⎯ a letter

stairwell. ”where are you taking me? ” you asked over and over again but he didn answer as he opened up the bulky door and pulled you onto the windy rooftop.

finally letting you rest, h/n released his hold from your wrist with a bright blush. huffing you stood tall to see his hazel eyes stuck to you as he smiled sweetly at you.


shutting your front door closed, you inhaled the delicious fumes coming from the kitchen.

”mother is that you? ” you questioned practically salivating at the tasty scent.

”yes, ive prepared dinner so go put your stuff down and wash up love! ” she hollered from the kitchen. you replied shouting an okay before jogging up the stairs. opening your room door, you threw your bookbag to the side as you glanced down at your hand.

it held the letter h/n had begged you to take home with you. he told you to open it when you got home, and only then.

deciding you should have a look at what was handed to you you sat down in your desk chair. lifting the back flap to the envelope, you took out a pristine, crisp white stationery. flipping it over you were greeted with neat handwriting.

”i wonder what that boy wrote for me, ” you muttered to yourself.

hi f/n, ive held a crush on you since the first day of school. your personality is what i liked most about you at first. do you think we could go out sometime? please reply to my letter, my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. im looking forward to your text 🙂

from, h/n

”a confession? ” you muttered in confusion, ”why would he like me? ”

reading over the letter again, he seemed sincere. the letter seemed so sweet, so why not give me a chance? he wasn bad on the eyes and seemed to cherish you.

chuckling to yourself, you unlocked your phone to put in his number. you shot him a quick text before heading to the bathroom before eating.

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