⎯ inhumation

the consistent blaring of your alarm forced your dream to dissipate and your eyes regrettably flutter open. you let out a big sigh as you saw the pitch-black laptop screen next to you reminding you that you fell asleep watching your show.

there was something strange about your bedside table though; your snacks were all closed and wrapped up. you had no recollection of putting them away, so maybe your mom did. as she mightve woken up and come in.

you reached for your phone to check your notifications. on your phone was a sweet message from h/n wishing you a good morning.

you smiled and sent a reply before getting up to get yourself ready for school. you quickly put your hair in one of your favorite hairstyles before getting your uniform on. you quickly grabbed your phone, charger, and bag before heading downstairs.

”hey sweetie! ” your mom cheerfully greeted you as you walked down your carpeted stairs.

”hey mom, did you go into my room last night? also, are you making breakfast? ” you asked reaching for the handle of your fridge.

”no, i was knocked out after you left. and yeah, i was thinking belgian waffles, you in the mood? ” she asked messing with your hair a bit as you reached for a glass.

”yes, of course, i love your cooking, ” you gratefully accepted the chance of her cooking.

”alright itll be ready in a bit! ” she peppily kissed your cheek as she went to go start preparing breakfast. you smiled as you watched her going through the pantry.

she always loved baking, it was one of the only things that helped to console her after her little brother died. and shes become a bit obsessed with it since then, so its a daily thing she enjoys, and that made you happy.

as she cooked you decided to pass time by sipping on your f/j while scrolling on your phone and texting h/n and your group chat.

”alright here you go! ” she passed you the plate of two stacked light-brown colored crisp waffles. the sweet fumes wafted toward your nose as you grabbed the syrup and your mom grabbed utensils.

”hey sweetie, do you mind turning up the tv for me? i can barely hear anything, ” your mom quickly asked of you before you guys sat down to eat.

”yeah, no problem! ” you turned to go toward the living room.

”by the way, the remote should be on the arm of the couch, ” she gave you a heads up.

”got it! ” you yelled.

you grasped the remote to turn up the sound, only to drop it with a shaky hand.

your mouth gaped open as your eyes rounded in horror, you were unable to believe what you were seeing.

next to the news anchor, was a picture of your friend widely smiling as they were announcing her missing.

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