Suddenly, shouts of terror interrupted them. Both went out hurriedly and discovered fire already raging on the first floor. Everyone is panicking. The helpers were shouting looking for a way out.

Their house has been set to fire by the people.

The first thing that Radelaine thought is her sister. Without hesitation, she jumped into the fire through the stairs making her way down the first floor.

Her body flicks from side to side looking for nothing in particular at all when her thoughts are so distorted thinking about how the situation could go worse.

She finds herself a vase and poured the water into her body as she entered the depth of fire.

Her heart pounds uncontrollably and numbs all reactions in her body. She hyperventilates as her hands are trembling. She couldn be bothered by the amount of pain from the heat but she sobs her way into it for not only the pain of the fire worries her but also what she found out about her sister. Hearing the sound of victory outside her home, what her mother said to Radelaine must have been all true.

This unnecessary and uncalled-for hate is starting to piss her off.

She wiped her tears continuously as her sight gets it everything blurry every time. She tried to gather herself to think straight. She went into the way leading to the tower and as she opened a door, she finally briefly escaped the fire. This is the door leading to the top of the tower.

She raised her chin looking up to the stairs that she is about run into. With all she got, she shouted for Geiyras name and proceeded up the wooden stairs.

She calls for her but the distance just made it impossible for anyone to hear.

She hasn reached halfway yet but she is already losing her strength. Her legs wobble and then bam! She slams her elbow to the stairs making her wince in pain.

Suddenly she heard the door open where she just walked and there she saw the body built the way she is familiar with.

It was again, Lord Phraselm.

”Come down Lady Radelaine! Weve got Geiyra in a safe place now. ”

He shouted with all his might.

Just as much as she couldn believe she saw the man again, she was just relieved by the news he got for her.

She gets up silently letting out a moan of wrenching pain from both her knees and elbows and hurriedly gets down as much as her tired body could do.

He quickly went for Radelaine and helped her walk down as fast as she can.

Before they left the tower, Radelaine remembered her parents.

”My mother and father, I have to go back. ”

She said cracking her voice from crying.

”We can go back. Theres too much fire. ”

He said and held her tight not trying to let her run to the fire as he persistently drags her slowly.

”NO! ” She shouted at him. ”Please! Let go. ”

”Alright, Ill get them if you get out of here now. ” He assured her.

”Please! ” She pleaded and he straight away covered her head with his damp sleeve and went to the way where they escaped Geiyra a while ago.

e not gonna make it, she thought to herself and started bawling.

”Please! ” she pleaded to the Lord once more.

They continued running along the narrow walkway leading into the garden forest at the back of the house.

They are trying to escape the fire in the house that has just been burned by the people in this town as news broke out. In the household of Sarsheden there lived a young witch.

And so as soon as the people saw Radelaine being brought home in a carriage after three days in the care of the Nemagos, they gathered people and executed their plan.

Phraselm and Iuliān brought Radelaine home safely but as the cousins are leaving the town, they saw a crowd of people bringing lighted wood torches and buckets of fuel going the opposite way the cousins are going.

Both were so confused but their confusion quickly dissipated when they heard a lady talking as she passed their carriage.

”I knew something is wrong in that house, I can believe I served Lady Madelra. ”

Right away the cousins knew what was coming. They might not know what exactly they were talking about but they knew what those lighted torches are for. And so they left their carriage and runs towards the Sarshedens and a few distances away from the crowd where they couldn see them.

Just before Radelaine and Phraselm turn left through a door leading to the garden to finally make an exit, they were halted by three people coming out from who knows where dressed in metal armor plate over a padded garment and a woven cloth tunic in a non-luminous spectrum of yellow, gripping a double-edged sword and whose boots are covered in metal from down the knee to the lower calves.

They couldn be knights from this kingdom, who are they? Phraselm thought to himself.

Both were astonished that even Radelaine is trying to figure out what these knights have gone through from all the blade scratches she found on their armor showing some hint of blood splashes. Even a part of the tip in the slit of their clothing was burned.

Did they come from the fire? Radelaine thought. Has there been a battle between kingdoms that Radelaine did not know of?

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