⎯ a letter

humming a sweet tune thats been stuck in your head for a while, you swept the dirtied floors as best you can. your teacher, graciously, gave you cleaning duties today because you were quite chatty in class today. but you started late because you went to go hang near the vending machines with your friends before you had to complete the inevitable.

glancing at the floors, you nodded to yourself deciding it looked clean enough for you to start wiping down the desks. grabbing the cleaning spray and ordinary, gray rag you began to wipe down the desks. but you halted hearing some footsteps from outside the classroom.

who else was here?

guessing that it was only mr. williams, one of the janitors, you decided to get back to the task at hand.

”finally! ” you exclaimed in exasperation, youd finally finished. you ran to grab your f/c bookbag and go unplug your fully charged phone.

stepping out of your classroom, you sighed heavily walking through the vast hallway trying to put your book bag on properly. but suddenly you were startled by a sudden someone standing in your path.

falling backward with a shriek, the persons expression quickly turned apologetic as they extended a helping hand.

”sorry about that, ” he smiled sheepishly handing you your phone.

”its no problem, ” you replied finally recognizing who the person was. its h/n from your homeroom class. you guys have second period, third period, and even lunch together.

he was more on the reserved side as youve never seen him speak to anyone before. this mightve been the first time hes ever initiated a conversation with you.

”hi y/n, ive been waiting for you, ” he said with a sudden cheerful tone of voice.

”for what? ” you questioned.

but the answer you were waiting for was going to have to wait as he suddenly grasped your wrist pulling you up the

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