Legend of Shaoghal Diverging Periods

\"You can enjoy ladies, but not too much.\"

bbed her arms cutting down the chase Radelaine did. Her jaw is tensed and is jutted slightly forward.

Startled by Geiyras reaction, she answered, ”Father knows we are just playing around. Don worry. We should hurry! Ill have to wear the emerald long gown mother bought for us. ”

Radelaine left Geiyra once again by the stairs. One can assume that she left to have Geiyra chase her again but it was more like an uncomfortable Radelaine seeing how vexed her sister was all of a sudden.

Geiyra switched up into confusion after she realized what her sister just said seconds ago.

”I thought I was wearing that. ”

Radelaine rushed up to their room passing Geiyra like nothing happened and said, ”Im not serious Geiyra. ” She laughed hard holding her stomach as she looks over to the right were two helpers came to help them get dressed.

”Radee… ” Geiyra sighed in relief.

Radelaine knows she has her eyes on the beautifully detailed emerald and glittery silk ball gown their mother tailored for one of them. Radelaine could never do that to her sister.

Moments later they were already off their castle-like house where there is a round tower on the far right edge, a vast garden in the front, and a hectare of the garden forest at the back where Radelaine and Geiyra like to spend their free afternoon exploring – there could still be more to explore.

The walls of their house are decorated with climbing vines that are changed over the changing season. Lady Madelra particularly adored this seasons shade of vines, the sable-colored flowers that give off the subtle vibe of fall.

”I expect both of you when we reach the palace to be polite and with grace. You could be talking to your husband when we get there, who knows. ”

Lord Derktse said to his daughters whilst in the carriage on their way to the palace.

”Yes, father. ” Hesitantly they answered in unison. Against their will, their father is now looking forward to a day like this.

Lord Derktse despite being a father whose presence shouts nowhere near comforting, is still a father who has great hope for the future of his daughters, especially for Geiyra. By finding her love, he hopes he can finally end his daughters misery.

”You can enjoy ladies, but not too much. ” Their mother, Lady Madelra said with a comforting smile to redirect the pressuring remarks of their father knowing that the sisters are looking forward to this day.

”Yes, mother. ” They answered.

Radelaine looked at Geiyra and saw how hearing what their father said weighed her down. She looked at her with an assuring smile.

They thought this is going to be the day when they get to see how extravagant the world outside their house is. But how can they now? Thinking about what is about to happen, Radelaine leaned to the glass window beside her and lets out a little sigh.

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