⎯ warmth

sliding your baby blue sneakers on, you grabbed the keys on bid your mom goodbye before sliding out the front door. you quickly hugged your jacket around you more as it became quickly apparent how cold it was. you could see your breaths lingering in the air as you continued walking.

both you and your mom were pretty hungry, and she wasn in the best mood to be in the kitchen so you decided to go buy the both of you some snacks.

the walk wasn that far and you had your phone to distract you, but something was bothering you.

it felt like you were being watched.

you wanted to tell yourself that you were overreacting, but you couldn shake off the feeling. so you decided to up your walk to a quick jog, but you were stopped by someone pulling on your shoulder.

”w-wait, y/n! ” you stopped your resistance as you recognized that sweet voice.

”h/n?! what are you doing here? ” y/n gasped in surprise. you happened to remember his house isn that close to yours, so what was he doing all the way out here? and it just happens to be at the same time as you?

h/n laughs nervously and scratches his head trying to hide his blatant anxious face. ”uh, i was just walking around, didn know youd be here, ” he laughs it off once again.

you tried to ask him another question as this was a bit weird, but he suddenly giddily grasped your hands pulling you to the entrance of the store. ”let me buy you something! ” he offered with a content smile.

”uh, i was just going to grab something for me and my mom, ” you tried declining but he urged you insisting to bring something for her after you guys are done.

in the end, you agreed to his offer. you went to go get the snacks, while he warmed up the food.

you guys settled in a free blue, skinny table and set everything down. opening the warm flap of your noodle cup, you peeled it back letting the steam rise.

you guys continued to eat in comfortable silence until you noticed something on his jacket, a stain.

he noticed your continuous stare and tilted his head, ”what are you looking at y/n? ”

you curiously pointed to the odd spot on his jacket, ”that stain. ” m/n chuckled nervously before quickly going silent.

all of a sudden he fastly stood up with a wide grin, ”I will walk you home! ”

you weren sure what was going on so you quickly agreed, ”okay. ”

you both quickly exited and made small talk as you neared your house. you imagined how far back his walk was going to be so you quickly halted, ”You can stop here, but thank you for tonight, i had fun. ”

”are you sure? ” he asked with an odd look on his face.

”yep, bye! ” you nodded enthusiastically, before pecking him on the cheek as a parting gift. he returned the gesture by softly kissing your forehead.

you calmly started your walk back home as the plastic bag swished around on your arm.

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