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the sound of jiggling keys filled the air around you as you unlocked your front door. you quickly closed the door behind you to escape the nippy night air and slid off your sneakers.

you put the keys away before going to your moms room to divvy up the snacks you had brought.

”hey mom, can i come in? ” you beckoned knocking on her apricot door.

the silence was all that answered your question. curious, you opened your moms door slowly creeping in.

you walked up to her still figure, shaking her to try and catch her attention, but she didn answer.

”hey mom, i got your snacks, ” you whispered to her figuring she was sleeping.

she murmured back in her sleep which made you smile.

”ill just leave them in the kitchen for you, i love you, ” you gently hugged her before quickly stepping out and shutting the door closed.

you put your moms favorite drink in the fridge and the rest of the snacks on the counter before venturing to your room.

you tossed the plastic bag on your bed and took off your f/c coat. you sat down on your bed whilst scrolling through your phone when you got the notification that your favorite show had just aired new episodes.

so you decided to take a shower before getting in bed to eat and watch the show. the warm water would also do you some good.

quickly throwing together some pajamas, you grabbed your towel and headed to your bathroom to clean yourself off.


you squealed in excitement as you opened your laptop to go watch the show. you had set up your snacks and had even put your phone on silent so you wouldn get interrupted.

youd finally got the show up and running, you snuggled up in your soft blankets with your snacks in a grabbable distance.

though you were filled with much anticipation, it only took you three episodes to inevitably fall asleep.

a sudden noise came from your window as the latch was unlocked and your window slowly lifted. a hand grasped the window seal for support as it delicately lifted its body through to not alert suspicion.

a familiar figure looms over your cozy body.

h/n fawns over your figure blushing to himself as you paid no attention in your sluggish dreamy state.

”y/n i hope forgive me, but you must understand! i did it for us! ” he declares with various emotions swimming in his voice.

”you feel so warm, your delicate face, ” he transitioned to a softer tone as his hand caresses your cheek.

”so peaceful, ” he whispered to no one but himself as he traces over your sleeping figure.

”may I steal a kiss? ” he whispers to you knowing you were unable to answer as your mind was elsewhere.

”i-i just can resist, ” he sweetly sighs before leaving an intimate touch of his lips on your cheek dangerously close to your own.

he stayed to watch you a bit more before leaving another embrace of lips on your forehead and solemnly whispering goodbye and fleeting the same way which he entered.

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