they lose face?

“I’m going to cook.
If you need help, you can hand over your own portions.” Gu Feng smiled broadly.
This was certainly a lucky break.
It seemed none of them were able to handle these kinds of mundane chores, and would owe him a favor.

“Many thanks, Gu Shixiong.” Xiao Chen tossed over his portion of the python meat.

“I’ll also have to trouble Gu Shixiong.” Ling Yunxuan transmitted with some embarrassment. 

“Eh? I remember that you previously didn’t know how to cook.  Did you recently learn? Here’s my and Mochen’s portions.
Thanks a bunch!” Hua Yan looked at Gu Feng in surprise.

Listening to Hua Yan’s words, Ye Mochen fell into a trance, seeming to recall events from the ancient past.


“Mhmm.” Gu Feng only gave a simple one word reply, and began to focus on cooking the meat.
He was entirely unfamiliar with matters between Hua Yan and the original owner.
Speaking too freely would lead to mistakes.

“Gege, I’ll assist you.” Su Mujin became overly helpful, grabbing more than half of the meat and beginning to heat it. 

Gu Feng wasn’t concerned as they could now use their abilities to separately manipulate the meat as it cooked.
One piece took exactly the same amount of time to cook as many pieces.

“Okay, here you are.” Su Mujin rushed to toss the four finished pieces to Xiao Chen and the others before Gu Feng had the chance. Gege’s barbeque should naturally be only for me to eat.
Nobody else had better even think about it!

“Xiao Jin, for you.
After I disturb the spiritual qi of the surroundings, and pretend to break through, come close and remember to promptly remove the talismans concealing our cultivation.” Gu Feng didn’t pay any notice to Su Mujin’s petty actions.
He took the grilled meat in his hands and gave half to Su Mujin, while transmitting his instructions instead of speaking aloud.

Su Mujin stayed at Gu Feng’s side, taking a bite as he was handed the meat of the nascent soul beast.
It was truly out of the ordinary.
After just one bite, he was filled with an overwhelming spiritual qi, and immediately directed the qi toward his dantian.
When he had finished eating, he began to feel his cultivation leveling up and that the barrier of the late stage of golden core had become a bit more permeable than before. 

“Xiao Jin, now, come quickly.” Gu Feng spoke and began to operate his Spirit-Devouring Celestial Technique.
The spiritual qi that blanketed the environment suddenly rushed toward the two of them.
It was so rich it was almost tactile, and the two of them were completely cocooned within it.
Those without were unable to spy on the circumstances within.

“They made a sudden breakthrough after eating the roasted meat, but I didn’t have that kind of reaction to it.” Ye Mochen gloomily spoke.
Wasn’t he the one who was in greater need of a breakthrough?

“The threshold between foundation building and golden core is big, and it’s difficult to break through.
Mochen, you and Gu Feng used to be similar, but now he’s completely changed, and not even a shadow of his past self remains!” Hua Yan spoke with some regret.
Afterall, that person was once someone she wanted to spend a lifetime together with, but suddenly he had changed into someone completely unrecognizable.

“Similar? Perhaps I can also change?” Ye Mochen suddenly said in earnest. 

“Pfft! Don’t joke! Mochen, how are you so adorable?” Hua Yan immediately teased Ye Mochen.
She always felt that being around the awkward Ye Mochen felt awfully familiar.

Ye Mochen’s lips moved, but he didn’t speak in the end.

The movement around Gu Feng continued for an hour before gradually tapering off.
When the spiritual qi dissipated, the pair of them both had increased their cultivation level to the middle stage of the golden core period.
Everyone congratulated the two, and then they all sat down to silently cultivate.

The next half month was exceedingly tranquil.
The group discovered several more elixir gardens and gathered more lingyao, but those gardens were quite small in scale, and the lingyao they contained were ordinary.
Naturally, there were no puppets guarding them. 

Everyone was searching the secret realm the same as usual, when suddenly in front to the left of them there arose a giant fluctuation of spiritual power.

“Up ahead to the left is a spiritual power fluctuation.
Let’s go take a look?” Gu Feng proposed. Perhaps we can fish in troubled waters while we’re at it?

Everyone agreed, and they all  took flight toward the fluctuation.

“Why are you doing this? Since when have I treated you unfairly?” 

“Shixiong, I’m sorry.
I really didn’t mean to .

From afar could faintly be heard the sound of a man questioning and a woman weeping.


“It sounds like Chu Feng is in trouble.
We should hurry up.” Hua Yan’s expression shifted and she spoke in a rush.

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