ather had a stroke and was paralyzed in bed, he died more than ten years ago.


Grandmother’s eyes weren’t effectively controlled because of her long-term diabetes, and she was almost blind.
Who could take care of her when he left like this? The sadness in his heart gradually spread.
The dull pain, like strong sulfuric acid, corroded his whole chest until he wanted to curl up under pressure.


The eyes of the handsome man on the resuscitation table, however, opened slightly.



His dazed eyes slowly turned to the side, looking at the breathless body in the next hospital bed.


He was looking at his hand!


He didn’t know why, although the handsome man didn’t make a sound, Qiu Mingquan just had this feeling: he wanted the jade stone that belonged to him!


“Not good, cardiac arrest!”


A dazzling bright red suddenly spurted out from the man’s throat, and on the machine next to him, the ECG pulsed fiercely for a few beats before it turned into a cold straight line.


At this very moment, Qiu Mingquan, who was in the air, suddenly saw something that scared him for a moment.


The handsome man’s gaze turned in a direction and bizarrely met the sight of Qiu Mingquan in the air.

“You took my thing, it’s you!” His eyes, which were about to close, suddenly opened.


He stared deadly at Qiu Mingquan, his mouth clearly didn’t open and close, but Qiu Mingquan bizarrely heard a voice: “You owe me a life.
I will haunt you!”


I’ll give it back to you! I don’t want what you have-


The handsome man stared deadly at Qiu Mingquan, and his gaze suddenly became as dark as an abyss, as if he wanted to swallow him whole.



“Ahhh!” Qiu Mingquan woke up in a cold sweat, once again in the dead of night in 1988.
Everything in the dream was as vivid as if it had happened yesterday.


His small body was huddled in a hard bed, and he covered his mouth to prevent himself from screaming so as not to wake the two old people on his side.


But his grandmother, who slept on his right, still woke up.
The old woman was old and didn’t sleep deeply, so the movements of the child was keenly felt in the narrow bed.



“Xiao Mingquan, are you having nightmares again?” The old woman asked, turning on her side.



For several days in a row, the child woke up every night from a dream, sometimes screaming, and sometimes shaking, but when she asked him what he dreamt of, he couldn’t remember.


The old woman sighed in her heart, this child, from childhood, was silent and less talkative, not like the lively and happy children.



When he was picked up, it wasn’t visible, but the older he got, the more obvious it was.


Why did he always have night terrors, he always shivered and woke up with cold and sticky sweat, he didn’t have some kind of sickness, right?


She worriedly reached out and touched the child’s forehead, it was really sweaty, even his temples were all wet.


“Grandma, I’m fine.” Qiu Mingquan said in a very soft voice, his thin body sat straight, and his slightly shaking hand reached out and rubbed comfortingly against his grandmother’s arm.



Then sleep well, grandma is here.” The old woman felt that his forehead wasn’t burning, so she let go and slowly fell back to sleep.


Qiu Mingquan held his breath and tried his best to calm down his heavy breathing a little.


In the darkness of the night, he opened his eyes and looked at the old woman beside him.


It was still twenty years ago, and Grandpa was still alive and well, lying on the other side of the room, breathing heavily.
Grandma’s face wasn’t that old, and there was a clear gap between her old and sickly appearance decades later.



Qiu Mingquan’s heart felt sour and his eyes wanted to tear up.


It was only after a long time that he turned his head and looked out the window.


At night in the late 80s, there weren’t as many lights as in the latter days.


This was the outskirts of Dongshen City, a small settlement of poor people, looking out of the small window, the night was pure black, no dirty air pollution, the distant stars were also brighter than in the latter days.



Contrast with the memories of the previous life, many things that had long been forgotten were contrasting, so he was filled with bewilderment and at the same time, there was an uncontrollable curiosity.



Falling to his death from the top of a skyscraper in his latter life a few days ago, his entire soul surprisingly returned to the late 80s when he was a child, back in his own body.


The rooftop, the quarrel.
The strange handsome man, the horrible look in his eyes before he died.


Qiu Mingquan snapped his eyes shut and clenched his fingers uneasily.



What was all this, what was going on?


The computers and cell phones everywhere, the high-rise buildings that he couldn’t even see now….



Those memories were so vivid, the whole life track of more than 30 years, and that miserable life, no, it wasn’t false, absolutely not.



His hand, trembling, reached for the pillow and touched a warm and delicate object.


A cold and harsh voice instantly exploded in his mind, with endless coldness and anger.



“Person surname Qiu I warn you! If you dare to throw me away again, believe it or not I will ki-ll you!”


Qiu Mingquan’s hand flew away from the piece of jade.
Sure enough, it wasn’t a dream!


The ghost of that handsome man had followed him to this life!

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