Radelaine blanks out as she felt blood trapping in making her feel light-headed. Before Radelaine completely loses her wake, alas someone finally initiated to help her.

This mans grasp on Geiyras hands was so strong that Geiyra couldn help but let her hands go as she bumped into the floor knocking her consciousness out.

It was Lord Phraselm. He never meant to get her senseless, but Geiyra seemed to have no evidence of delicate strength. Geiyra had no hesitation.

Radelaine saw the face of the man whose face was unrecognizable to her for her sight has left her as she finally faints.

Radelaine got back home unconscious and was treated by her familys physician. In her room, she was awoken by a cry from her mother beside her holding her hand.

”Mother? ” she said as she worriedly looked at her.

”Oh! Radelaine my dear. You
e finally awake! ”

Right away her mother sobs even more and hugs Radelaine tight.

”What happened? ” She asked in confusion as she couldn think of a memory at all. Her body felt like it went into a deep long sleep. Shes still trying to get her senses to wake up.

”Your sister, ” she whispered as her tears became heavy.

All Radelaine could feel now is pain from the tears she saw in her mothers eyes.

” . . . your father locked her up again. ” Radelaine was staggered by the news her mother said. She couldn believe it.

But as soon as her mother said that, somehow her memory of what happened came back. It mortified her as she realized how Geiyras gaze changed when she was choking her.

Worriedly, she got out of her bed and wore her slippers to go to Geiyra but her mother stops her.

”Shes not in her chamber…. she is not locked in her chamber Radelaine… ” She looked at her mother with such confusion.

What does her mother mean? Her father usually locks her up in her chamber.

Where did her father lock her up this time?

Although the sisters share the same room now, Geiyra was just so fond of her that she requested a bed beside Radelaines room.

”She is in the round tower far from your chambers. No one is allowed to go see her. Your father will be angry. ”

Radelaine stood there frozen by what her mother said.

e kidding me. ”

Her eyes started to sting and all she could feel is remorse. She wasn at fault but she felt she is to blame.

She slowly finds her way to sit back in her bed. She can believe this happened to her sister.

”Mother, ” she called out for her mother.

”I know my dear, Im sorry Geiyra did this to you. ” She looked at her mother in disbelief.

”No mother. Its not your fault. Not even Geiyra…. shes just sick. ” She responded.

After a while of Radelaine listening to her sob, she finally asked, ”How did I get home? ”

”That. ” Her mother paused.

”Nemago Family took care of you as we flee the palace. Sir Herelph volunteered to hide us. We had to run for our lives. ”

Lady Madelra let out a huge sigh as she remembers how she left her daughter in another family. Radelaine could not even utter a word after she heard what she said.

”What? ” Did she stay in other peoples houses? All the while she was unconscious, she was being a burden to other peoples houses. Great.

”You stayed there for three days and we had to leave right away so we left you there…. but we had to, they are hunting your sister. ”

Why is this all of a sudden becoming so much of a sin? And what? Three days?

Radelaine was the one who was hurt. She is fine now but what does it have to do with them? Why is everybody getting involved?

”Your father reported to the palace how your sister is locked up now, hes asleep in his chambers now though, but Im just not sure how the people will respond to that… If news breaks out this time, I don know how we will secure our familys safety anymore. ”

What her mother said is a puzzle to her. She couldn get a grasp of the things she is saying. Why would they hunt Geiyra?

”I don understand. ” She said.

”My ancestors knew magic. ” Lady Madelra said trying to explain to her their circumstance right now.

Radelaine couldn help but feel like her mother is playing with her. Magic? She brushed her hair in perplexity trying to assimilate everything she just heard.

”My ancestors were using it to take control of people. But they got caught and were burned by the people only a few survived and one of em is my mothers predecessor. ”

She is hardly continuing her explanation as she knows how she sounds ridiculous to her daughter.

Lady Madelra stood on her seat and walked towards the window as if she is looking at her memories on the horizon. Although she knew she just wanted to face away from her. Even to herself, it sounds ridiculous and shameful.

”No one knew about their existence, thats how our bloodline still exists now. But in the longest time of concealing, it has been forgotten. And I thought we somehow outgrew from it. ”

Lady Madelra took a deep breath and looked at her daughter checking how she responds to anything she just said.

”Then how is it that Geiyra has it? ” Radelaine calmly asked her mother but still could not hide how absurd this is to her.

”I don even possess any of it, not even my mother. I don know how that happened… I don even know if this is what Geiyra has. Its different. All I know, at least Im aware of, is that all these years her senses are transitioning. Shes connecting to an entity we don know. ”

Although Radelaines mother is hesitant to speak further about her family, she just thought how her daughter was becoming someone that they have already consigned to oblivion.

”Whats the reason for aggression then if she is just mystical? ” She asked after a minute of silence.

”I know darling its hard to believe. Even I am hardly acknowledging whats going on with my own daughter but as Ive heard stories from my mother, they conjure spells to summon magic at command. She must have experienced the world differently from us. ”

Her mother paused briefly as she tries to finally figure out her daughter.

”My poor daughter, I highly doubt she can cast even one spell. Someone must have put her through this. ”

Radelaine feels for her mother. She thought if this is all true, Geiyra really must have suffered so much. How can such mysticism even destroy her?

Suddenly, shouts of terror interrupted them. Both went out hurriedly and discovered fire already raging on the first floor. Everyone is panicking. The helpers were shouting looking for a way out.

Their house has been set to fire.

Characters and Places:

King Council Carteph (kàr-tef) – 14th Century King of Takèif

King Council Vardyr (vàr-deer) – first king council of Takèif in 6th Century son of One King

Sir Herelph Nemago – Knight of the late King Council father of King Council Carteph

Lord Phraselm (frà-selm) Nemago – grandson of Sir Herelph

Iuliān Troe (ee-yul-yan tro-i) – Lord Phraselms cousin

Shaoghal – one territory led by the One King past 5th Century

Takèif (tah-kif) – Northwest Shaoghal 14th Century

Radelaine (rah-deh-layn) – adopted daughter of Sarsheden Family

Derktse (dher-cheh) Sarsheden – father of the family

Geiyra (khey-ra) Sarsheden – was once an only child

Madelra Sarsheden – mother of the family

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