Legend of Shaoghal Diverging Periods

\"You can enjoy ladies, but not too much.\"

Radelaine, Geiyra, and their mother followed Lord Derktse leading to the main door of the old palace. Its a heavy double door made with iron metal and strong oak wood.

The place is filled with the finest ornaments that fit in the vast high and hand-painted ceiling. Its a depiction of history as anybody from Shaoghal can recognize, the horizontal scape and framed painting. In the painting were two kings and one queen fighting side by side to defeat the dark enemy.

Despite having fancy jewels and gold inside with all these enormous paintings made with such detail and texture, the palace doesn seem as dreamy at all to Radelaine as she expected it to be.

The chandelier has made it gloomy. At first, you would think this kingdom is more focused on battles than actually providing peace. If it weren for some chandeliers and wall-mounted candles, this hall the sisters were walking into would be grim.

As they finally entered the hall, there revealed to them a long room, higher than it is wide with a beautiful stone vault ceiling.

The great hall was already filled with guests in suits and gowns all coming from different sides of Takèif, with one common aspect among them, politicians and wealth.

All were a family of wealth.

King Carteph is indeed the weakest King among the Kings and Queen who ever lived in Shaoghal as he feeds himself glory from these families of wealth.

He is a King Council and a direct descendant of King Vardyr, son of the One King, the ruler of 5th Century Shaoghal.

It is still a mystery how he passed a law.

At the far end of the hall are two long dining tables placed facing each other at each side of the room and one royal table at the center.

Nobody was seated at the table but rather standing in the open space made for musicians and jesters to entertain the guests while eating later on.

As the family got too close to a group of nobles talking with each other, their presence was welcomed and finally, Lord Derktse can introduce his daughters to the young men of each family present in this banquet.

”Ah Lord Derktse Sarsheden, good to see you. ”

Said the old man in a red-accented black suit filled with stars on his shoulders and medals on his chest. He is a battle warrior before, Radelaine thought.

”Yes! Sir Herelph Nemago, good to see you too. Its been a while. Here is my wife, and my two daughters. ”

Lord Derktse responded and right away Lady Madelra extended her hands and introduced herself.

”I am Lady Madelra, and this is my two daughters Geiyra and Radelaine. ”

The sisters then showed their faces and bowed to the sir.

”Hello, Sir Herelph. ” Both said and smiled in unison.

”I didn know you had two daughters. But I have to say such beauty is one of a kind. Their stance is indeed alluring. What a great impression ladies. ”

The sisters looked at each other and smiled at the flattering comment of the sir.

”I just can help but introduce to you, my grandsons… Gentlemen, come closer. ”

The Sir gestured his hand to the two men to introduce themselves.

”Greetings mlady, I am Lord Phraselm Nemago, grandson of Sir Herelph. ”

Lord Phraselm reached his hand for Radelaine and gently pushed his lips in the back of her brown crimson laced-glove hand.

Radelaine couldn help but get flushed. She tried hard to keep her composure but the gentlemans eyes were locked on her. Radelaine couldn do anything but get disarmed by his gaze. So this is what it feels like, she thought curiously.

”I am Lady Radelaine, daughter of Lord Derktse. ” She responded.

”Of course. ” He said.

”And I am Iuliān Troe, Lord Phraselms cousin. ”

Since Lord Phraselm still got the hand of Radelaine. He reached for Geiyras and did the same for her delicate hand of her.

Radelaine removed her hand from the Lord when Iuliān was introducing himself to Geiyra. Lord Phraselms hand is not getting comfortable for her. He on the other hand was just captivated by her beauty that he could not resist holding her hand longer.

With their hands away from each other, Iuliān then reached for the hand of Radelaine to do the same but was somehow interrupted when Lord Phraselm suddenly cleared his throat. So instead, he just shook it.

”I am Iuliān Troe, nice to meet you. ” He said and flashed a smile that made Radelaine respond with a smile as well.

His smile was so carefree that Radelaine thought this sir is a perfect match for Geiyra and a delightful sight to see for Lord Derktse. Sir Herelph on the other hand, unlike the rest, got his eyes on his son to be paired with Lady Geiyra, the eldest and heir of the Sarcheden wealth.

”Ah! I remember Lady Geiyra playing the harp for the Pentecost feast a few years back, It was very beautiful. ”

A misbelief from Sir Herelph made Lady Madelra softly laugh in confusion with her hands slightly covering her mouth.

”Forgive me for laughing Sir, you must be mistaken. But my daughter doesn play any instruments. ”

Sir Herelph seemed to be taken aback by his problematic memory but he was sure he did witness something of the likes. Lord Derktse is rather anxious that the Sir got offended.

”It was I that you saw for the Pentecost feast Sir ” Radelaine troubled that he be irked, revealed it was her on the feast.

”Yes, your Magistri did ask you to play with him for the Pentecost some time ago. ” Lord Derktse said as he pieces memories together.

”Master Bingen did want me to go with him. I played the violin. ”

Sir Herelph cackled and the slight tension was finally sent off.

”I got everything wrong, silly old me trying to talk with the young Lady Geiyra. ”

The conversation went on talking about the future endeavors after the Cartephian Law.

”I need a drink. Not wine. ” Lady Geiyra whispered to her mother. She is starting to feel light-headed. ”Wine is the only drink they walk around with. Maybe its on those tables, my dear. ”

”If you may allow, I can accompany you, Lady Geiyra, ” Iuliān said after he overheard Lady Madelra talking to her daughter.

Minutes later, their father already introduced his daughters to all of the families in this hall.

The time passed and the sisters couldn help but get numbed on their feet and feel tired from all the small talk they had to say. Lady Geiyra feels dizzy more and more.

They were getting hungry. Good thing the royal family finally entered the hall, initiating the start of the feast.

Along with the King are his Queen, two princes, and a Princess. Such class, there is to these families.

The gaze and their posture scream grace and power.

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