The mystery of the three knights suddenly became more important to Radelaine than escaping the house.

”We need to go! ” Phraselm exclaimed turning Radelaines senses back as she resisted strength just to face the knights.

There has got to be something that they have to do for whatever reason and Radelaine wants to know just why.

”You can leave. ” Said the knight whose blade of the sword is already hidden in his scabbard in an attempt to look less intimidating.

Yes, they could be intimidating but to Radelaine she believed they have come with no harm intended, at least thats what she thought.

Radelaine and Phraselm despite the surprise, looked in confusion when what the knight just said will only keep them harmed. Leaving this place is probably a thing only said by people who want to kill themselves.

Phranselm was already fuming by all this sudden appearance when they are already one step out of the house.

He so badly wanted everyone safe. He attempted to drag Radelaine out but even before he could even do so, one of the knights grabbed the hand of Radelaine while the other hand pushed Phraselm out of the house and slammed the door close.

What Radelaine saw made her gasp from fear.

Despite how mesmerized she was by the sudden gentle hand grabbing and effortless strength pushing Lord Phraselm out, she is finally scared of them.

The house is burning and now another threat she has faced.

And even more, fear came rushing to her when she remembered her parents are still inside.

She resisted the knights hands still grabbing her and not caring what just happened to Phraselm. She gripped her skirt and pursed her lips as she couldn believe she got distracted by these knights.

She only has herself to blame when anything ever goes wrong with them.

”Mother, ” She cried for her mother as she hurriedly tried to get passed the sturdy stance of the knights.

She couldn even care about her fear for them when her family is about to get burned, or if have they already been burned.

”Father! ”

She runs back to the way leading to the masters bedroom hoping she will find them.

She is panicking. Her legs is weak, her tears just couldn stop from pouring down.

And no matter how loud she is shouting, no response she heard.

No matter how much heat she felt, hope continued to run blur.

No matter how much love she had, fate isn stopping the situation.

Her clothes are burning. Her body is in pain. Her heart is in grief. Her parents can be dead, she thought convincing herself.

This can be.

When Radelaine is about to make her way up the stairs, she was stopped by the same knight who pushed Phranselm a while ago.

Radelaine didn even notice how these three knights were clearing the way for her and blocking the falling debris just to keep her safe.

But she couldn just care, all that she could think of is how much more pain her parents feel and how much they could be suffering right now.

”The stairs are collapsing you can go any further. ” the knight said seizing her hand so she couldn make any further steps.

She was then dragged on a sturdy stone pillar and brought her down to the ground kneeling with him as he tries to grab her attention.

The other knights also then kneeled on each side creating a protected space for them.

Radelaine could not understand what is going on. The knight succeeded in taking the attention of Radelaine, but time is running short.

They are burning. Its almost as if its melting her.

”Listen to me Princess, we are all going to die if you don listen to me. ”

Said the knight finally letting go of her arms but to Radelaines surprise, he called her a princess.

”Youve got the wrong girl. ”

She said as she shakes her head no and wrinkled her brows not just by confusion but of the pain she is feeling.

The heat continues to intensify she could feel her skin inflaming and in so much more pain than before but to the knights, it didn seem to affect them.

As much as she wants to cry, even more, her body seems to be drying out.

In response to Radelaine, he lifts her damp hair that falls down to her waist revealing her birthmark.

”Thats a birthmark from a royal bloodline of Acairè. ”

He explained that made Radelaine become suspicious of herself.

Could it be true? She thought but her thoughts messed up again when the pain she is feeling felt torturous. She finally started to panic even more.

In Radelaines mind, these knights are killing her.

She fell on the hot floor as the heat penetrated from her clothes into her skin even more making her lose every strength that is left.

”What are you doing? ” She said with her mind in disarray and slowly losing her breath from all the smoke she inhaled.

”Get me out of here…. ” She coughed and in pain, she pleaded. ”Save my parents… ”

”Give me your hand, ” he said with urgency.

Radelaine right away presented her hand as the knight tries to give her something in a closed fist.

When Radelaine received what was given to her, immediately it sunk into her skin. It was a bright yellow gem that gradually lost its light as it was seemingly absorbing into her body and trailing into her veins.

”What was that? ” She said in bewilderment as she was not expecting such wonders in these knights.

She extended her arms to see how the gem is tracing into her nerves as she felt it transmitting into her body.

What was that?

”I will now be taking you far back in time, you could oppose but, ”

He paused hardly continuing what he is trying to say

”I will take measures by threatening your life. Will you burn along the house or are you coming with me? ”

Such perplexing words came from this knight but Radelaine, just wanted to end the pain so she responded, ”Take me with you. ”

And just like that, the four of them perished in the fire.

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