”What will you do know Queen Vana? ” Ryvna Ruse asks, the female knight of the young Queen Council Vanameryth.

Before answering one of her mightiest knights, the young Queen let out a sigh and directed her sight into the vast land of Acairè. Where there she stands on the wall walk of the palace dressed in a long white silk gown layered with a velvet skirt. Beside her, is her knight.

”They need to be stopped of course… Right? What choice there is if its not to fully barricade our borders. ” The Queen Council said as she looked over the far east of her kingdom where two towns had recently been bugged by muggers stealing all their already scarce resources.

”I don know whats gotten into my brothers. ” She added sounding more troubled.

The Queens two brothers, King Councils (King Council Vardyr of Takèif and King Council Ackgu of Xuediv), were freeing their prisoners off into Acairè creating terror in the closest town to each border.

These prisoners were constantly stealing resources threatening the food security of the towns. The Queen Council could not tolerate her envious brothers much longer because famine will come if she will.

Among the three children of the One King, the 15-year-old Princess Vanameryth outsmarted her two older brothers, the 26-year-old Prince Ackgu, and a year apart eldest Prince Vardyr at 27, who fought with each other to claim the largest territory of Shaoghal where there the Princess dominated all fights and challenges despite being the weakest in sword fights.

The wit, kindness, and leadership of the Princess made their father grant Acairè to his youngest child.

Four years later, now Queen Council Vanameryth has endured so much of her brothers undying jealousy. Shes been accepting every attack without fighting back.

The young Queen has always been fond of her brothers, how can she ever fight back?

”I have set my patience long enough. I pleaded for peace. I offered to help their kingdoms giving them valuable seeds and lambs to raise and even precious metals that our miners took days to find — yet they refuse to return the deal. ” The distressed Queen bitterly continued.

”How much more should my land suffer for them to forgive me? ”

”I will send orders to a Master Mason and gather laborers, Queen Vana. Let us build the barricade. ” The knight dressed in her formal class grassy green ankle-length tunic (also called gown or kirtles) belted at the waist said as she agrees with the decision of the Queen Council.

The knight herself dealt with these hungry and deprived prisoners who were nothing but empty-minded and clothed with prison filth.

The prisoners are always unusually hyperactive and hostile that she could not even take them down through a calm conversation.

They have no choice but to kill them on sight or lock them in cells individually, that is only if aggression is not as strong.

”Let me escort you to your study, Queen Vana. ” Said the knight as the sun has already set and it was getting dark.

”Very well Ryv. ”

When Ryvna finally escorted the Queen, she right away went off the castle and walked to the nearest town where there was another knight who stationed himself to give service to the town as well as help enforce laws.

After passing the drawbridge of the palace she had to walk further down the mountain, pass into the bridge in Elteshelle River finally reach the towns gate revealing its name Castle Town, the town near the castle.

Upon entering the open gate she half runs and met a palace guard running his errand and greeted the knight.

”The sun is out, what is up to Maam Ryvna? ” The palace guard said as if he was not directly talking to her as he increases his voice when the knight is not stopping even though they have meet the eyes of each other.

”Queens order Hert! ” She responded still looking ahead continuing her run.

She quickly surpassed an alley and entered a narrow road to the center of the town where the town hall in front of a huge water fountain is found.

She knocked twice and opened the red wooden plank door and there she saw the two people whom she knows quite well of.

It was Sir Philip and Sir Von. The two other knights of the Queen Council sitting at the long table in the town hall.

”What brought you here Ryv? ”

Sir Von asked with delight as he sees the beautiful, calm, and frank demeanor of the knight, Ryvna Ruse, who never come for them without news or orders to deliver.

”Queens orders. ” She right away said.

Queens urgency is not so much but to Ryvna, it is a chance to see once again the man whom she had her eyes on, Sir Philip.

Sir Philip is the first in command among the knights. The braveness and sophistication of the knight in handling battle situations and even what comes to his life are admired by Ryvna.

After what Ryvna said, Sir Philip directed his focus on her and straight off stand on his feet and asked, ”What is it about? ”

”Queen Vana wants to fully barricade the borders, ” Ryvna said as she sat on the seat of the long table with handpicked roses on a vase over laced brown linen in the middle.

”By tomorrow we will have to talk to a Master Mason as well as gather laborers. We might be needing a lot of work power because although the two territories that we are barricading are small, we are still going to need thousands of men. ” She continued setting out a suggestive plan.

”We all know Queen Vana, she does not want this to happen, so we have to work among ourselves to pursue a plan, ” Ryvna added as she thought about how the Queen is still hesitant about this decision.

”We only have three days. I fear Queen Vana will change her mind. ” she exhaled in the worry that this could be possible.

”I know a Mason who mainly works for gigantic walls. Its three towns down to the south. I can head off there now, it is not far. Ill be back before midnight if I ride my horse. ”

Sir Von insisted as he readily stood and carried his belongings in a leather purse attached to his belt where his sword is hung as well.

”Ill be going then. ” He said as he exits the hall.

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