Legend of Shaoghal Diverging Periods

\"You can enjoy ladies, but not too much.\"

Ryvna went straight off to the castle barracks where knights working in the palace sleeps, as well as most of the battle warriors. Other warriors live directly at the training barracks outside the palace hidden in the middle of the woods.

Ryvna went into her chambers to get changed into a more comfortable inner kirtle which she padded with a chest plate and wore her sturdy boots.

She picked up her sword and hung it into her belt harness as she freed her long hair from the bun and exits the room.

As she went out, a few of the warriors who were awake gazed at her in silence probably trying to make ascertain what she is trying to do. Of course, where is this knight dressed in battle wear heading off in the middle of the night?

But the affronted Ryvna did not give a hoot on these knots of people.

While going down the stairs and passing a few hallways she couldn help but squint her eyes and tighten her lips as she suppressed her rage.

What ruffled her feather, even more, is that how she went on to tell Sir Philip and Sir Von the plan that she confidently had in her mind.

She honestly thought she has got the best decision. Ryvnas desire to feel leveled amongst this man that she admired overshadowed the concern at hand. Unaware of such, she failed to see how the Queens concern is on the beam.

The judgment she thought felt wrong to her now and it irked her even more.

Even though shes hardly accepting she made a wrong move, far down in her heart, she knew Queen Vana is well grounded in her decision. Only if she could see it herself.

This could be the chance for those two kingdoms to finally start a war if the Queen will ever makes a defensive play. If the Queen even play any cards, it will mean the Queen has accepted their invitation to war. And if the gathering of laborers went through, only God knows whats about to come.

Thats not how Queen Vana envisioned securing a future of peace in Acairè. War is never even a resort. Never would she dare break her fathers legacy by pinning chaos on this land. As selfish as it can be, a few hungry towns people are better than a greater number of lives at risk.

This which Ryvna deemed incomprehensible.

After finally heading out to the barracks, she went to her horses stable. She brushed his hair, feeds him water, and rode him out of the palace to try and go after Sir Philips tracks of his journey to the east.

Meanwhile, Sir Philip has already gone to at least four towns and still has a lot more towns to go.

He is tired. He would sometimes squeeze his eyes shut and then open em wide in an effort to stay awake and roll his neck from side to side to loosen up tightness.

He knew he can never visit every town so he was rooting for the letters the Queen made to reach as many towns as possible.

Little did Philip know that the effort he did so far will only be put to waste.

”What brought a Queens Knight to this far humble Misty Town? ”

The mayor of Misty town asked as he welcomed his presence upon being informed of his arrival in the middle of the night.

Misty Town may not be a rich town in Acaire but it brings a refreshing mist that chills the air of the town and wards off humidity. This town a little far from the castle has residents of very kind people with its very kind mayor.

As Sir Philip held his horses harness, he answered the respectable mayor and went down his saddle.

”I am Sir Philip of Castle Town and a Knight of the Queen Council Vanameryth. ”

”I am Mayor Lugwid of Misty Town. Thank you for blessing our town with your presence Sir Philip, but what may be of service can I offer you. ” The mayor responded.

”We need the service of your laborers. We need several men to build a big wall across our borders. This is an urgent matter and I will be leaving your town right away to gather more men so I will be expecting you to give a word to your people and be at the border of Takèif before noon. Your service will be rewarded. ” Sir Philip said sending him ques of urgency.

”Our Queen is so great to be saving our people. I will right away knock on doors gathering laborers as many as I can. I heard you are in a hurry, carry on now Sir. ” Sir Philip nodded and before he could even respond a familiar yell interrupted them.

Concurrently, Ryvna has been going along her way trying hard to find Sir Philip.

Ryvna knew how big of trouble this will become tomorrow if this continues.

And indeed as she worries, the trouble continues.

The number of men that Ryvna could not fathom the numbers of will soon bring disturbance to the people of Acairè, just as she thought.

She is not bothered by Sir Von going about finding a Master Mason or even the amount of people to journey to the borders tomorrow.

They can just order a halt on the building of the walls.

But the number of people who will know that the Queen ordered to make borders but took the order right away will anger many.

To the people of Acairè, the walls would mean hope to them, and if the walls aren put up, it will mean the Queen cares for her brothers more than her people. Knowing that would seem not right to them.

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