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its been a while since y/n and h/n have started talking. at first, she thought they were moving a bit fast, but he reassured her that it was only natural.

even today, they continued the routine that theyd fallen into.

theyd meet up in the mornings most of the time, though she was not sure how he managed to figure out her walking route. and if he wasn able to walk with her, hed find her, somehow, in the morning when shed gotten in the school. then theyd randomly meet up during school.

today they planned to meet up during lunch, to which y/n and her friends have just sat down.

”oh my god, y/n you have to tell us whats going on with that boy h/n, ” chelsea squealed setting down her tray.

”what do you mean? ” you tried to avoid the subject, knowing he might walk in any minute now.

”don play coy, ” iona chimed in pushing up her glasses, ”you guys literally meet up every day and its weird to see you all of a sudden hanging out with the quiet kid. ”

figuring it was no use in trying to hide this from them you began to spill some details, including how you first met one on one.

”a letter? how cheesy is this guy? ” chelsea rolled her eyes.

”oh shut up, your just mad because charles is too busy with hwa to give you a call, ” layla rolled her eyes. chelseas cheeks flamed with embarrassment as she took a swig of her juice temporarily leaving herself out o the conversation.

”so hes been meeting up with you? thats so sweet, ” iona fanned herself dramatically while you laughed.

”yeah, its been going really good, though albeit a bit fast, ” you spoke poking your food.

”Ill say, ” chelsea butted in, ” be careful that guy seems a bit off. ”

before you had a chance to ask what she meant by that, a pair of arms snaked around your neck for a quick squeeze. ”hi there, ” h/n spoke through a cheery smile offering you a better hug. you quickly stood up and wrapped your arms around his lean body gushing.

not noticeable to you, but his eyes settle on your friend giving her a harsh glare.

hed tried to be quiet and surprise you, but hed overheard a bit of your conversation.

why was that meaningless thing planting doubts in your sweet little head?

his hold on you became a little more possessive as his dark thoughts consumed him.

”i have to get rid of her. ”

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