Legend of Shaoghal Diverging Periods

Meeting Phraselm and Iuliān

”Yes, mother. ” They answered.

Radelaine looked at Geiyra and saw how hearing what their father said weighed her down. She looked at her with an assuring smile.

At the young age of 16, she will finally have the chance to see the world outside the home she finds comfort in after two years of having no shelter at all. Radelaine hardly remembered anything in her past but all she knew was that she was there twice on a yearly memorial march for the late queen.

Radelaine thought that no matter how thankful she is that she has now what she can call family, her desire for something else is far greater than the love she has been bestowed.

Radelaine placed her hand in her chest to feel the beating of her heart and thought to herself, What more love do I have to receive to fill this certain void inside?

Both despised the idea of marriage, Radelaine, however, is not looking particularly for love. She hoped that this has to fill the bottomless chasm she somehow felt for a long time.

Be that as it may, Geiyra thought being in love is a ticking time bomb. Nothing ever goes right in a household with an uncontrollable brute. Although it only happened to her twice in her whole life, its as if shes been holding the hand of the clock. If she can hold it any longer, no one knows whats going to happen.

Marriage is indeed something different in the eyes of the sisters.

They were awoken by a sudden thump on the carriage.

Both jolted out. Instinctively, they held each others hands.

When they realized it was just a bulk of stone that hit the wheels, they calmed down and laughed seeing each others fright. Their mother and father even chuckled with them.

After the jolt, Radelaine looked over to the window next to her and her face brighten up with amusement.

”Look Geiyra! We
e here! ” Radelaine said as she gently elbowed her sister.

Takèif is indeed a mesmerizing sight to see. Houses were much closer to each other. Stores offering different services were lining up at the side of the road. The people are each to their own minding their affairs. In their point of view, all these were new sights to look at.

Their eyes were shining as if what they have seen were gold and jewels. To them, experiences like this are as precious as gold and jewels as they are hard to come by.

They were never allowed to roam outside the house aside from exploring the garden forest, and compared to their town, houses there are a bit far from each other. There were no stores as all they need are already available inside the gates of their home.

”We are still in the city, but we are almost there darlings. ” Said their mother.

The carriage has to pass the woods after a bridge to reach the palace so grand that the drawbridge is twice the size of the gate The high-rise tower and turrets, and even the walls made of stones looked so intimidating that it somehow seemed the defense already knew this place will become a battleground.

Indeed to protect the kingdom, the people inside should also be protected. And there at the highest place of the palace, is their flag waving at them.

Before finally getting inside the magnanimous gate, the gatekeeper asked for the familys invitation card. Right after, they were already in the first inner courtyard of the palace.

When the carriage stopped, Radelaine hurriedly opens the door revealing each corner of the inner courtyard filled with guards and guests in their fancy carriage coming from each side of the kingdom.

It was their first time and such ignorance of the palace made both of the sisters have curious eyes roaming around the place as they walk their way inside.

Later after the meal, Geiyra suddenly fell to her knees. Radelaine figured something is wrong with her. As soon as Geiyra stepped into the castle floor, Radelaine already knew she was not feeling well. She was constantly closing her eyes for a second and shaking her head implying she was holding something in. Radelaine wondered but her attention moved right away from the feast earlier. Nobody had the time to give Geiyra some regard.

Geiyra was breathing hard with her head facing down towards the ground while both hands were covering her ears. Radelaine kneeled to her with great worry and saw she was even closing her eyes so hard like she was trying to avoid seeing something.

”I can take it anymore, ” Geiyra said with a voice so shaky it was so hard to understand.

Radelaine couldn figure out what to do when other guests were crowding her out murmuring with each other and acting as if they were worried. She lift her head looking over the direction of the door and held Geiyras arms to help her get up but Geiyra objected pushing Radelaine. She loses balance on her knees and falls on the patterned hardwood flooring.

”I can . ” Geiyra even choked on her breath as she speaks those words.

Radelaine felt bruised up but still stood on her feet and gently leaned towards her and said,

”Its alright, lets get you some fresh air, come on. ”

So she held her arms once again but to everyones surprise, Geiyra reached her hand to her sisters neck while flaring at her face.

”I said, I can . ”

The crowd went out of control. Everyone got furious at how the delicate Lady Geiyra Sarsheden whom they met a while ago was this crude of a person. But no one was more surprised than Radelaine.

Her sister was choking her to death.

Geiyras grasp on her neck was nothing more than just a mere threat to her.

She is in the state with intention of killing her sister.

Characters and Places:

Shaoghal – one territory led by the One King passed the 5th Century

Takèif (tah-kif) – Northwest Shaoghal 14th Century

Radelaine (rah-deh-layn) – adopted daughter of the Sarsheden Family

Derktse (dher-cheh) Sarsheden – father of the family

Geiyra (khey-ra) Sarsheden – was once an only child

Madelra Sarsheden – mother of the family

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